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What are you a whiz at?

I am a whiz at cleaning! LOL : )

expression through visual art, (painting, sketching) dramatic, singing alto, long term memory, (since age 1 1/2) indulgence, (luxe life) compassionate, texting, disk jocking, picking gorgeousness, style, hitting hard in volleyball & tennis (over the limit line) Lol!

I am also a whiz at speed writing.I learned this at a young age.I don’t do it as often now a days but I still do it every now and then.(now we have everything electronic LOL.Now my fingers have become a whiz at typing & texting…LOL :)

What tricks can you tell us about speed writting letters to people?

I’m a whiz at taking nearly anything in the refrigerator and turning it into dinner. Weird gift. One time, I took brown rice, 3 eggs, cheese and leftover veggies and made a rather unattractive, but tasty ‘quiche’ – with a rice crust. Family didn’t think I could do it!

Cool! How do you inspire yourself?

hi! in respone to bbirishbug:I hope today you are doing better than yesterday.I really don’t have any tricks to speed writting.It’s just a style I have mastered at writting really fast and also I do my own abbreviations.This bible verse is for you…Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always:and again I say,Rejoice.”: )

Hi Cuqui, thanks for the concern! Any abbreviations you can share? Thank you for the wonderful scripture and I say Amen to that rejoicement! :) :)

Hi bbirishbug! Your welcome. It’s just my own scribble scrabble I don’t think anyone can understand it. There are times I don’t even understand it.Lol! Take care & keep your joy! Amen! : )

I am a whiz at solving problems and thinking out of the box. I also am at whiz at taxes and bookkeeping. I love numbers. I also am a whiz at tapping lol, one of the best things in the Universe to do to your body to release blocked energy.

Sending out an unconditional love Hug to all


Attitude Life Coach, helping others to see the Power of a Positive Attitude with Affirmations and Gratitudes, Learn to be The Creator of Your Life.

HI rockswealth! Like you I am also a whiz at solving things and thinking outside the box. Have a day full of postive energy! : ) virtual (((hug))) 2 u also.

making flapjacks and apple pies

Hi.Yum!Some of my favorites.Enjoy your week. :)

here's a great thread from 2010 to bring current!

love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.

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