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★★Pg. 1. Grateful for ______ & ________&__________&

Right off the top share 3  or more things you are grateful for. 

stop by whenever you'd enjoy.


No matter how you feel and whats going on, listing things you are grateful for lifts us up, raises our vibrations.


Hope I see you here(:



I am grateful for being joyous for each moment I am in, I give thanks.

I am grateful for all there is and the faith i have in my GREATEST GOOD.

I love what this day will contain in advance and grateful for this spiritual understanding.

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Gratitude Fundamental Part of Life-Soul Food Series

3 or more of anything you are grateful for

3x Daily Gratitude 2017


I am grateful for this amazing gift of life and all the wonders and Blessings that unfold with the gift  of each new day.

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In response to Nancee1953's post:

Truly perfecto Nancee!!!!

Grateful for ______ & ________&__________

I am grateful for being grateful. I am grateful for Bmindful to encourage , reinforce, share & be shared with ... best feelings as such a high priority. Grateful for this moment in time.



  • Grateful for my friends letting me be me, and laughing with me  (:
  • Grateful to have this day off to pace myself the way I love and get the deep sleep power naps I crave(:
  • 9258a20add1a203ea8d1edabbdf8ce57--nap-time-quotes-sleep-quotes.jpg
  • Grateful to be hungry, so I can enjoy my late lunch that much more(:


And 1 more 3x gratitude to friends...

grateful to  have friends that truly one another



I'm grateful for all the people that

post picture quotes,and all the who

create a video with a song.

I don't have a clue how they do that.


In response to The Beach's post:


And I'm grateful for the opportunity to take a moment to express  how to post a live video(: Just got home from work and would love to sit and share this right now(:

Live Video

  1.  find the youtube video you like
  2. right click on the video and you will see options
  3. then left click on the video... choose the option that says copy video url
  4. then go to the the BRAND NEW EMPTY  post you'd like to share on
  5. while in the post area , go to tool bar to the last little icon and left  click, then right click (video should post)
  6. I had to completely create one to remember the steps myself(:
  7. try it with this one video(:

  1. grateful for this life that feels less mysterious, though always brand new
  2. grateful of the joy I feel today simply being alive
  3. grateful for this joyful focus(:
  1. grateful for waking up slowly to this magnificent day
  2. grateful for the outstanding savings on something really needed and the free things that were given with it. (and another purchase of something needed and freebie given) Thank you God ! Grateful for opening the door to being a good receiver(:
  3. grateful for the love that truly comes from inside and is everywhere...
  1. grateful for all of my feelings, and the ability to feel them
  2. grateful to utilize my feelings in co-creating heart felt affirmations
  3. grateful for affirmations and how they assist powerfully in creating awesome experiences

1 awesome amt of gratitude

  1. feeling better...better...better 
  2. allowing what needs to get done... created how it works best from my heart place
  3. gratitude for  loving people and...loving...people.
  • MattKahnS12-MKWeekS2-Item2.jpg


  1. grateful for a lovely slow easing into my morning
  2. grateful for the inspiration which preceded preparing a lovely  snack and meal for later today
  3. grateful for the love I am feeling so much of


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