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★★What Are You Happy About Right Now?



iZ created this quote pic ... I know because I see iz on it(:

Anyway enjoyed all iZ shares here ...

and always enjoy the kindness of the members on Bmindful

Feel free to share what you are happy about right now-


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Allowing and Co-Creating Your Own Frequency

Newness -Appreciating Myself...& Today



I am happy ... so happy about being off today.

I am loving how time feels when I know 'today is the day'  that-

I intend to create as I need and desire.

I am happy right now because I consciously do this daily, and I'm especially happy because I am doing it right now.

            My happiness is the bliss being totally open to gratitude!


I am grateful for the gift of all of the layers of community! 

I have awesome siblings. And, I have 2 very lovely adult children! And I have old friends! New friends! Colleagues and many acquaintances!

Right now, I just admire the amazing community of wonderful friends and family! 

I am grateful as I appreciate such wonderful qualities people have!

I am happy thinking of refreshing things.

I am envisioning the day ahead.

I am allowing the peace of possibilities.

I am happy thinking of these things.


I'm happy about being home now from work./I worked hard ... though enjoyed the laughter among us there.

I am happy about having a leisurely eve tonight.

I am happy to just take it super easy right now!

I am happy about how my heart feels.

I am happy about feelings and thoughts of those in my intimate circle -that I love soooo much

I am happy about feelings and thoughts with friends I have known for years... that just staying in touch... keeps the connection powerful strong

I am happy about those I am not close with who offer me inspiration of many kinds-as they are being their authentic selves

Love My Tapes....this was made using tapes..but why not use fabric and ribbons...

I am happy about someone close to me.

No matter how this person feels -> such a wonderfully good person. 

I am grateful, appreciative & have tears of joy to know him and be part of his life, and have him in mine.



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In response to Kathi's post 1 &Kathi's post2

happy about your joy! happy you stopped by!!

and wanted to say ... loved the inspiration of the energy of your joy!!

Bmindful rocks!!


I love how taking care of me-allows for my good day.

I love how enjoying myself with good intentions... allows for more of what I love... and has me desiring more good intentions.

I love how being in a better place... allows me to love others in ways I may not have thought of before.

I love how these ways I hadn't thought of before creates space for looking forward to more of the moment, the day... and beyond.

I love how enjoying from a better place  helps me carry a joy message ... without trying...

I love how appreciation and joy is fun, and rewarding ...

I am looking forward to my day....

even more...


also known as co dependant happiness I suppose.

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Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Darth invader's post:

I'm feeling kinda loving this fine day(:

And I'd say creating joy for others is lovely thing!

I am happy in this day... because I am still just waking... to this brand new day.

And I'm not sure if I 'lost' a day or was given 1... All I know is this a magical day... I thought it was the day I was to work.... And I'm off . Yaaaaay!

I'm happy I created my day via Bmindful & alignment

Thank you Bmindful!

ready to get on with the day!

I'm happy about the ease and harmony I feel in my spirit...

I'm happy ... so happy about the joy Bmindful adds

I love affirmations and focusing on what allows for the life I'm desiring

I love how all of this makes me feel

I love what it creates in my life

I love the love ... and the authenticity it brings to my world

I love the love it brings to my relationships

I love the joy it brings to my job

I love how I feel right now

as I prepare to go back to sleep before I start my day at work.

Today will be a very good day!


Image result for positive flow harmonious peaceful joyous energy pic

I'm happy about it being a day off.

I'm happy enjoying the posts of others.

I'm happy joining in discussions on the site.

I'm happy that I have a celebration happening soon.

I'm happy I am part of another creation at work

I'm happy I can take it pretty easy today.

I'm happy I have lots of time for my own reflection today.

I am happy I slept later this morning.

I'm happy looking at a fresh slate of a day today.

I'm happy to appreciate.


I will admit... only for reasons of seeing evidence of how good it can be....

that today I was a bit overwhelmed

I was a bit tired

I had alot that needed to be 'pulled off' today

And I am happy to report... I found ways to do things with ease, and comfortably get things in motion as needed... or simply DONE.

Creativity and good feelings courtesy of surrendering


tools like  asking for help with errands...


can't forget affirmations (ever) !!!



utilizing ... yes... you got it...Bmindful.

I am still working on some things... and if I felt like whistling ... I'd be whistling

Whistling While I Work or....

Yes I am happy!!!

This is so good how I Am ALWAYS creating and allowing ease with my activities each day. 

I Am very in gear for today, and all the present moments as they arrive.

  →   I Am Only The Sacred Space Of My Soul.


I am happy about easing into this day mindfully.

I am happy I am waking slowly.

I am happy I am loving the present moment.


I am happy to be 'here' 

I am happy about my growing appreciation of my experiences.

I am happy to know I am more than feelings and experiences.

Feelings and experiences come and go...I Am Pure Positive Energy-Love.

Thank YOU Creator!  Today is a Good Day. Happy Sunday everyone!!! Blessings to All.

I am happy about starting my day


happy about sitting down(:

day was fine- though love getting off my feet for a bit...travel-vacation-woman-relaxing-enjoying-santorini-looking-at-famous-view-of-caldera-young-lady-lying-down-on-sun-bed-sofa-lounge-chair-on-holidays-amazing-view-of-sea-european-tourist-destination_s5cpzh0a_thumbnail-full01.png

happy about how selective we are with food.

Happy & grateful we eat well!



I'm happy about my days off right now

I'm happy about

...BLOCKS OF TIME for greater 'whatever I love'

I'm happy about my desire to get things done in my home-today

I'm happy about going to the beach lots

I'm just happy!

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