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WINTER'21★★NEWEST★★Global pandemic/Global initiative of self care, self love weekly meeting:

Hello Bmindful,

Please join in the new global pandemic/ global initive of self care!


The goal is to take on the initiative of self care/self love as we all find the support while getting through the covid 19 viral pandemic.

Meetings will be held every Wednesday, from 3 pm until 11pm.

The thread will always be open and all are welcomed to post at all times. 

You can light a candle in your home and you can join the meeting with the gift of your loving heart.  All are welcome to keep this circle of intention energized and available for All!

This is all about creating a space, hopefully an inner space that nurtures self care, and the reinforces the need and the importance of taking care of yourself as a high priority and a daily way of life and wellbeing.

Please invite your friends, loved ones, neighbors and colleagues to join us on Bmindful.

This message of self care/self love is meant for all.

Meetings and support are available through participation in the thread with affirmations, intentions, break throughs, break downs, music, pictures and with prayers.

May the hearts and minds of all participants find unity and may they be nurtured with the daily practice of self care!

This meeting is open to All and it is open to empowering a self created mecca of self care!

Change the world by continually being our best self!!

Be the change that our world needs!


Thank you Kathi, for creating this beautiful weekly meeting thread!


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☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to Kathi's post: In response to ♡ ˚ Allowing.... Better Best-Ideal's post

Recently, I added an additional/intention  word to my alias- IDEAL.

While growth/self-care is always progressive... I found... in the midst of my regularly devoted time(s) to take care of myself...

allowing the energy/focus of  IDEAL, gave me a GREATER availability of  clarity (  pieces/and wholeness) of an inner/outer blueprint... melded with creating a better life for myself ... even during the Pandemic.

I say  'even during the Pandemic', because we are surrounded by daily uncertainty...

I have made a commitment to keep 'upgrading' my self care from 'foundation-up' .

By adding the word IDEAL... I instill a loving personal  persistence -with an ongoing understanding of completeness, that I was seeking to improve before 'current times'


I have had some amazing experiences.. with Allowing.... Better Best.

By adding-Ideal, already experienced a shift in thought/feelings/action/outcome

Looking forward to progressively sharing/and being shared with(:

thanks again for creating this 'every Wednesday Global pandemic/Global initiative of self care, self love meeting.


☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to ♡ ˚ Allowing.... Better Best-Ideal's post:

Awesome! New access to clarity, vision and to on going experiential of self care...!


I commit to loving myself.

I commit to participating in the initiative to spreading A Global Pandemic/Global initiative of self-care/self love.

I channel love, compassion, possibility, trust and willingness which are all abundantly available.

I speak peace. 

I seek inner peace so that I channel outer peace.

I choose peace. I choose to be a bridge for others to choose peace.

I welcome a Spirit of Self generosity and of an empowered self care/self love - as I allow for alignment b/t my higher Self and my wakeful consciousness.
I open the doors of empowered acceptance and Divine contribution.

In response to Kathi's post:


Yes...It ...is ... opening up so much for  me. Thanks Kath.

Will have more to share, as I continue to listen what is now coming up. The one affirmation that surfaces for me with regard to my experience:

I fully understand that I have the power to alter my life

It is not that I didn’t believe this before... It’s simply with a more ‘ideal‘ perspective.(:


In response to Kathi's post: WOW! I love the space you are creating room for within the awesome dimensions of  SELF 💕 Love!!!

Self generosity,




and willingness

alignment between Higher Self & wakeful consciousness.,


And your affirmation is wonderful:

I open the doors of empowered acceptance and Divine contribution.







☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to ♡ ˚ Allowing.... Better Best-Ideal's post:

Thank you!!

To Everyone who has been impacted by the covid-19 virus:

To the millions of health care workers, to all the millions of care givers, to all emergency EMT's, to epidemiologists, to infectious disease specialists, to all law enforecment, to all fire department workers, to all the thousands of Federal employees who keep our government open and functioning, to the media who risk life and limb to produce daily news with fierce journalistic integrity, to the thousand of brave soldiers who protect our nation here and abroad and who put themselves in harms way - we salute you and salute your service... to all grocery store workers, to all the long distance and short distance truck drivers, to all teachers, to the thousands of employees that work at the front and in the background of news and news production, to the thousands of postal workers, to the thousands of utility workers, to the thousands of computer technicians and the thousands of IT people who help keep the internet open, to all of the security who keep our internet safe and who protect us from being hacked, to all of the U-haul centers who help rent trucks, to the thousands of pharmacies and their ancillary staff who manage all prescribed medication regardless of weather and regardless of pandemic, to the millions of service industry related workers: restaurants, cooks, delivery drivers, mechanics, child  care services, health and human services, to those who work with unemployment benefits, to hotel industry workers, to airliner employees, to funeral directors, to the thousands of farmers, to all of the thousands who serve to protect our beloved domestic animals, to the thousands who serve and protect our oceans, to all of the thousands who protect our wild life, to the thousands of musicians, poets, astronomers, physicist, theorists, the dreamers and the millions of gifted writers - May God Bless us and keep us ALL.

