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WINTER’21★★NEWEST★★We Are UNITY and ❤️

feel free to post on as is... thread still being created



by Karen Salmansohn

multi bestselling author
award winning designer
Oprah columnist


This is a powerful day in our USA. Let us be prayerful and joyfully uplifting on all levels. Our Bmindful community know what hope, positive expectation allows.

  • Peace Affirmations by Che Garner (tweaked to include ‘we- energy’)


We  visualize peaceful experiences in our lives.

We allow peace and joy to exist in all areas of our lives 

We have our own private sanctuaries where we can unwind and relax

We visualize peaceful each experiences in our lives.


  • We allow peace and joy to exist in all areas of our lives 
  • We have our own private sanctuaries where we can unwind and relax.
  • We are in total harmony with our surroundings.
  • We have our own private sanctuary which we visit regularly.
  • Our worlds are relaxing and peaceful places.
  • We relax  fully as we experience our lives
  • We enjoy a peaceful and harmonious environment.
  • We easily connect with our inner peace whenever we desire.
  • We commit ourselves to developing the highest level of peace in our lives
  • We have profound inner peace and serenity.



please include peaceful joyous affirmations for the nation as individuals and AS A WHOLE ... together.



I expect joyfulness in everyone and everything I am in control of my health and wellness. I am always successful because success is a divine quality of spirit, and spirit is what I am I am inspired to write my creative truth.

With renewed hope and gratitude, I remember there is a divine order underlying all life. I know I Am experiencing my highest good.


diary_em_hart.giflove,peace, joy


Please join me In the creation of unity-positivity.



Nancee53 also once posted this quote-pic





And ...I am believing Kathi created the perfect affirmation below...I spotted it yesterday. Thank you for this affirmation, Kathi!!! 

I rise and I focus on a new era. My hope rises with my focus! I see new opportunities coming my way! 

I would like to tweak it a bit and change a few words for  the theme/purpose of this  of thread: 

WE rise and We focus on a new era. OUR hope rises with OUR focus! WE see new opportunities coming Our way! 




    • We hold each other in the highest esteem. 
      • ~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥
      Spiritually, we are all perfect, whole, and complete.
    • ~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥~✧ॐ♥
      We are unleashing new capacities of our humanity.




☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.


Related image



Boldly we step into our greater yet to be.

  • We remember that we are powerful spiritual beings.

We hold each other in the highest esteem.

We have the strength to walk in the direction of our surrender

Our humanity expands with every act of compassion.

Namasté, the Divine in me salutes the Divine in you.

Possibilities abound and we create opportunities for one another.

We are unleashing new capacities of our humanity.

Our divinity shines with every act of forgiveness.

We are uplifted by each other’s courage and abilities.

Life evolves, forever moving up, out, and beyond.

We are more than eyes can see or words can say.

We are inspired to transcend to new heights.

We have the courage to affirm our Highest Self 

No longer bound by past precedent, we explore our innate capacities.

Various affirmation sources  (need to locate)





Related image

Various affirmation sources  (need to locate) 

related thread


☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to ♡ ˚ Allowing....Better Best Ideal's post:

Thank you for putting this thread up! I appreciate all of your affirmations! Beautiful!

Celebrating our democracy!!  

Today, Democracy WON!  The constitution WON!

Congratulations, America!!

Today was an incredible day and a historic day!

Today, its a new day, many - the tears of joy, and many prayers have been answered.

The stain of hatred and racism will be healed, and together, we move forward together!!

We make better choices! We must never forget what the past four years has done to test the will and the power of Democracy...

Today, many Americans choose unity!  We choose to come back to our core values to govern and protect American democracy. 

We must continue to safe guard that our elected leaders do not abuse their power or destroy our checks and balances to further the personal greed and corruption. 

Tonight, I celebrate our country. I celebrate our strength - even in the middle of a horrible pandemic, and we have 400,000 deaths due to covid. We are going to get through the pandemic and this historic time as our country finally makes the necessary adjustments to create an America that is multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and all people, all genders, all orientations have equal representation and equal rights...  We are working our way to having ONE criminal justice system, not two... One system, that is equal and fair to all...

I will listen to my higher self and act accordingly. 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

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