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Discussion:HAPPINESS MTG:Powerfully-Magnificent Radical ACCEPTANCE!!/JOIN IN ANYTIME

Title of August 2018 Happiness Meeting:
The Powerful Magnificence Of Radical Acceptance

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Hi everyoneღ

On this site, we love to share experiences with others to reinforce the good that works for us ... for ourselves & in hope someone somewhere at some time may benefit also(:

Though a funny thing about experience... often words cannot depict the energy and transformative characteristics which 'come about'. 

So...I'd like to suggest some guide-questions for  anyone who chooses to participate in this Happiness Meeting...

The goal is to hear our own experiences better and hear & learn from others

..with regard to an amazing tool

of the  allowing 





For those of you who are new to Bmindful or Bmindful's Happiness Meetings....


The intention of the Happiness Meetings is discussion,

and the result is transformative

for those who allow what works for them.

Like all Bmindful threads-they never close

and all Bmindful members are welcome!!!

Feel free to edit/delete (a lot...if needed... and return as often as you like). If someone responds to you-pls leave some note to keep relevance alive- {...will assist flow of thread & respect all who stop by} (:

We are inspired by everything & everyone because ... we are open to growth, joy & involving community. We are all teachers & students.

Suggested Questions In Process

1.Have you ever viewed acceptance as a process? Do you still, and if not why not?

2. When deciding to accept -what do you know for sure needs to be 'happening' (in place for you) ? 

3. As a whole and any details you'd like to share... what amazing things did you  experience with acceptance-what did you find out?

4.Was there a 'magical' element about allowing acceptance in on any level?  Did it feel complete? Did it feel like a beginning? Were you very present in the moment? Were there any feelings of instantaneous and harmonious events?


5. In this world we really do nothing alone, how has this idea assisted you with acceptance?


Questions are in process-feel free to enjoy your own processing whenever you desire

link to last mtg




Further down the page Kathi will be providing further context on Radical Acceptance & soon posting suggested guide questions also 

    • ~

This is such a huge area and there are various angles one could approach the topic.

For myself... I had a recent experience with a process that 'came to me' and did more than just create a good feeling place. I will gradually attempt to share my 'highlights' 


[Feel free to respond to as few or as many of the questions on this whole thread. You may simply comment  if this best serves you.]

Suggested Guide Questions -There are no wrong responses... Just be you and comment as you feel. 

Feel free to share anyway you like ...quotes, affirmations and/or images which assist or reinforce the magical qualities  you have enjoyed as a result of acceptance.


When we are fortunate enough to choose our experience,

choosing becomes the gift. ...selfcare









"Performing an action in the state of acceptance

means you are at peace while you do it...On the

surface,acceptance looks like a passive state, but in

reality it is active and creative because it brings

something entirely new into this world. That peace,

that subtle energy vibration, is consciousness, and

one of the ways in which it enters the world is

through surrendered action, one aspect of which is

acceptance. Eckhart Tolle, A New World


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If your life were any different, you'd feel exactly

the same. This is the irony of life's eternal

perfection. Once you no longer rely on outside

circumstances, in order to feel good, or even require

feeling good,in order to feel relaxed and open,

something far greater than the tracking of

ups,downs, gains and losses awakens within

you.This is the heart of awakening." Matt Kahn, Whatever Arises,Love That:A Love Revolution That Begins With You


  • quote"The modalities of awakened doing are acceptance,enjoyment,and enthusiasm. Each one represents a certain vibrational frequency of consciousness. You need to be vigilant to make sure that one of them operates whenever you are engaged in doing anything at all - from the most simple task to the most complex. If you are not in the state of either acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm, look closely and you will find that you are creating suffering for yourself and others.
    –   EckhartTolle

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Clarity is not about gaining a clearer

understanding. It is the willingness to

live without a need for understanding

by  surrendering yourself to the fate

of  your highest possibility. From this

space, you may come to realize that

clarity is what sees, not the way

Something is seen.Matt Kahn




















Affirmations in process:

The life energy in my surroundings are really mirrors of what I love, therefore my world is beautifully harmonious,awesomely kind and magnificently abundant.


I would like to thank you in advance Kathi for co-chairing   this meeting with me.

It is quite an undertaking ...describing such a wondrous tool as acceptance

...which can create instantaneously or in piece meal- PEACE

with an air

of total possibility-experience.

I would like to provide a little more context.

Have you ever listened to someone as they shared a new insight, something that is both powerful and transformative?

When they share their experience - its as if a huge curtain falls, and its as if "a filter" is removed, such that a whole new perception of reality becomes instantly available...

It is instant and it is transformative, and it causes a literally elevation or heightened level of energy. 

The moment you hear this, your energy changes, and you suddenly map on to a million happenstances from you own experience. 

It's amazing how quickly we are elevated and lifted in our energy and in our understanding.  And we can notice how all of our other previous perceptions: our mood, our routine where we experience daily limitations, disconnections, first of ourselves and then of others... But then, we are given these experiences where we are instantly touched in a unique way that unites us, unites our understanding and compassion of and for one another. Its a sudden appreciation of the totality of the delivery of a communication that leaves us with full appreciation of what just became available. Something powerful shifted, such that something new just became available. And, it moved us! 

