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Discussion/Happiness Mtg:Energy project!! Managing yourself and your FLOW!Thanksgiving edition!!

Welcome ALL BMINDFUL participants!!

This happiness meeting is being offered for any and all members who want to participate. The goal of Happiness meetings is to build an open forum within the Bmindful community and increase member participation. Sharing is what makes these meetings valuable and it allows people to contribute to one another. 

The Holiday season is quickly approaching!  This Happiness meeting will be focusing on self, self care, self appreciation, renewal, refuel,  support and solutions to address overwhelm and most importantly, reclaiming focus.

As we move forward, please join us and add your favorite quotes of affirmations as we embark in a journey of joy and endless flow!!



"Energy, not time is the fundamental currency of high performance."

"Let go of certainty. The opposite isn't uncertainty. Its openness, curiosity and willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides. The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to learn and grow."  

~Quotes: Tony Schwartz


The focus of this meeting is going to be on managing energy and its flow.

Tony Schwartz, author and founder of "The energy project", which is a global consultancy that focuses on making improvements in work behaviors of several global corporations who are willing to examine how they are working. These are corporations who are willing to stand up and examine current working conditions and identify what is working and what is not working with the corporate environment. They are looking at "energy" and  "flow", and Project energy has made several powerful contributions that are becoming gateways for greater self satisfaction and self actualization.

 His work offers valuable insights and tools that can be used for the purposes of personal growth. His greatest findings have been found in listening, which takes time and allows for openness and honesty. You have to be willing to be honest about burnout, and chronic fatigue, and its overall impact on the health of the people in order to cultivate how people open up and begin to tell their truth. This honesty - increases credibility by being straight forward and honest. That is where access is found and supported. Focus on that energy of discovery and of clarity. 

This work tends to instill a desire to keep improving, and to be fully energized about producing quality outcomes, not because of time or financial incentive, but rather because of the evolving human spirit, the energy that is found in alignment and satisfaction that reinforce how we feel about ourselves off the job. 

The following subtopics have all been taken from the blog from the "Energy project", which can be found at "energy project.com". 

Please feel free to use any parts of this work that will help you to manage your energy and correct your flow. There are many great suggestions and there are many great affirmations that you can use to make this more personal and powerful. Hope you enjoy!


Unlocking high performance!


Discovering strengths


Designing "living spaces":

"Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future."  ~Robert L. Peters.

We have a growing appreciation for the relationship between human life and the surrounding environment. There is an evolution both in business arena and in our home life where planning, building and designing a new space into an optimal space. How can we improve our existing space?

Recommend designing your living space to address your 4 human needs: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This can help create flow and purpose. Space is the tool that helps you to manifest, create, design, and manage our production. 

Physical energy:

Physically, you want the space to be safe and have openness. You need furniture that is ergonomic and user friendly. You want a physical environment that supports your ability to be focused and productive. Maybe you need a big work area, and you need to be able to clean up and redirect your focus quickly.

Mental energy:

Mentally, it is desirable to have a design with our cognitive process in mind. Environments can be diversified, so that smaller space can enhance focus, creativity, and retention while open spaces enhance collaboration and social interactions. The two can be exist side by side so that balance is maintained.

Emotional energy:

Emotionally, our feeling have a strong influence over behavior and space. Luminosity, warmth, quick, fun, inviting, exciting, progressive, and functional are all desirable qualities.

Spiritual energy:

Spiritually, you want your environment to resonate about your values and reflects what is important. Natural lighting, plants, sustainability, clutter free, good ventilation. Find a way that showcase your values. Art, sculpture, design all support production and design innovation. 


Sustaining our energy to sustain our planet:

The magic of mindfulness:


Challenging and changing mindset:

Create lasting change!

Obviously looking at challenging and changing mindsets, you can correctly anticipate that resistance is going to need to be addressed. Don't just look at structure and behavior. Look at mindset and culture, which will provide you accurate information about how people think and feel. It will also give you information about how the organizations they work for think and feel. 

Recognize resistance and recognize barriers that are critical for successful transformation.

