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★★Quotes that express your current now

We all have wtf moments that baffle the mind

ex:people being chummy earlier then provoking some drama from some place in there consciousness or whatever 

In other words a quote from jerry "PEOPLE THERE THE WORST"!!!!!!!!!


Stay tuned for other pleasant thread ideas from me such as

"Is it just me or do people seem to need to see an "EXORCIST"

I'll get to that cabin in the woods eventually!


"Here's lookin at you kid"

Is the defence ready to call it's next witness
we are your honor
the defence calls Silence i Golden to the stand.

And the greatest gift they can give you back is showing you what they really are. Of course sometimes they can disguise it very well, and you find out the hard way.68f2af8b76450ab617abd74e3be0aebb.jpg

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Whoops -missing quote...
no prob
be back
to this thread very soon(:

Be Your Own Unique Self by Debi Payne

I am totally free to choose thoughts of joy. It is my Divine right to do so.” Louise Hay

Today is a new day, so what new thing will you do today? . . . . . #mixedmedia #collagepainting #motivation #inspiration #debipaynedesigns



"A diamond was a hunk of coal  that simply did well under pressure"

you can find that quote in pic form on the selective thinking thread.

alright that's it for today hope you enjoyed the show

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In response to Nancee1953's post

love joy & peace

I accept, and thank you very much(:


In response to The rational inquirer's post

enjoying the diamond -thoughts(:


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