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★★OK Everyone Give Me 1 Affirmation {in this moment)!!!...

Hey there Bmindful regular participants, new members and members who have been desiring to add to their day via the forum ...(:

Please join me here with 1 affirmation a day!!!

C'mon Give Me 1 Affirmation!!

Yeah this is a take off on an excellent thread ....  titled: OK Everyone Give Me 1 Word!!...

... going for that awesome powerful sharing experience coupled with our sharing any affirmation that empowers this moment  for you!!!

"2018 will be my year for achieving more"

I came up with this affirmation because the past few years I feel like I've been working hard but not making much progress. This year I hope to change my approach and hopefully achieve more :-)


In response to bunique's post

As always glad to see you on the forum, and even more than  that...

sharing an affirmation which is so personally powerful for you!!! 



I saw this affirmation on some other site recently, and it spoke to me... {I know my affirmations speak to me... lol don't be alarmed}

anyway it is...

How simple is this...? 

Refreshing appreciation -it permeates my world.



I am calm 

In response to flowergirl's post:

glad you've visited and shared... love it if you'd join in here some more, whenever you desire(:





projects on my mind that I'm desiring to complete tomorrow(:d37592754d350eea1333998d1ff20602--diamond-rolex-morning-affirmations.jpg

I fully and totally accept myself as I am. 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

wonderful one,Poppy.

...great to see you here!

Ease is how I travel, aligned with my most optimal direction and highest values is how I arrive.

night allღ (:


as I get up briefly ... and now going back to sleep...I know...

As I sleep, my heart radiates joy and my body feels relieved that I am waking up refreshed every morning after a good night's sleep.


I Am enjoying taking exquisite care of me.

From this day onward, I go forth with an uplifted vision.


I choose to dwell in peace, appreciation and freedom and so it is!

I accept peace and joy in all aspects of my life

There is such shelter in each other.

      • I am refreshed, and in the mode of operation for whatever I need and want.

My mind creates an image of my body that is always vital, healthy, beautiful and strong.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷI am responsive to life-enhancing ideas and apply them in my life.

Acceptance-energy and action enhances and creates my miraculous life.new-moment.jpg

I re-examine my thoughts, beliefs and feelings to make sure they match what I am asking the universe to provide.


Love how true acceptance is a complete transformative outstanding level of peace.




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