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Happiness Mtg ★★Celebratin' Life & Your Beautiful Spirit/Page 1

 This Happiness Meeting will have several pages, because pictures are great though they take up an incredible amount of room(:What can I say I get pretty excited about possibilities... and then ... (:





Celebrating Life

-What has your beautiful spirit been sharing with you? What is this meeting all about anyway? You-Precious You! Occasionally we have some thoughts on the topic(: Though, mostly we feel our way through things. Lets share a bit of both?

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Happiness Meetings Are Back




Only from the heart - can you touch the sky.




Respond to every call that excites your Spirit.  Rumi






Meeting  open to all members starting 8-30-17 

remains open-indefinitely 





Look for the answer inside your question. Rumi

 Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths. Rumi

Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. Rumi


 I am silent, I fall into the place where everything is music. Rumi











Welcome Bmindful Members to a brand new Happiness Meeting, a meeting that has a start time, though stays open always-through anything and everything...






 Adding playfulness which matters to your heart-creates a joyful banter with yourself and life.




 Title of Today's Meeting: CELEBRATING LIFE





Meeting open to all members

Meeting began: 8-30-17 



 Feel free to add quote, affirmations, comments to express 
Reflections questions will be offered as a guide, though feel free to generate whatever your heart creates/sees/feels. 












Reflections questions will be offered as a guide, though feel free to generate

whatever your heart


★★Let Every Day Feel Like a Freedom Day❤Love Love Love

Love Love Love❤Let Every Day Feel Like 4th of July, With Love-edition




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  • Through listening to and following my deepest messages of truth — in my body, emotions, intelligence, relationships, and spirituality — I thrive.
  • ~~ ღ~~
  • I am free to be, according to my highest vision.
  • ~~ ✰ ~~
  • Everything I do increases the harmony, beauty, and order in my life.
  • ~~ ღ~~
  • I bring my dreams into the present moment.
  • ~~ ✰ ~~
  • I am radiantly beautiful and vibrationally healthy and Joyously alive.
  • ~~ ღ~~
  • I am glad to be alive, to be where I am, to be who I am.
  • I pull the plug on limitations and rise into a new consciousness of power.
  • I bring unconscious thoughts into my consciousness, so I can choose what thoughts I want to focus on.
  • I don’t need permission. That is my secret power.
  • I am creating new possibilities in my life. The universe is my playground.
  • I ask for what I want and accept what I receive, I will get what I need.
  • I am responsible for my life and always maintain the power I need to be positive and have joy.Goodness, beauty and joy resonate with my soul. I am at one with them.







Excellent subject and excellent way to bridge our way back into the lovely practice of Bmindful's Happiness meetings!

My heart felt greetings to All Bmindful members!

Many joyful thoughts are flowing, as I take much into consideration to the thought of Celebrating life!

There are so many thoughts, because there are so many ways to begin to celebrate our life, and simply celebrating where we are, and appreciating all that we've been through...

Today, I want to celebrate all of the joy that is emanating out of my spirit!

I am grateful, grateful, grateful for this day, and grateful for the JOY that this day holds!





Thanks Kathi! Going to just go with my inner joy-flow ... and celebration as the mantra(:

Wonderful to see you here


Life has truly been inspiring me lately.  Allowing an openness allows freedom! d2b4218542058fe3391aa81e857622a0.jpg

Freedom combined with maintaining a connection with ones heart... & what really matters is a springboard for daily -loving life. 2922831ed7c5599d10c076e95775d5d6--miracle-morning-affirmations-positive-affirmations.jpg


I prosper from all -I thank every member of this community for being themselves and sharing what matters to them. That's a huge part of community and a wonderful experience for us all.




 This Happiness Meeting asks the questions... (Please share in any way that feels right for you.)

  • What brings your joy on?  What has your beautiful spirit been sharing with you? 
  • What allows you to be really  open to life... and the joy it is bringing up...?
  •  Have you noticed any patterns in 'opening the door' to how you have been  receiving life's gifts? What beautiful ideas have assisted you in paving your way?
  • Anything feel new or mainly a natural progression of the energy you have been allowing for awhile? 

That's all that has come to me. 

Hope it assists everyone who chooses to participate whenever they join in(:

  • ~ love, selfcare

In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post: Thank you again for providing the theme for this Happiness meeting!  

I am very open to celebrating the gift of life.

I feel truly blessed. I feel my body aging, loud and clear, and things are changing, and I'm listening, and then, my heart is also speaking, and I also listen to what it is saying!

Life, and lifes' design, is perfect.  We really only have time for the things that matter. Choosing which priority, and investing energy and virtue into our next bend in the river... climbing our next mountain and reaching out and reaching in, and learning to love, learning to listen, over and over, and each time it is brand new.  We are brand new.  And, this day is equally brand new.  



I am still learning to to live!!

I've had to learn to love myself, and to give to myself just as I have loved and given to others. This is a big lesson.  And, I've traveled a good distance into this lesson.

What I've learned is to cultivate plans, and make each day a habit of being joyful.  I call it "everyday excellence".  I am learning to do this daily, so that the morning, the early afternoon, the late afternoon and the evening all have some special aspect.  A new focus. 

Recently, much of my focus was work based: connecting congestive heart failure with acute kidney failure. Now, its becoming personal, and my focus is on me, my health, my short term v. long term goals. Of all of my goals, learning to live and find harmony in the now is such a great journey!

 Kathi, thank you so much for sharing here!!!

Such wonderful food for thought!

 My heart values these meetings very much, and I'm so glad you're here. I'm still on vacation, and so looking forward to sharing with you and anyone else who would enjoy(: Will return this week(:d885871c3ee45ff22b235ac128d1b99f--rum-quotes-rumi-poetry.jpg






What brings my joy on? 

(1) feeling blessed. 

I am joyful knowing I am peaceful about life. While most circumstances really are filled with blatant miracles!!! ... Some are a little more hidden, and the joy in that is I know I am not circumstances... I am a joy that emanates from my spirit. I love living from there. 


What allows me to be really  open to life... and the joy it brings...?


will return soon(:



Have I noticed any patterns in 'opening the door' to how you have been  receiving life's gifts?

What has my beautiful spirit been sharing with me? 

What beautiful ideas have assisted me you in paving my way?

Anything feel new or mainly a natural progression of the energy you have been allowing for awhile? 


I am leaning into celebrating life tonight!

I am uplifted by the goodness of others.  There are so many good people, and it seems like the harder the situation, it seems to draw out our true goodness.

I am praying for Florida, and for all the people whose lives have been touched by hurricane Irma, and hurricane Harvey. 

Glad that there is so much goodness in so many people.  

What a gift we are to one another.

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