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Discussion★★New Beginnings-Rebirth

Have you ever heard someone say, “ I’d die if that happened to me.” Of course they are speaking figuratively not literally. Have you ever had an event or events in your life that changed you so much that you are no longer the person you were? I have an awkward feeling I am about to have another new beginning. Am I alone?  Care to share?

wonderful thread! Thank you for creating it!

hi dear Birdman ,you are never alone .

Since I read your post yesterday I have been thinking about this .The two long relationships I had changed me .Both of them knocked the confidence and self belief out of me .One ended about 34  years ago and one about 20 years ago
I have always been a home loving girl and a nest builder and both these men trampled all over my efforts to create peaceful ,cosy homes 
It is only recently that I am learning this has contributed to me creating walls of clutter around myself that I have cleared in the last year 
But it has left me with no confidence as a homemaker .This may sound such a trivial thing but it has a big impact 
We have lived in the house 22 years and I have never settled here ,I want to love and care for the home I live in with my 3 wonderful grown up kids especially as I am a full time carer for my daughter .

It feels a sad house ,the energy is stuck and needs smudging and clearing - pretty much like my mind and memories do   

As an empath and a lover of reiki I feel there is healing to be done here on myself and the house and a letting go of those memories that hurt and are linked to a chain of other painful memories ( abuse ,bullying ,affairs)
I believe I am where I am meant to be for now and I will either  heal myself and the house and then stay and grow my roots into this place ,or the house and I will heal and we will move on to another home

Those relationships have changed me for the better too ,I am independent,fairly secure in my spirituality and when I enter into  a new relationship it will have boundaries .The home will be a sacred space for all of us who live in it

There are other changes I may share too

sending you lots of love ,strength and healing energy    

In response to flowergirl's post: Thank You so very much for sharing some of your life experiences that have contributed to your fundamental change-what I am calling a new beginning or rebirth. 

I too have gone through several new beginnings. My first life altering change came just before I graduated from High School in 1969. Living in the USA and being a male meant I was a prime target to be forced to participate in the ongoing Vietnam War. In March of my senior year, I received a letter from the government requiring me to report for a physical to be inducted into the army. 

The war had been ongoing for several years and many young men had been killed in the conflict. It scared my to think I had to become a soldier and kill others or be killed. I wanted to do my patriot duty but not have to be involved in hand to hand combat. My fear drove me to choose the only alternative I could think of to avoid being drafted into the army. I joined the Navy within days on the condition I could finish H.S.  Four days after I graduated, I was in boot camp. The navy changed me forever. There were several traumatic events I had to endure during my enlistment that further changed me and fortunately in the end, the changes turned out for the better. 

oh gosh I really feel for you .

This is something I have discussed with my sons - one is a pacifist like myself and one actually applied and was very close to being in the R A F a couple of years ago - at least it would have been his choice unlike yourself and all those thousands of men who had to join up.He changed his mind for which I am thankful.

My Dad loved the sea and was in the navy before we were born but hardly ever talked about the war years - too painful I would imagine - he was happiest in the garden growing and nurturing things .

I live in a crowded neighborhood on the outskirts of a large city. I am far removed from the country or forests or mountains. I have two small raised gardens. One is for wildflowers and the other vegetables. I have several bird feeders in my back yard and I feed the birds and take their pictures almost every day. I care for them like they are my personal pets. I spend several hours a day outside and consider my backyard my sanctuary. I too am happiest when I am in nature.  I love to go on hikes and exploring nature areas. 

In response to flowergirl's post: I hope you can cleanse your sad house and release the hurt you must feel and felt with not being able to be true to yourself. 

With every breath you inhale take in happiness and love from your heart and exhale the hurt and sadness of the past. Allow yourself to be comfortable and at peace with who you are. 

Birdman your post reminds me how grateful I am .When I was a child we lived in a village ,our home had a garden front and back and we had the freedom to roam the fields ,climb trees ,paddle in streams 
My fondest memories are lying in the middle of a field watching the clouds and listening the the birds and little animals /insects that were all around

Now we live is a small town and are so lucky to have these lovely woods 5 minutes walk away .We also have a big back garden that has become a bit of a jungle !

I know what you mean about your sanctuary in the garden and hope it brings you peace .I'm sure the birds love visiting you 

Thank you for your kind words  ,they mean a lot 

love and peace 

Good morning Birdman & Flowergirl!(:

Inspiring thread! I am enjoying following it. I am sure it is adding to the goodness I am currently experiencing. Thank you both! I love your refreshing energy when discussing turning points. I admire you both and always receive so much when you share.


I too would like to join in by sharing a biggest turning point in life.

