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★What inspires you in life?

So many things to be inspired by. Which one is yours?

hi ,thanks cuqui for a thought provoking thread ,here goes

all of nature especially sunrises and sunsets,rainbows,flowers
seeing someone needing something i can give them or do for them
a smile from someone who is having a hard time
people who dont give up
you lovely folks on here
the gift of life
the feelng of hope by being positive
people who create things ,especially simple ones like painting one word on a pebble -hope,faith ,love ,peace ,joy.
people like oprah,mother teresa .

Many things inspire me in life.God,The love of my family,The sunrise,the sunset,positive people,a good book to read,reading the Bible,reading my favorite magazines,poetry,going to the library,peace of mind,going to church,music,animals,flowers,this site,(your feedback,your affirmations and your stories)good art, going to a museum,saying a word of encouragement to someone who might need it,peace, freedom,Time to myself,loving my family, faith,Smiling,being hopeful for a better future for those I love and myself,a good cup of coffee,tea soda,chocolate,pastries(I know control on those ones lol)Affirmations,I am inspired by so many things.The list goes on and on.Just being alive another day to do and try so many things that I need to experience and accomplish.And love,love, and more love Which flows in my life each and every day.Now there’s another affirmation I can add to my list if I don’t already have it.For a better tomorrow and a better world for us and our future generation.Do I hear an amen to that?Amen!

In response to cuqui’s post:
What is a tea soda?

…what a wonderful world….

The nature, the sea/ocean/lake, trees, sunset, sunrise, sunshine, sun sun sun sun … snow also (inspires me to stay in and have a cosey day), positive lively people, you BMINDFULers, music. Happy end movies :-)
Dates or times with repetetive combination of numbers.

Today is 10.01.10 (or 01.10.10 if you want) It will be a WONDERFUL day.

…what a wonderful world….

Amen Cuqui! Thank you for painting that picture for us as we peak into your window.
Aftab, we have been up to our … pockets in snow (along with so many others) yet, when we had bright sunshine, as we did yesterday, it’s so beautiful! I say I should take some pictures, but oops, I don’t. I do have many untaken snapshots in my mind to draw on. So, I’ll Draw On;) Jan

aches and pain
On this subject I agree and disagree with her.
For the most part I disagree.
Because my being and my body need a certain amount of exercise or
physiotherapy to alleviate a few physical pains.
Some days I spend hours doing the exercise necessary to get through the day without various pain.And I don’t use pain medication.
In other words if I’m feeling pain regardless what my inner being
has to say,I know the first thing I need to do is be free of pain
then I can listen to my inner being,and perhaps get into the “vortex”

We’ll pick you up!

looking forward to returning to this thread.

great question!!!

a fresh new moment, a fresh new day ... when I allow ..begins inspiration for me.

I love blank notebooks and empty baskets... I love to see how it becomes created from a fresh place... Creation is great! Co-creation is the best!



people truly living at all stages of life


Learning new things and allowing myself to love the new territory

believing in my path

and surrendering as I follow what is right for me... from my spirit place



If ya don,t get everything ya want think of the things ya don,t get that you don,t want.

There are many things which Inspires me, Reading books, Novels and listen speakers like nick and my teachers.

I love this thread! I love its title. I love the uniqueness of us all. I love how it all inspires me to feel about what I am inspired by.

hmmm this morning ...as I'm waking what is it I am feeling inspired by... ??? I am inspired by my day off. I love all the feelings, beliefs, thoughts I can bring up that says I have the time & space I need to be where I desire to be(:

There is an awesome time and space for everything I want to do.

I am inspired by affirmations {of course}!

I love how quickly I respond to what I tell me(:


quotes inspire me somewhat888e9b184847f55c86f39411283765ed.jpgThanks for your ???s Answers on there way maybe by next week or sooner.

If ya don,t get everything ya want think of the things ya don,t get that you don,t want.


I THINK OF IT AS MY midnight express card,and try not to leave home without.


If ya don,t get everything ya want think of the things ya don,t get that you don,t want.




Love inspires my life , it is like the air I breathe. The Love and passion of my faith transcends to every aspect of my life from the sun that shines high in the sky I can feel the Love, to the water that hydrates my body, again, we are all created from Love the light from within that comes forth through thought, word and deed. 

Bmindful & its beautiful members add inspiration to my life.


Sometimes I draw a "serious"blank you might say.

So rather than say nothing I'LL use humor part of my mind

To answer ? 1 

What makes you tick.

What am I an alarm clock.

If ya don,t get everything ya want think of the things ya don,t get that you don,t want.

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