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★★Happiness meeting!! Healthy Fall Harvest: connecting with your roots...

Healthy Fall Harvest to you All!!

Lots to weight in one this month!! Connecting with your roots, discovering your personal epiphanies, and creating team work!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year!  Its a different type of labor.  Traditionally, you gather your harvest, which is hopefully a beautiful bounty, then you clean up that area, and diligently prepare for winter.  Its a time when the earth rests, and while the earth rests, a different aspect of work begins anew. 

Connecting with your roots:

With every new year, I take time to reflect at all that I've brought in to bare. Then, a totally separate note: whats next, for me.  There is just one quarter left to 2017.  Did I accomplish everything that I set out to accomplish for 2017?  It goes so fast. I just want to pause, and look at the big picture.

 When I think about my roots, I am thinking about my self, my health, and my most valuable relationships.  These are my roots.  How my roots are sustaining me?  And, how are the quality of my connections? Some of my roots have not grown, and I have to choose to focus on the things that are aligning with my values.  


Discovering personal Epiphanies:

This covers a large and often, an undefined area.  It could be discovering epiphanies about close personal relationships.  It could be about releasing relationships that no longer serve you, where the epiphany is trusting yourself and choosing freedom and joy in exchange for brokenness and hardship. Its ultimately about shining a light and being on level with yourself.  Whatever that means. Where ever you find yourself.  Life is full of learning and growth. Love is very often the greatest equalizer, and the greatest take at the end of the day. We decide, and WE assign Loves' value! 


Creating team work:

One of life's greatest purpose is a shared goal or mission.  We all get to contribute to making our lives and our world what it is. Service that we provide gives us access to having a life that is driven by that mission, that service.  And team work reinforces that sense of belonging, and purpose, and drive.  

I cannot tell you how important team work is! In relationships, its about having shared values.  At work, its about meeting expectations and carrying your job to completion. Same thing with banking and loan relationships: meeting deadlines and maintaining agreements. 

There is so much I am thinking about, regarding team work. I work with some very amazing people. I am not at their level of expertise. I know, as do they, who they are and who I am. I am still learning, and I am not ashamed. I had one physician make a snap comment, and later on, I brought that up, and I just let him know his opinion of me matters. I just want him to hear that, that his opinion matters greatly.  The following days, after I said that, he took time to communicate and touch base with me, and he shared his perceptions of the priorities of that day.  We worked great together. The more he communicates with me, the more we connect over those priorities. 

Team work is really important. Communication is the key to team work. It takes time, and you have to invest in building rapport with people.  And, I'm learning so much.  Every day, I learn something new. Everyday. It makes me more dynamic, and resourceful. 

You are all invited to join this happiness meeting in any way that you see fit.  As always, my hope is that this meeting is valuable to you and that you give and receive in ways that truly serve you and serve your greater good!!

What is happening in your now?

What are you harvesting??

How are your roots?  I would love any and all insights in to the nature and quality of your roots!! It is fall, and we are coming full circle with this year! There is so much going on at this time of year, and we just observed Yom Kippur.  There have been several record setting hurricanes, and natural disasters, and Mexico just had a deadly earth quake. All of these things, that make you so aware of the turbulence that is being felt by so many... Our world needs prayer right now!! So, lets talk about our roots, and what's happening, what is needed, and our perceptions of those needs. 

What epiphanies are you discovering???  This can be about your feelings about a recent experience or about close personal relationships, or goals that reflect inner change. Fall in the best time of year to tap into personal reflections, and clarify to your self about the things that you want to support, and how you want to show that support, and how you want to re-create or deepen belonging. It could also be about releasing situations or relationships that no longer serve you. If that's the case, what are you learning about loving yourself, valuing yourself?? 

And what about team work.  How is this showing up in your life?? Whats happening???

Lastly, All are welcome to share beyond the scope of this topic!  Please, speak freely!!


  “Embrace the current season of your life.” — Gabrielle Blair


Thank you for bringing another Happiness mtg(:

And as always thank you for sharing your experiences...

And what about team work.  How is this showing up in your life?? Whats happening???

 wonderful reflection focus(:

I have a lot I'm thinking about with this topic, though I'll begin with an affirmation & a quote(:

By nurturing myself , my disposition has a positive frequency for being present for others.



When I saw this quote it reminded me of this time of my life, things that have been occurring . I have been experiencing a lot of wonderful things about valuing others more...It has come about through the way I have been allowing and desiring

my values to be even more in harmony with my heart.