All  shifted.

'Everything'  that preceded this time... and all that came after.

I have felt as though experiences of all kinds... were receiving spontaneous healings as my system created comparisons to anything else I had gone thru in life.

it was kind of 'amazing' how that happened. 


Years ago,'the time' in my life I am referring to pertained  to a kind of a medical-mystery after a health matter-surgery. 

Seemed to affect all of my system....  'everything' .   There was nothing progressive about it. There were different symptoms that simply presented without warning….sometimes debilitating. {there were good guesses as to why-though that didn't help... so after trying to get answers.. and going from Dr. to Dr. - I listened to my inner voice... a hopeful  one... which just focused on each present moment...and what would benefit that. (capsule version). 

Times were devastating really  doesn't do this experience  justice. A lot of growing up & letting go  took place... While I would've never chosen to learn things the way I did... that time remains answered prayer because it was a boot-camp for change. There was an sweet side to all of this...bitter sweet... 


The sweet parts of this:

  • a bigger passion for life when all was well.
  • I trust myself in  regard to what is good for me. 
  • Everything I had learned from that time gave me a greater education for appreciation, gratitude, acceptance, living in the moment, compassion and acknowledging the joy of being. (I learned to truly live in the moment and hope was my best friend)
  • Also-in a very pure manner- learned how to care for me personally-tried & true trial and error.
  • One of my favorite things about that time -was a person I met 'by accident' who trained me in the gym ... became an important  friend... and he was a former professional body builder trainer. You could say my workouts/ training was my medicine and taught me great discipline in the best sense of the word.
  • When I am not doing something for me today... I refer back to that time to know a good path.It is better than a google search engine(:

As far as rebirth- I take nothing for granted. I allow the newness and possibilities of the present moment. It may not always be what I choose... though it will contain a rich quality when I allow.My new beginning is to take a step back and create more of what is needed today for this time of life. (building a new foundation-do more or better of some things, lessen others ..etc)

I truly loved reading what you both have written.  I gained a beauty and peace from who you both are and some important things that  brought you to today.

And hearing about what you truly love adds life to life. I value and appreciate  you both and all you've shared.

big hugs & much love ! thanks for this thread!selfcare


I know these are just pieces of our lives we've shared... though powerful ones.

I'm looking forward to coming back to this  thread this week. Great way to reinforce, acknowledge and support our journey for ourselves... &  hear/support one another.



In response to flowergirl's post: In response to Birdman's post:  I loved the nature visuals you've painted so beautifully. 

When I was growing up, my Dad loved his gardening too.We had flowers he tended in the front and side of our home... and vegetables growing in the back. I have memories of my Dad enjoying his beautiful big tomato plants, and his happy expression when he tasted one and offered us some of 'his beauties' 

He told us stories when his father had his own vegetable cart-where he sold vegetables in the street... back 'in the day'

Where I live today I have access to lovely fruits and vegetables... just not in my yard.... I don't have a yard... I do enjoy those who do... I enjoy taking in 'whats around'  

Patios gardening and indoor plants are just not the same,are they?(:


When I was growing up it was a big deal to visit the ocean.... We'd travel a few hours to a nice beach. Today I am very fortunate to live close to water... It relaxes me and invigorates me so much.... I can even stare at some of these water pics on the internet with movement.... and as silly as it sounds... it assists my senses until I make time to visit the ocean here. It makes me feel like days are vacations. I especially love the ocean in eve. I find people complain about where they live a lot... I allowed myself to truly focus on why I love water... and the greenery here.... and this has provided more joy for what I already was loving... though getting too busy to take in--for awhile.

I love mountains too! Though none here. That was another thing I was fortunate to live near once(: I find mountains absolutely breathtaking!

I love all types of nature settings... and listening to your descriptions - was absolutely refreshing. In response to Birdman's post: I love your wonderful passion for birds and photography. I'm feeling inspired for photography...and I haven't taken a pic in some time. Not sure why.


In response to SelfCareALifeOfEase˚'s post:I do hope you revisit photography. It has come to me somewhat late in life, and it has given me an expressive outlet and joy as I connect with nature. It is as much a meditative practice as anything as I listen to my birds, the wind winding through tree branches and leaves. I don’t get to the beach often but when I do, I can walk for hours watching the surf roll out and in again. It is mesmerizing. 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy's post:

I will definitely give photography consideration.

I think I've always been someone who likes to experience ... and enjoy where I am, and capturing it seems to escape me.

I am going to consider photography -really!thank you!

And thank you for this thread!



In response to SelfCareALifeOfEase˚'s post: In response to Birdman's post

I want to thank you AGAIN for this thread and share how it has assisted me... since I posted. 