Free flow of energy is critical to optimal functioning in any living system. We need openness and feedback to welcome the new behaviors, which in turn, create trust. transformation begins by shifting mindsets and culture.

***Build resilient growth cultures fueled by continuous learning!


Energy audit for individuals:

Brilliant idea... This interesting idea is a tool to  that you can use that will assess how well people are managing their energy across all 4 dimensions: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

The goal is to obviously assess as accurately as possible where someone is at, and then bring awareness into focus and create strategies for improvement of their energy.

there is lots of room for creativity here. You could create a dynamic dashboard to track progress. You could set goals: 3 months, 6 months, 3 years, 5 years, ect.

Refuel; people fuel; leader fuel:

Very important tool for managing energy and flow: refueling. 

The goal is to manage the energy and build up capacity. Work on identifying your current level of energy production. You could make a time line, and focus of empowerment. Increase your willingness for adaptability.  Increase satisfaction, creativity and resilience. 

For leaders, the goal is to manage the energy of those you lead, so focus on building balance between challenging and nurturing so that you can lead them to grow. 

Learn strategies to work through conflict, and effective ways to to provide feedback.

*** Reconnect with your own core purpose and vision.

Energy labs:

Another creative endeavor! Discover new ways to optimize your performance. 

One thing you could do is to identify several areas that you are not fully satisfied with. Career, finance, buying or selling your home. Or you could continue to explore the 4 dimensions: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Identify areas that you are interested in experiencing transformation. 


What really matters?

This meeting is now open!!

This is a huge and powerful topic!! Please find what works for you and enjoy your inner and outer journey!

Looking forward to awesome new affirmations and quotes!!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! 



Thank you Kathi for creating a wonderful Thanksgiving Edition!!!

And like for most of us around here, energy 'management' & flow is a PERFECT TOPIC.



Thank you Kathi for the all encompassing areas from which to trigger so much to benefit from.

btw love that Tony Schwartz quote: "Let go of certainty. The opposite isn't uncertainty. Its openness, curiosity and willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides. The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to learn and grow."  


~my affirmation~ I'm thankful for fun, and how I can take things seriously with lightheartedness. I am thankful for today's clarity.




In order to shift from an energy depletion mode to a cycle of abundance, one needs to tap into the power of self-love, which resides in your ❤heart.~quote was written by Nathalie Campeau, M.D.

2 short delightful videos

1.❤Heart Smiling Technique





I am loving that today is my day off for an opportunity to truly participate in this brand new Happiness Meeting... another beautiful reason to focus on my gratitude and appreciation!!!


And I'm truly looking forward to doing a bit of inventory of the wonderful categories to consider:Image result for appreciating kindness energy affirmation pic quote____________________________________________________

In response to Kathi's post:Energy audit for individuals:

like this->there is lots of room for creativity here. You could create a dynamic dashboard to track progress. You could set goals: 3 months, 6 months, 3 years, 5 years, ect.


the following lil' list is adapted from the Asset/Deficit Balance Sheet available in various HeartMath materials, including the book The HeartMath Solution, by Doc Childre and Howard Martin, with Donna Beech. great foundation-info for self-care (:

Key Points:7 Recommendations to enjoy bountiful vibrant energy

    • You and Your Energy: Key Points
    • Our mental and emotional diets determine our energy levels, health and well-being much more than most people realize.
    • Look at life as an energy economy game.
    • Each day, ask, “Are my energy expenditures – actions, reactions, thoughts and feelings – productive or nonproductive?
    • During the course of my day, have I accumulated more stress or more peace?
    • Keeping an asset/deficit balance sheet even for a few days will give you an extremely clear picture of where and how you’re adding to your energy account and where and how you’re overdrawing it.
    • When we consciously evoke core heart feelings, we nourish our bodies at every level. Like quantum nutrients, core heart feelings keep our cells regenerating.

Affirmations in process: 

You can do everything you need to do easily in a step by step manner everyday. You create a harmonious place to begin and you love the energy you bring to everything you do.