Once elevated, and once aware, we now have access...


Radical Acceptance:

This happiness meeting is about the huge topic of acceptance. We are being invited to open up and recognize how profound the state of heightened awakening and the connection to our experience of our consciousness.

It takes several steps to look at the multiple stages of acceptance as we recognize our awareness, and recognize what part we play, that others play, and our level of peace and our ability to attempt to exert control - over events, periods of our lives where we chose certain survival modalities, and later on, years later, how we chose to come back and make peace with those chapters in our lives and our experience. In many instances, we gave minimal degrees of acceptance. And, in our youth, we used ego to identify how we are separate than others, and that we made different choices. 

We may not have recognized it then, but those words affirmed our separation, it gave form to identify. We identified our selves as separated, and we created meanings about others, about ourselves, and about our journey. 

We are being asked to look at the big picture - of acceptance. Accepting our self, accepting our life situation, look at all of the obstacles... Look at what we have and have not accepted self and/or this journey.

In a few minutes we will be given a few affirmations to help open our selves to our experience of acceptance and trust.  We are being invited to see how huge the role of acceptance is, in all stages of our growth! 

Once we are aware of our consciousness, we awaken new consciousness even as the old consciousness disappears. Old ways of thinking are recognized and are replaced. Our identity has changed, and so has our ability recognize a dimension in ourself that is infinite and vast. 

With this consciousness, comes this vibrational quality that causes us see ourself as powerful creator's of our reality. In this state, we do accept ourself as being powerful, being connected to others becomes a source of value. There is infinite value of profound belonging, and being known, being loved, being accepted, being valued, being important to others. It goes beyond self acceptance to accepting that our greatness is reflected back by the acceptance of the greatness of others. We see and we experience that we are one, we are connected! Connection and community are bedrock for healthy, thriving and diverse community.  In order to get this at the community level, we first have to get our deeper purpose as an individual.


My inner purpose is to awaken.


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷI acknowledge a world beyond my senses, a truth beyond my intellect, a wisdom beyond logic, a power beyond my limits, a serene design despite any distressing display  David Richo

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In response to trikletrade's post:

This is incredibly perfect!

Welcome trickletrade!



Acceptance is the acknowledgement that we never do anything alone. We are co-creative souls.

Related image


Thoughts, questions and affirmations:

A lot of things can get stirred up while doing this work. And, thing can be even more deeply stirred up depending on what's happening in our life when we are facing certain vulnerabilities or uncertainty or life transitions.

Sometimes there are no choices. And sometimes, you have to hit rock bottom in order to reinvent yourself. If that is the case, its ok. For many people, its a defining moment where they really hit down, and say - enough, its time to stop fighting. It's time to surrender and let go. No more resisting. Sometimes, the greatest choice is to just allow, one breath at a time. It always matters, to do our simple best to find comfort in faith. 

For others, it is a powerful time to deepen trust. Trust in the Universe. Work on affirmations for trust and being open to uncertainty. Be open to opportunity. Get heart centered, a focus on your breath, and come from peace. Breath in a million and one opportunities. Fill up your lungs with pure possibility and intention. Exhale doubts, fears. 

With terrible uncertainty, there is great opportunity. There are always a lot of small things that can lead to great changes. Growth never stops! Opportunities are endless, just like the infinite number of stars...


  1. Who am I?
  2. What is my purpose?
  3. What do I deeply want?
  4. To open the doors of abundance, what are you truly grateful for?



I allow the universe to contribute to me in ways that I cannot predict and in ways that are spontaneous and unexpected!

I am open to contribution, miracles, love, joy and connection.

I allow love to find me.

I choose all that is showing up in my life!

I am being asked to grow. I choose to in trust my unknown, and I weave my path with the certainty of trust!

My inner peace sustains me.


Listen more. Be more aware of being your own silent witness. Welcome that peaceful presence.

You will be amazed with yourself! The more you listen to yourself, the greater you can listen to others as well. For the bonus, begin to parent your inner child more. Re-build/restore confidence. Maybe do some healing. Take back sacred ground. Reclaim your innocence. Do some releasing or reframing something into something that is definitely more life affirming. 

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OMG!!!! This is a real OMG! I love the label of RADICAL ACCEPTANCE. Tara Brach.... is the individual who I believe coined the term... So... I googled Radical Acceptance believing I'd find Tara which I did.

Though ...I also came across ... one of my favorite guys-Matt Kahn... and in the beginning of his talk he started with ... the 2 words that radical acceptance REALLY is ..


 Okay' .

  • ~

Let me tell you how amazing this is.

Just moments ago... I was chatting with a good friend... about this powerful level of acceptance I recently experienced and the magnificent  vibrational result I had with the words It's OKay.

  • ~

This was the major part of the experience I had-(more to it...and will elaborate later)

It's OKAY ... was what triggered big things for me.  This sounds basic... though these 2 words  is what  really what triggered another 'level' of perfect tools in my tool belt ..



so want to continue this-

will return

can't wait!!!!

1.Have you ever viewed acceptance as a process? Do you still, and if not why not?

