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summer'20★★NEWEST★★Intentional Life Path Change: Sowing powerfully the new Seeds of Change.

Welcome All, as we are all entering into our own personal nexus of change...

This post is being developed for All who are interested adopting, adapting, and self generating a new path, a new Life goal.

Our world is changing. And, so are our values. 

And with these changes, we are being faced with the realization that we need to prepare and be willing to address this need for change.  

This thread is being created to address several aspects to help integrate choice into the process. 

Redefining life path goals:

  1.  Identifying new priorities: With all new beginnings, vision is very beneficial although it is not always readily apparent. Some people may know readily while other people need to walk through all options and take time that they need to develop their vision.  And, visions can change, grow, develop and morph into exponential growth that was unexpected. 
  2. Purpose helps define vision. Is this new path more about self fulfillment or is this new path more geared towards immediate survival? Purpose is like a mission statement. For many people, having a known mission seems to provide an externally identifiable pathway, like from point A to point B.  Linear, knowable steps that create progression. For contrast, someone's new mission could be non-linear.  Their mission could be "to heal the world", "make the world a better place" or to "be an agent of change." It can be both, linear and non-linear. Purpose can be a very valuable experience.  What begins as a simple task can lead to an enormous possibility... and, all stages of growth are purposeful...
  3. Intention: This brings us back to the new priorities. I always thread intention with communication. Intention is the purpose of all communication. Therefore, its desirable to be able to express yourself through communication.  Finding your voice and being able to express yourself is fundamental in order to be understood, and to allow others to support you, support your choices and to be able for others to recognize your growth on this new path. There is much more to intention, however, and it is not limited to communication. Intention is an aim, a plan, a goal, a purpose, an objective, a target... I could intend to be more joyous, more peaceful, more compassionate... It's helpful to distinguish the difference b/t purpose and intention.  Purpose is more objective, to reach a specific goal (improve oxygenation, improve quality of life, etc) whereas intention: purpose behind the action or set of actions. One example of intention is to create a more dynamic personal space that improves productivity, heightens creativity and increases flow.
  4. Structures and routines: This is pivotal for the maintenance and perseverance of lasting change, is the emergence of creating structures that support the existence of change. Not all change has been brought on by choice.  Many people are thrust into changes that they did not choose.  This is different than people who made a conscious choice to change their lifestyle, or make other self improvement.  So, whether the change was conscious and voluntary or otherwise, the goal of change is to make your living conditions to be positive and adaptive as opposed to having maladaptive coping. Affirmations are very powerful structures of support for all phases of natural growth and development, for healing, for self actualization, for self empowerment and for unlimited self manifestation. Routines involve daily activities or regimen: daily exercise, health diet, or, new routines that support new life path: daily gratitude, daily walks, daily meditation...

So, my life is changing and I am actively making choices that allow me the freedom to be more active with my physical health and to spend more time learning to play music.

Right now, I want to get my affairs organized, and I want to have a daily relationship with my health. My health is my greatest asset!! And, I want to enjoy my physical body and enjoy taking excellent care of my body!

I am actively working on bringing wonderful music into my life.  Music is my new language!!

This thread in now open.  I will be coming back with a few questions that can be used for further self exploration. I look forward to all that comes up!!

"Beyond Affirmations...!"

  • I release _______, yes, yes, yes!
  • With every breath, I send love and gratitude to every cell in my body.
  • I manage energy and flow, not time...
  • I tap into flow and into serenity as I listen within; my energy reservoir illuminates colors of joy and vitality


June 30,2020

4:20 AM

In response to Kathi's post:Kathi, thank you for creating this timely and awesome thread.

Expansion is taking on new meaning  for many these days...

For my self, it feels exponentially powerful.

  • It it my goal to allow  myself to fully hear what my now is truly revealing.
  • I'm allowing myself to feel the current peace


  • the the energy of the no-longer acceptable.
  • I'm also allowing myself to feel current joy as it always feels present ... INSIDE  FROM MY  Spirit ... (having that inner reminder, lets me know what happens outside is not my inside)
  • I'm also allowing a greater level of  self & other-person- compassion
  • During these New Normal-times allowing greater compassion for not so happy things  (authentic emotion for life)Losses, Health Challenges Life Challenges truly can be a lot... Allowing more love -so I can be a powerful loving  support .

to be continued...

  • I have been looking all over for a quote I had recently posted... if anyone spots it, please post for me.For now, I will just share its essence:Today, I choose happiness. One may wonder how we can choose happiness when so many are experiencing  injustice, fear, illness, disharmony and poverty ... we can still choose to be happy without lacking compassion. We can do more good for ourselves and others -when we allow ourselves a path of happiness



"Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that's real power." ~ Clint Eastwood

Are You Allowing What You Need?

Cleanse your mind for prosperity by writing out these three lists:

What you want eliminated from your life first.

What you want to invite into your life.

What you are thankful for in your life.                              Catherine Ponder

    • excerpt of a passageThe end of fear is a willingness to return to your soul’s natural state of cosmic excitement. It occurs by recognizing every moment as an opportunity to evolve into higher frequencies of light by embracing the most courageous choices your heart is inspired to make. Even when unfavorable outcomes appear, it is a vital opportunity to anchor higher frequencies of light by infusing more passion into your words and actions. In doing so, you may realize that harmony is not dependent upon comfort, nor does it disregard the grace of comfort whenever it arrives. Instead, harmony is seen as a willingness to learn and grow – no matter how daunting, or uncomfortable things may seem. When harmony is not dependent upon comfort, a joy beyond all boundaries is discovered. This is the rebirth of cosmic excitement. It is the emergence of the soul in physical form. It is the dawn of awakening Matt Kahn
    • See the source image

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→   I now do all the things I only wished I could do. I am powerful!
  →   I have only just begun to uncover my true magnificence.

I Am living a Divine plan



I allowed my post above to begin opening me up further to the space my spirit is directing.

→   I now do all the things I only wished I could do. I am powerful!
  →   I have only just begun to uncover my true magnificence
→   I am allowing further to enjoy and experience a no-limits place - to engage with where I will do more than just land(:

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thread -~★★NEWEST★★~Alignment & Allowing Clarity~ 07/-02-20 Created in early morning 

I Am living a Divine plan

so grateful for this thread... wonderful things taking place in my inner outer world ... that has much to do with understanding more of who I Am, the limits I was placing on my energy and life... and my choices of focusing where I'd like, versus where some others think I ought to be...

I'm enjoying what is coming up for me

I have found harmony with time. I release all lack based and limited beliefs regarding time now.







I Am living a Divine plan

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