For ALL that I have not mentioned, please forgive the incompleteness of the above list.



“Always remember to take care of yourself, first and foremost;...”

”In response to ♡ ˚ Allowing.... Better Best-Ideal's post: All of us are in a unique position in our lives in regard to self care. Many days I spend much of my time caring for others. It is by my choice and by necessity. So I must take care of myself first and foremost. I commit to loving myself. 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

“You aren’t doing “nothing” when you choose to put your wellbeing first. In fact, this is the key to having everything.”― Brittany Burgunder


In response to Poppy's post:Hello Poppy!😊

to commit to loving yourself ‘ first and foremost’

and to allow even Greater self care as a foundation for loving yourself and others

in better better ways

is a gift

which creates/contributes

to the major ripple effect of LOVE and LIGHT

.It is a gift which keeps on giving.

I support you in this energy/effort.

In response to Kathi's post: Once again, I take this moment to support your energy/ efforts as well.

I also further commit myself to this energy/effort today and each day

messages/affirmations to myself

Affirmation:I Am brilliant on the basics.

[to be brilliant on the basics says to me , I allow myself to have a firm foundation of self care and uphold it with love]

Affirmation: I accomplish more and more each day with ease.

quote:What’s the one thing you can do now such by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary.” – The one thing.






I am now living a life out of pure love for myself.


I have glorious systems in place to finish important tasks. They work so well!!!



In response to ♡ ˚ Allowing.... Better Best-Ideal's post:Poppy's post Kathi's post

You always have to remember to take care of yourself first and foremost, because when you stop taking care of yourself you get out of balance and you really forget how to take care of others.

— Jada Pinkett Smith

I believe this principle above is essential for all ...with all of my heart and all of my being


a related quote I love by Molly Gordon:

 Life Coach Molly Gordon asks Where am I in respect to this moment? Where am I in respect to me? What is the moment calling from me?

Where am I in respect to this moment?

In this moment I am peaceful and confident toward living a life that will produce my joyous desires for myself and the good I am capable of sharing with others along the way.

Where am I in respect to me?

In respect to myself I am allowing an ideal vision in all that I am and all that I do. I trust myself to do what is needed.

What is this moment calling from me?This moment is asking me to have more compassion for myself and allowing myself to further pace myself between all actions/interactions.

 Resting and pausing are very good.


 Continuing on as I see fit is very good too.



I create  glorious systems which work so well!!!

As I create better better habits, great results always follow... as I allow.





☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

I celebrate my commitment to daily self care/self love.

I choose to surrender every situation and all conflicted relationships so that I can be in peace. 

I courageously give up being stopped.

All healing needs on all levels are being lifted up in faith and  I am granted access to complete radiant health.

I embrace all levels of my wellbeing and my inner peace.

Today, nothing stands b/t me and my inner peace. 

Today is a huge gift!

I am open to endless possibilities! 

I choose to make my world a better place!

In response to Kathi's post:

wonderful affirmations!

☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

A quote, letting you all know that you are loved!

"On the day that you were born the Angels got together and decided to make a dream come true! So they sprinkled moon dust in you hair of (gold) and and star light in your eyes of (blue).

Quote: Burt Bacharach 

I commit to loving myself.

Today I will demonstrate self love by:

1. sitting out in the sun

2. connecting with nature- raking leaves, watering plants, refreshing bird bath, listening to bird songs,...

3. listening to soothing music

4. taking slow deep breaths

5. going for a walk in a park

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy's post:

beautiful Poppy!

How is everything going?

☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

Affirmations In Process


Our home is organized, beautified, created, and managed to my higher mind’s satisfaction.


 I listen to my body and I am instructed Divinely on what, when and how to best enjoy meals for self and others. Good health is All of ours.

Part of my self-care is allowing for will all else I need flourish. This often occurs for me by standing back and assessing what vital areas in my life would be best handled... and handled ‘best’ so all else for myself would become easier. 

☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

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