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★What have we learned from someone in our life that changed us?

I would like to start this thread to see where others might have come from and how it changed them today.

For me it was a teacher, she saw in me what I did not see nor feel that I could do it. School was very hard for me after my Divorce stress was so high that just getting out of bed on days was too much, let alone going to school. It seemed like I was listening to a foreign language. Try as hard as I could I was struggling. I didn’t learn good skills for studying. So what was I doing in school. This teacher I thought was picking on me but what was really happening was She saw in me what I could not see, She told me I had a gift an I just needed to find my own way to learn. Well she did not let up on me and for that I am thankful. I repeated another year in school to refresh on areas that I was weak on. I will always be thankful for her, she taught me the greatest gift that one can learn…. That is I was not as dumb as I thought an I do have a gift. I graduated from school went on to take my medical boards received my license. Went on to further my education of being a massage therapist today I love my job and the people that I meet. They tell me all the time that I’m the best but my answer to that is thank you but I am only an insturment the real healing is from the man upstairs. This was not a profession that I would have choosen it was choosen for me. The gift so thank you Nancy ( my teacher) for your gift to me. And thanks everyone ahead of time for shareing

Great thread and fantastic story! Thanks for sharing!

I’m lucky enough to have met some incredible people in my life. I am always learning from other people and sometimes something ‘clicks’ and makes my head all gooey. I then usually have to go away and spend a few days ‘integrating’ the new learning.

We cannot dismiss the enormous growth that happens through patience and persistence, but it’s always rewarding to experience those ‘instant’ paradigm shifts. Without the hard work you’ve put in previously the clicks probably wouldn’t have happened anyway, and the learning (or at least the significance of it) would have gone right over your head.

Here’s one of my stories.

A few years ago I was on Koh Phangan in the south of Thailand, waiting for the full moon party that was just a few days away. It was finally the day before and I met this incredible Swedish guy named Stephan. We spent the day hanging out, chatting and generally enjoying ourselves.

After dinner we headed down to the main beach where we spent the night with some more interesting people and had an amazing time. It really was one of the best nights of my trip.

When some of the others got up to get a drink, I turned to Stephan and said “I can’t wait till tomorrow night”, “Why?” he said “It’s the full moon party!” I almost yelled, in that kind of ‘DUH’ voice.

He turned to me and said “But your having fun now!”

He didn’t need to use the ‘DUH’ voice, but it would have been entirely appropriate. Something clicked in my head, it was probably the first time someone had slapped me and yelled WAKE UP (Not literally slapped me, but you get what I’m saying)

I think it was the year after, or maybe later that same year when I went to an Air show with my dad. We drove down to Melbourne and stayed in a backpackers hostel, and we had a great time!

The actual air show was fantastic and there’s so many great pubs in Melbourne, but on that particular trip there was one thing that stood out amongst the rest.

We were having dinner, and although I can’t remember how we got onto the discussion, we started talking about living in the now. Dad said something so powerful and succinct, that even Eckhart Tolle’s the power of now can’t surpass.

Whilst it’s important to have goals and ambitions, and whilst you need to look back and learn from your mistakes, the only moment you can do anything about, is now.

I’ll never forget that evening! And the food was good too :)

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

awesome thread from 2009…brought to present(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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