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★★Clearing and Simplyfying

Clearing and Simplyfying



love this and my 40 drawers lol ! cab0c94a11924cc1de3f7d2a464381a3--minimalism-doodles.jpg


In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post:


I love this so much ,thank you Self Care


Truly glad, & it made my heart smile (: Glad we are smiling about joyfully  clearing & simplifying. Great thread. Thank you!!!

I like this too:

From Jennifer Louden's book The Life Organizer for Women:

Feelings change as fast as your thoughts. Declarations, however create an anchor to return and hold on to. 

  • What will truly satisfy you when it comes to living from your heart first?
  • What fruits of the heart do I hope to see manifest from my current choices and practices?


 great free pdf

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thank you both so much for posting on this thread .I know I am not alone in needing encouragement with this and can't think of a better place than here to ask for it

With bmindfuls help I am creating a home that is a special space and a sanctuary for the mind ,body and spirit

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Clearing can also be a bit like going through a treasure chest

I wasn't sure where to place this thought because it came from Simple Abundance though it fit here too(:

Here goes I like it:

"The most important thing about decoration," Diana Phipps reassures us, is "the fun of it. The fun of discovering a broken-down nothing and turning into something... Best is to just charge ahead with confidence, enjoyment and a sharp pair of scissors for cutting corners."


I like this because I am  doing house-play today ... (my attempt at joy in house work)(:



I have given away things others can use... Now I'm enjoying what it is I have that I haven't noticed in awhile(:

In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post:


I love your post Self care especially "house play " in conjours up a little girl playing with her dolls house - maybe that is what our inner child needs

don't forget a tea break


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In response to flowergirl's post:laughing

I can't forget to take tea breaks lol

I am really enjoying this thread and everyone posting!!!



I respect,admire how I live with my heart and spirit; I engage with love and I Am.




Utilizing this thread as I continue with my projects this week!

thank you again!


Thank you sharing, just wonderful inspiration!!!!

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In response to flowergirl's post: nice one!

Affirmations for my clearing project. Got a good amount done this last eve! 

Things moving along for you? 

Affirmations /Self Talk for accomplishments

Just like I said, it is all coming together!

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