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Hi my given name Catherine Prefer Cathie or Cath.. I am soon to be 60 yrs young this Mar. age is just a number to me.I am a massage theripist an I love my work. I like to think that I grew up at age 40. That was a stressful time for me I was back in school working to gather me a new way of life since I was getting a div. had 1 teenage daughter that was fighting me 200% of the way,parents that were struggling with health, and another personal family member that was making serious mistakes, that was splitting our family in two.I don’t know how I ever made it thru school other than I felt like I stepped out and someone else stepped in and took over. I surprised myself and graduated I realy believe that affirmations and my belief in God carried me thru. I went on to educate myself in my massage field. I raised 2 of my grands by myself with no help from their parents and am very proud that they are doing wonderful and are making very good choices for themselves.I am very proud of them. Iam the middle child in siblings so I never spoke up for myself. Today I have changed I am engaged to a wonderful man that God has sent to me with a lot of other blessings. This one affermation is not mine but I use it everyday, You can do anything thru Christ who strengthens me. This is going to be a wonderful adventure, Thank You

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Hi Cathie, So glad you’re part of this wonderful community and have added you as my friend. Wonderful people are part of my world that makes me happy. Thanks for being here and sharing so openly and honestly.

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Thanks Laurie for the come back so quickly. I look forward to be part of this community. I know what affirmations have done for me. Looking forward to learning and sharing . Thank You

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Hi Laurie~ I can see you have been blessed with many ‘opportunities’ for growth in your life and you have came out on top. This is a great site full of people who are awesome “cheerleaders” just when you need it!! Look forward to hearing from you in future postings.

Peace & Blessings~ MM

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