Also...much to do  with how I take care of me ...so joy and love have more potential to flow in my relationships (kinda my theme in life lol) 

Enjoying the expansion I've experienced w/this area(:

This has a Newer meaning to me today in respect to all of my interactions, because it is a newer moment(:


My hubby, my friends, work associates, acquaintances ... everyone(:

I'll be back to elaborate(:

Bottom line:

This has been a time of progressive (more orderly than it has appeared) transitions.

I like this moment. I like what is occurring.

I like the authenticity of my spirit.

I like how it feels with others.










I have posted a Matt Kahn video -Feel Good Now on  thread created for videos we're loving right now   It truly is in line with proactive Joy-so sharing it here. love it!!! For some he may go on too many tangents, though I just kicked back for all that resonated with me. Not only did I enjoy this... this was filled with philosophies I agree with & loved the beautiful reinforcement.

I had some awesome experiences right after listening pertaining 'another level of creating joy'- Quite awesome!  to be continued


“You are the everything this moment is asking you to be...” 
-Matt Kahn


Image result for harvesting the fruits of the spirit

Image result for harvesting the gifts of the spirit


I love Autumn for me it is a time to bask in the absolute joy of Life beaming like the bright sun,  it is harvest time. I am harvesting the fruits of my spirit among them joy, patience, love and gratitude. Being totally open to the Universe cultivating a state of allowing and acceptance creates a profound sense of contentment and inner peace. These magnificent gifts not only enhance my life but they enrich the lives of others as well. There is great joy in being of service to others when we nurture others we nurture ourselves.


Image result for harvesting your spiritual gifts quotes

In response to Nancee1953's post:Hi Nancee!! You have brought up One of my most Beloved Sweet spots, the 9 fold fruit of the Spirit...  

Love, Joy, peace

forbearance, kindness, goodness

faithfulness, gentleness and self control, against such there are no laws.

I just observe all of the structure and forbearance that that verse provided, over all these years, and, its still a work in progress!!

Yes, to connecting and to nurturing the bounty of our Spirit, and live well with garden and the fruit that we produce!  Love it!  Thank you for sharing!!


In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post: Thank you for sharing and posting the Matt Kahn video!! Matt made so valuable distinctions.  He distinguished "the work" that many people reflect on in their pursuit to finding, creating and experiencing happiness.  

Cleansing, clearing, purifying, releasing and letting go... Get rid of that, and create a new paradigm:

Cultivation, engaging, igniting "an integrated ego".  In this paradigm, you focus and experience at any moment that you are 100% right, and that what you are doing is 100% right.  Right job, right relationships.  

I like his distinctions.  If you cut the work out, you cut out the experience of waiting or delaying.  Its automatic, in his distinction. 

In response to Kathi's post:

In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post

In response to Nancee1953's post:

In response to The Beach's post:

Yes, as mentioned I truly felt this was an extraordinary video. I watched it 2 x now, and love the added reinforcement seeing it again.

I'm glad you shared your take from it so far...(: And glad it was amazing for you 

Looking forward to returning to comment further. Glad to see Nancee & The Beach here too. best to all!!!


  • Feeling Good and Creating Flow for Daily Activities
  • Affirmation inspired by video:

I Am so doing it right! Whatever it is, yay me!

 I am  wonderful at  (what you want to change)_______. I am awesome. I enjoy what I enjoy and love that!  I nailed doing _________ for my heart focus, so well. With that in mind, I am sure I can be awesome at anything I enjoy. Today I enjoy creating _______________ to allow greater ease for myself and ______.

Reminds me of this by Denise Linn


In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post: In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post: In response to Kathi's post

In regard to the video & ideas like these: is my lesson….for this time of my life.
Its my understanding I have done things a certain way not because of self hatred… or laziness… though just because I am so tired of pushing myself.

I am learning to ease into everything I do… Some weeks (because of my schedule) its all about this process… and then… I gradually begin doing what I say I want and need  because I desire myself doing it more and more, not because it is a value. It becomes inspired-action from my heart-place.

My life has become more relaxed this way. I know I will never get everything done(: Though I am getting them done with the love I need for me. I call it productivity-ease(:

If I was my parent I’d want to love me this way… ease… loving me, and doing because I desire.

I am happier at work because of this too.

I have more quantity and quality  time for others because of this. I seem to desire to 'somehow' make time for my highest values... progressively... and what feels right for my spirit.

I seem to have more compassion for others, and myself...And I know my limits more & can say no. My not being able to say no to others was not because I was always so kind, it was also because I felt I felt 'unlimited' 

I became more 'unlimited' when I honed in on my values more.  My taste for things became more clear.

