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★The Definition of Insanity

I’m sure you’ve all heard the quote:



I don’t really like calling anyone or their behavior insane, because the world has over-labeled everything and everyone. Though some times, certain behaviors just don’t work

Things really do get better..when you let go(:

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Have you been behaving insanely lately?

What did you learn or change from changing your behavior?

Live For Today

How we live today
Affects all of our tomorrows.
Turning down the wrong road
Is part of the journey.
Finding our way back
Is the challenge that defines us.

What a beautiful world we have been given!
Replete with waterfalls,oceans,mountains,
Large green farms,
Puffy pink clouds,
Sunrises and sunsets,
Rainbows,hummingbirds and butterflies.

Be grateful for the sunshine.
Find hope in the rainbows.
Laugh from your soul.
Always hold on to your dreams.

Original Author Unknown/Gently Altered by Big Bear

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  I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completen

Yes Yes Yes.

I have ‘past behaviour’ that is seriously insane. I am pleased to say, working on it on a daily basis I have not endured this for some time.
I used to thrive for ‘the job of my dreams’ – which often meant long periods of unemployment because I wanted better than what was available. I tried and tried and tried again with a career that was challenging for me and had the same results each time. Burnout, stress, ill-health and low self esteem….

I am so grateful that I broke that chain! I am now in a less demanding job. One that allows me time to breathe, relax, form positive working relationships with people (the other career was all about being in charge and ‘the best’ – or so I thought). This one allows me to be on the same level as others and no need for competition. I am soooo much happier in my own skin. I needed to come off my high horse and exercise some humilty…which I am pleased to say is a strong focus in my daily attitude to things I need to do…..hey so what if I have to ‘make the tea’ sometimes. I do it with a smile and give from my heart – that reaps abundance beyond my wildest dreams. Its not all about the £££$$$!!!

A full and thankful heart..

everyone loves the person who makes a brew .I remember our marton telling the cleaners “ without you ,we couldnt do our job so you are the most important people in this hospital – you can clean without nurses -we cant nurse without cleaners “.Going to put the kettle on now ,love flowergirl

In response to flowergirl’s post:
Hey flowergirl! Thats so true! You have a wonderful spirit and I love your attitude. I will keep this post close to my heart when I have to do the teas….so as not to let resentments creep in.
The fact is no matter where I have been, what I have studied, or how many years of authority I had there is something quite special about making the tea! I also must remember that insanity of that old behaviour that allowed me to take a step down – and that I am soooo grateful for that.
Enjoy your brew Flowergirl. I would make you a cuppa gladly anyday! x

A full and thankful heart..

P.S: Can any of you psychoanalytical types (e.g MCM ??lol) work out whether this was a good move or not? On one hand I believe I am protecting myself and my sanity by having a less demanding job…but am I settling for ‘less than’ because I believe myself to be so? Just a thought….

A full and thankful heart..

i would say listen to your heart and soul ,you will know what feels right for you ,maybe this job is where you need to berightnow but might change in the future ,love flowergirl

Over the years, I have found this definition of insanity to be helpful when trying to work through some difficulties.
I totally agree with flowergirl and if your current position feels good, enjoy it. When it no longer satisfies – it may be your sign to open up to other options.
I have held many different “levels” of jobs and I too found that there are no small jobs. You can bring fun and self respect to all jobs and as you know it will be appreciated. Meanwhile, you are learning every single day. Remember there’s a reason for everything. Love, Jan

In response to jancydat’s post:
In response to flowergirl’s post:
Thank you so much. That makes so much sense. I agree that this is where God wants me to be at the moment and lets face it it allows me lots of time to check in with you guys – which cant be a bad thing!
You have made me look at this in relation to the bigger picture and yes, when things dont seem right and its time to move on I will see the signs – as long as I stay open to the guidance of the universe. This is ‘healing time’ for the past’s insanity!!
I knew I would get my answers here.
P.S: Great thread Laurie!

A full and thankful heart..

In response to anoushka’s post:

Anoushka! The only analyizing you need is from your own gut feelings. If you are happy then you are rich! Many of us strive for bigger better and more expensive. When in reality all we need is love, happiness and peace of mind.

I’ve come to learn that many people who strive so hard to get the “best” job and pay usually die from stress just when they are ready to retire to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Stress causes so many fatal diseases and for what? Just to tell someone that we have more? We are happy with less because we are truly blessed!


That's not the definition of insanity,if Einstein said that he likely didn't mean it in general context.

I think he was referring to the paradigm we've been using for more than a century.

The educational system in particularly.


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