Yes, I once considered acceptance as a process. Like everything -ones experience evolves... in the accepting/allowing/surrendering... 

Today, I choose to see acceptance minus the idea that it contains a process.

When I trigger acceptance- the harmony of I Am and the 'more' is sufficiently perfect...

to be continued...


2. When deciding to accept -what do you know for sure needs to be 'happening' (in place for you) ? 




(post in process)

See the source image

3.As a whole- any details you'd like to share... what amazing things did you  experience with acceptance-what did you find out?




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4.Was there a 'magical' element about allowing acceptance in on any level?  Did it feel complete? Did it feel like a beginning? Were you very present in the moment? Were there any feelings of instantaneous and harmonious events?

(post in process)


5. In this world we really do nothing alone, how has this idea assisted you with acceptance?

(post in process)



3. As a whole and any details you'd like to share... what amazing things did you  experience with acceptance-what did you find out?

What I discovered is the world will not stop when I relinquish control. As a matter of fact things will flow freely,  wonderfully for in letting go of the need to control every aspect of life, I free my self to fully experience life  to its fullest.  I am able to relax and enjoy the magnificent moments basking in the sheer joy  of wonder and delight as it magically enfolds yielding to the desires of my heart.



In response to Nancee1953's post:

Nancee, truly wonderful thoughts!


In response to Nancee1953's post: Hi Nancee! Your words are beautiful!! Grateful you are here!!!

In response to Kathi's post: Thoughts, Questions, Affermations.... As I journey along my life’s path I find myself traveling in an unfamiliar dense fog. Every perilous step I take could lead to my profound sadness. As I step forward each day brings me closer to a cancerous ending. My mind fights this acceptance with all the positive energy I can muster.  I pause and reflect on all the beautiful vistas I have encountered and I step forward looking to find the beauty just around the next turn in my path. Perhaps by my stepping forward I am letting go of my greatest fear and my fight is another form of acceptance? I find the fog thickens as I lift my foot hoping with all my heart my foot falls on solid ground rather than tumbling me down a deep ravine. There are times when acceptance is unacceptable!

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy's post: Thank you Beloved Poppy, for sharing. Your life is definitely changing, without your permission. You are loved, no matter how dense the fog. You heart and its song can be heard and felt, near to All who know and love you. Sending you comfort, strength, and enduring faith. 

Love you brother.

In response to Kathi's post: Thank You Kathi! You are a kind loving soul. These were my raw thoughts that popped up in the middle of last night. The love of my life is fighting bone cancer. Yes our lives are definitely changing without our permission. She was told yesterday that it would move into her liver. I totally accept my role as caregiver and I will be her best cheerleader no matter what happens. I simply cannot accept the Absence of Hope! We are in the early stages of the end game. So for me, in this instance, acceptance is a process.


Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy's post1:  

In response to Poppy's post2:

Grateful you are  sharing...You and your family are thought of with much love. I'm feeling you know this ...  Biggest hugs sent to you... Prayers ... loving energy... always for you and your precious wife and family -a given ...my friend!


My personal thoughts Poppy, your focus is beyond the transition/transformations most 

 allow or 'take in until it  becomes their present moment experience. Life with someone for a life time intended...

the creation with love ...with the love one is...

melded into union ...is an incredible bond.

It is The life as one knows it.

It is not something one does... like any other passion... It is life... It is passion.

Everyday- things are simply 'different' when you are aware of  anything changing...though cannot fathom the totality with the hearts' questions. 

  Even if one feels like they have been there before with someone or the same person... all is always evolving... and yes ...more  spoken ... given ... to you... 

 ... in thoughts, feelings... or somehow energetically. Yes... yes...a process of acceptance. 

I'm believing the most vital  energy which is love... will meld  where it needs to... to what it needs to-for you ... you both.

I'm believing the fact that  when you said: I simply cannot accept the Absence of Hope! 

that you've created the life energy intention... that will feed each moment creating the acceptance. 

As we know... acceptance is never about liking something... It can be about hating it. And thats ok too.

love and always respecting your personal journey, selfcare





In response to Poppy's post: Thank you for your kind words. I am searching my heart for the purpose, for the contribution, and for the gift of such tribulation.

I do know that we grow through passages, through loss - and it feels like every part of our being is  altered. Thank you for sharing what you're going through.

I want to acknowledge you, your wife and this journey that you are both on. I know that we need time, sometimes, we are given years, sometimes we are given brevity, but we are given so much to look at, and there is so much to come to terms with.



 Acceptance is being grateful for the gifts you are given. 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

big hugs & love to you & yours!!!

beautiful & perfect photography  Thank you Poppy! and perfect perfect quote!

In a day that I needed it- I utilized your quote: Acceptance is being grateful for the gifts you are given 

This quote acted as an affirmation on a day.. I benefited from (all day)





In response to Poppy's post:hi Poppy ,I have been trying to find one of your PM's to reply but have not been able to .


Sending you love ,strength ,energy ,peace and most of all hope .PM me anytime if you need a chat ,a friend ,a shoulder to cry on or just someone to sit with you .

love ,hugs and peace 

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