Some think I'm always working... always busy... Others think I'm not doing anything... just laid back ... writing about all I love. There was a time I felt I 'didn't have time' to even do that(:

My affirmations really help… I do things from my heart not from my thinking-brain. My heart wants me to slow down though also move forward. It is a way that I’m finding works for this time of my life. 

I know longer want that frenzy feeling… I didn’t like all we had to do before and during the hurricane time. Though it made me realize even more what was valuable to me.

Kathi, you mentioned the category 5  hurricane scare 'coming right at us' (and repeated like a torture technique on the news) which added to these values I speak of.


In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post:

To me its a balancing game of pushing ourselves and easing ourselves. We can’t just be about ease or we’d probably never stand up(: I’ve had burnt out from thinking I was wonder woman too. Both sides of the coin have taught me.

taught me if I can relax -i know how to ease. If I have done… I can do again. If I want to do both… I can live from my heart, applaud myself and believe in me… Its a process, and we will all do be it in our wonderful unique ways we are learning. No one is right or wrong, we are just being true to ourselves

That is the ticket, aligning ourselves with the flow of life, working towards balance, harmony, light and love.



I am then totally FREE to enjoy the beauty of life.



In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post: Thank you for being open and for sharing about your recent insights, your inspired actions and your willingness to connect to your heart, and your openness and your exploration of what you buoyantly call ease.

I have learned a lot from listening to you. You have influenced me and you have helped to shape and to loosen up my beliefs and perceptions. In your expansiveness, I became aware of my desire for depth, substance and the scope of my focus.  

I keep an open mind, as much as I can, so that I can hear you and your truth vs my filter blocking your communication.

I apologize for invoking fear about the hurricane.  I value you and I value our friendship.  I do not value fear. I do value honesty, growth, trust, healing, and I dearly value our connection and our contribution to one another, as well as to our mutual intention to the bimindful community.  

Love is my goal.  Love is my greatest gift, and I truest desire and intention.



To all  my good friends on Bmindful-all company included:


feel so grateful for such wonderful experiences!

  • ~


In response to Kathi's post

yes to ease!



I thank you!!!!

OMG Kathi I had many typos in my post !!!!

I said in earlier post:

Kathi, you mentioned the category 5  hurricane scare 'coming right at us' (and repeated like a torture technique on the news) which added to these values I speak of.


You said in the intro:

 There have been several record setting hurricanes, and natural disasters, and Mexico just had a deadly earth quake.

 I  meant to say:

  1. in your Happiness Meeting intro you mentioned hurricane...
  2. and the news repeated like a torture technique.?format=300w
  3. And this hurricane time added to the value I speak of... 


This is the draw back of ease for me. I don't feel very self conscious when writing  and feel more peaceful about whatever I do... 

I tend to forget to proofread. So please forgive me for being so lax with not proofreading(: Because while you were upset during that hurricane (understandably), you were so caring about my  wellbeing and so loving with helping any way you can.

I thank you graciously for your love & being who you are.

much love to you my friend, selfcare





In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post: In response to Kathi's post

so instead of editing my post with typos I will just continue on here: 

It was the repetition on all of our local and weather channels and the internet (when the intenet worked well)  I had to mostly recover from. And the  preparation we endured (financially and otherwise) for this time.
Though on a more wonderful level... my  gratitude and faith about life increased.
My ability to distinguish what is really important to me became fine-tuned
now to be continued...  
  • ~


I stated there was mostly recovery from the news and preparation... I left out being surrounded by those who were devastated in major ways and still working around & thru.

All & more has  added to my values of that not wasting my time, on matters of minuscule  importance in this life time.

I believe I was already on this path, though allowed a greater level of clarity/depth after this event.

Everyone will have their own idea of minuscule, and my heart seems to know more and more of what that means for me.

  to be continued...  

In response to Nancee1953's post:


yes Nancee! free to enjoy life... That is where I'm valuing these days.

So grateful too!




Thanks Kathi for this wonderful happiness meeting. I have been out of touch with the forum and myself for some time now. My life has revolved around family and taking care of many milestones. My reflective practice has suffered in the past few months due to life itself. Like the ocean my tide flows both in and out and I have floated in both directions. In the final analysis, I am happy to go with the flow as my spirit floats to and fro. 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy's post: Hi Poppy!!

Always glad to have you here!!!

Lets catch up!! 


In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post: My dear friend, I want to thank you for your kind words.  The greatest gift of all, is that you and your family got through the hurricane -- and, you came out with a greater appreciation than when you started! 

I'm giggling, and grateful for the smiles!!!

love you!!!

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