I am now living a life of design rather than a life of reaction.  Refreshing appreciation -it permeates my world. 

It is so vital to appreciate.

Every cell in my body vibrates with healthy rested enjoyable focused delightful energy.

I Am allowing myself to Be whatever I enjoy feeling. I do this simply and powerfully by doing more of what works in my life..

You feel pleased with your focus today.


Why does everything I desire with deep conviction arrive for me so effortlessly?

Why do I expect something great to happen this evening?

I expect joyfulness in everyone and everything 


Why do I expect something great to happen today


and continuously ?

My actions are not independent of my energy, they are a Divine manifestation of it.

Allowing and creating from my heart and soul attracts my most favored experiences.


I Am allowing myself to Be whatever I enjoy feeling. I do this simply and powerfully by doing more of what works in my life...

Why is this day the most relaxing ever?





I can use my time as I like, and relish the true value of leading a joyful life with a glad heart.


Love this today! I am dancing joyfully with all of my feelings.



*these relate for me-link


will  continue & condense post between  Thurs & Sat. this week(:

in response to SelfcareLivingLifeOfEase's post: In response to Kathi's post:

Quoting Mary Poppins(:



 More & more...I have been allowing the energy I love to surface

So much good continues to emerge in my beautiful days (in each moment)  &  life.


Opportunities I am passionate about have surfaced...

I  have brought so much fun to them...


I  brought these areas to my workplace

and was able to serve others with my highest values 

All was beautiful & well(: Now that is successful  multitasking to me(:

I love the ongoing opportunity that this has created 

and the hope-energy instilled for my future in things I may like to do in my not so far off 'retirement'


{ love how this has has created ideas which keep working out  in other areas of my life w/same techniques daily}



I found it is very important to be passionate about things I do.


Though passion alone is not sufficient without an element of fun. 

I am passionate about so many areas of my life...  It is the BIG INGREDIENT

of the energy of fun which keeps me from burn out and adds flow to the love and passion in things that matter to me


How has  energy work and the results of recent endeavors benefited me? 

I trust me and the universe even more.

I saw more evidence of following my heart energy & it materializing into Good things. 

Did I plan any parts of it? Sure did! Did I follow what really mattered to me? Oh yeah! 





So where am I right now and why... and what have I learned?

Looking forward to seeing what emerges here!


Where do I go from here & what else would I enjoy growing in my life?________________________________________________________

What more have I learned about  my heart's desires?See the source image________________________________________________________

How does that connect with the beautiful list Kathi has provided {from Tony Schwartz blog

coming soon


allowing the joy energy to revolve around what truly matters to me:

1) Home energy

affirmation:I enjoy being organized, it comes easily to me.

2) Abundance energy

3) Fun & Functionality

4) Harmony, Values & Goals

5) Faith & Belief In Inspired Action


I Am energetically allowing a harmonious universe.


...Today I  Am:

  ...Capable and  Spiritually Nourished

Today I Am

...Creativity, Resourcefulness & Awesome Focus 

Today I Am

Intuitive and Powerful

Today I Am

Pure Love & Joy

Today I Am Organized, Talented, Wise & Do What I Need

And It Is All So.

thank you thank thank you, Dear Creator

{will elaborate soon}


coming soon




coming soon

looking forward to this

and others 

stopping by soon too

see you too Kathi !

& believing  you are having an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday!!!!


Time for me-to get to more of my prep for this festive time

w/the added energy of this great thread!!!




In response to SelfcareLivingLifeOfEase's post: Thank you for all that you’ve shared and contributed!! I also learn something from all that you cover!!!

There is so much ground that this topic covers!!

i will share that I got a huge amount of my laundry sorted and picked up, all either on hangers or folded and put away! It all came from managing my space. And it made an instant improvement on my energy. And it felt great!!

There are other big shifts, and it seems to have a positive ripple effect!!

In response to Kathi's post:

Thanks Kathi! Yes the shifts are tremendous!Still processing/experiencing  all that has been coming my way too! 

Thank you for this awesome mtg!!!

