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★where are you all?

everyone seems to have disappeared,are you all o k love flowergirl

Still out here in the ether……

aw thanks whit ,it felt like everyone had vanished ,love flowergirl

Hello flowergirl,

Still here as well, been traveling with my family and I never bring a computer with me so I can give 110% to my wife and kids.

I’m here for another week then I’ll be gone again for a week, between then and now I’ll be active posting at the forum.

Thanks for thinking of all of us.


Hi! I have Been very busy.Recently had a family member stay with me for vacation time for 1month and 14 days.Just recently lefted.I also wondered how everyone at Bmindful was doing.? I just did not have the time.I guess I was not the only one.Today I have a bit of time and decided to check in to see what everyone is up to. I do hope everyone is well.Enjoy! : )

aw you are all so lovely ,thanks for your posts ,love flowergirl

Oh. For a second there I thought you were asking…“Where do I live?” Which is really not a bad question. I would like to know where everybody is from too. But thats not what you’re asking. Everybody just ‘went away’ for a bit. Getting on with their busy lives. Me? I’m just been trying to take a few pictues here n there. Mostly of my daughters three dogs. I pop in now and then, just observing. You know, to see what’s going on with everybody else.

Oh gosh! Just looked at the clock. It’s 12:11 ! Gotta go! Try to get some sleep.

By the way, I live in Houston, TX. And it is very, very hot here!

summer is the busy season for an ice cream shoppe so I haven’t had much time to write, altho I have tried to read what others are writing… now that school is back in session it may calm down a bit and then it will be time for the leaf lookers, then the holidays….time flies…

I am back after 6 years.

In response to Sarvaga Light’s post:
Awesome! Glad you’re back!!

Flowergirl is fine everyone! She is having log in challenges.

asked if I could  post this & she replied 


aw yes thanks and please give everyone a great big peace and love filled hug from me and tell them I miss them so much 

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