I knew I had given a capsule version simply listing gifts which occurred from an experience from my history... though it was that gratitude list (from this thread) which has truly been helping a foundation I have been attempting to  strengthen lately.

I believe when the beginning of something incredible happens after a devastating time ... and all becomes really good... it is like a blind person gaining sight. We are simply excited and joyous about everything as a result.

I believe that happened to me... for awhile. Then after much time passes... it was just wonderful awesome information... and that is good too(:

By recalling ... even in the capsule version above... my energy these days have been truly been  positively affected.

Just wanted to let you know... how powerful your thread-exercise has been for me. 

In response to SelfCareALifeOfEase˚'s post: It makes me happy that this thread has been powerful for you.

When you find yourself in a dark room in a fetal position on the floor and in a puddle of grief or self pity or whatever the reason, life looks bleak and it is a horrible situation. Sometimes you have to experience the awful feeling awhile before you start to see the light in the tunnel which you have retreated. I think it is a universal occurrence for us all to some degree. When we realize the light we see is ourselves and we have control of its intensity, then it can grow and we will change. Our light becomes a beacon that shines brightly for not only ourselves, but for others as well. A new beginning. 

In response to Birdman's post:

Hi my friend!


Your well stated thoughts of course speak volumes for the many types of experiences we face in life! 

When we realize the light we see is ourselves and we have control of its intensity, then it can grow and we will change. Our light becomes a beacon that shines brightly for not only ourselves, but for others as well. A new beginning. 


...and so true that our individual & collective understanding of the journey  can be very empowering for others to gain.


& as always...

much love and peace to you and yours, selfcare


In response to SelfCareALifeOfEase˚'s post: In response to Birdman's post

And when dealing with health ... (our own or those we love) 

and acknowledge the fragility of life- we view life, ourselves and one another very differently. We   truly view and begin to  value 'EVERYTHING'... 

Our priorities are clear....LOVE


In response to SelfCareALifeOfEase˚'s post:

I didn’t come up with this, but it seems to be a choice. 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.


Here is another for FEAR

...even when living moment to moment

in that moment... for just that moment at least...

F.orgetting E.verything’s A.ll R.ight 

can't take credit for this 1 either

-by Sherri Levy


Though liking the one you listed with Rise-the best.

It is more elevating(:



In response to SelfcareLivingLifeOfEase's post:Forgetting Everything’s All Right

For the last three years or so we have been trying to convince my mother in law to move out of her house to an assisted living apartment. She doesn’t think she needs help with daily routines such as eating, taking her medicine and such. She is 96 and is in reasonably good health. Her vision is failing and her hearing is dreadfully poor. She has had several accidents in this past year including blowing up her microwave by baking a potato for 60 minutes and falling several times. Her short term memory is almost non existent. For her forgetting everything is all right. She explains her memory loss as just part of aging. Her FEAR though is Fear Everything And Run-ostrich her head and pretend she is capable as ever. Two different psychiatrists have evaluated her and have determined she has No Capacity to live alone. 

Her life changed forever last week as we forced her to make the life change. She misses her house and is sad, but well taken care of in her new apartment. She is adapting well this first week by Forgetting Everything And Rising to the opportunities for increased socialization and living without being isolated, lonely, and afraid. 

We are beginning to realize our lives have suddenly changed giving us the opportunity to Face Everything And Rise. 

Thanks Poppy and SelfcareLivingLifeOfEase. 

It’s that time of year when everyone is thinking about change and how they will be resolute in changing for the better. This year I am not going to make any predictions on how I am going to change. The new year does help me reflect on how I can continue to change and grow in a positive manner and I wish that for myself. However, there are some sudden changes (New Beginnings) in life that I can’t plan for or accept because they are so out of my control. Now I DO have a choice in how I react to them. When I resist or fight against uncontrollable change, ( change outside my control) I am miserable. All change brings me new opportunities to expand and move forward. It is my thoughts and attitudes that cause me to feel either sad or glad, happy or mad. I can choose to take care of myself by changing my thoughts in a more positive way and I can even accept help from others.

For me, this will be a new beginning. 





In response to Birdman's post:

Good Morning Birdman.Related image

You make a perfect point

"When  I resist or fight against uncontrollable change, ( change outside my control) I am miserable"

You reinforce a very valuable idea for all.

It is my hope in this coming year, that we can all share more to keep supporting and reinforcing things for each other.

We are all learning and growing

And this thought is always part of Good plan(: 

Thank you!

& Thank you-for you being you!

much love always to you and yours

big big hug, our friend!




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