Currently I am focusing on a personal family goal that I'm believing with the right focus, allowing my greatest can-do attitude/energy I can & will create what is needed in the time given.


Though while attitude and energy work is vital to everything, taking good care of self for REAL renewal is key.

I'm a firm believer in naps and pacing myself while at home.

At work naps and the kind of breaks that would really serve me are not practical(:

So ... my focus is creating what I need even at a busy job.


And in regard to home and the organization of it... The focus is energy.

It is on the physical, Image result for energy feelings quotes pics vibration frequencythe emotional and spiritual.

I strategically place things not only with 'traditional' appeal -colors shapes etc, though even my books get a good sorting. Yes to read, though I also enjoy using the titles for visible affirming statements. 

And with the many roles we involve ourselves-even being our authentic self -requires down time away from others ... alone... just for self, so renewal is complete -to interact wherever else we do.


I Am renewed energy and completely able to sustain an awesome attitude and a creative solution flow.

Every problem contains its own answer if you think of the problem merely as a question, and inquiry, and not as an obstruction. Thinking of it this way, keep your mind not on the repetition of thoughts about the problem, but on the receipt of a definite answer. Ernest Holmes

 I release all restrictions, and I am free to be me.Louise Hay

  • ~
  • ~
  • ~

I Am utilizing my unique, gifts, talents and abilities.
I Am regularly attuned with my life's purpose(s).
I love creating my healthy happy abundant life.
Everything in my life flows perfectly and with ease.









In response to SelfcareLivingLifeOfEase's post: Yes!! Huge openings, showing up for me too!!

I'm giggling out loud! Wow, everything is opening up, in cascade style!

I had started in one direction, regarding my managing my energy -- and, well, I can just throw away   my road map!! Bigger things have literally "popped", like evolutionary popcorn!!

More giggles!  Where to begin?

Darling daughter. I went  to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter, and it was great! Daughter is now engaged, and Thanksgiving was held at his parents home. Wow, what a great group! I was in a circle of excellent chefs!  2 nurses, one NP and one MD!! So much creativity! The food was excellent! And I learned so much! 

One night, my daughter and I stayed up late and visited. We shared so much. Things I never knew. At some point, things in the past were brought up. I realized that I needed to let go of the past, and I needed to move on, with love and respect. And I did. It took me a piece of time to recognize that it's ME who is experiencing blockage, but sure enough, CHANGE COMES AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT!!

I am so grateful! A FLOOD of new energy flooded my being!

It was an acknowledgement, and pure Divine peace just came to and through me.

This, I'm sure, is only the beginning... I feel a fun little flurry stirring within!

New Affirmations!!!

~  I let go of everything I no longer need.

~  I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way

~  I reawaken my passion

~  I weave creativity into Life!

~  I easily feel energy move and flow through me, energizing every cell in my body.

~  I respect other people and their path.

~  I am safe. I am secure. The earth supports me, nourished me, nurtures me. I stand tall on my Ancestor's shoulders. I have strength and courage to create a wonderful life - and a better world. All is well.

Another thing I would like to share.

Just realized, on a new level of perception - how my energy was massively blocked.

This has to do with my view of politics and its impact on my physical and emotional body. OMG, I've been really upset, and, finally, I recently got physical confirmation that I needed to choose peace, and I did.

Choosing peace did not release me. I still had massive blockages. I had emotional and physical pain. I was not 100 % aware of how my beliefs were impacting me physically and emotionally. 

Huge change, huge improvement. In exchange, my breathing and my mind have done a lot of releasing. It feels like I shed an elephant.

And now I take responsibility, newly, with fuller awareness and respect for my physical vehicle, and its incredible sensitivity.

I appreciate newly how powerful thoughts are to our body and our natural open flowing energy.

Peace is an absolute necessity and a gateway to exuberant health!

Exuberant health is such a priceless Gift!

In response to Kathi's post1

Kathi's post2  Kathi's post 3

Wow Wow Wow!

This is beautiful stuff Kathi!!!

So happy for you!!! 

In response to SelfcareLivingLifeOfEase's post: Thanks Selfcare!! 


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