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★★The Gift Of Time -A Series -Very First Edition

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I have started this thread after a chat with a wonderful bmindful friend.

Please share any thoughts ,suggestions ,pictures about using /not wasting and being grateful for time.

I really want to motivate myself to use my time better


love and peace  


"Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce

 Thank you so much for this awesome brand new series, flowergirl.

I am looking forward to responding from my heart ...to best take me where I enjoy being... and of course hoping have shared something that gives to someone somewhere at some time(:

The Gift Of Time

What a perfect title!!! For myself,  focusing less on time, and more on myself...was key.







Years ago, on this site ... when we'd be discussing what we wanted -it was all about my being closer to my spirit... While I desired to propel myself into action which would assist my good life, I didn't want to become a human-doing. 

I was on soul mission (if you will) to know more of what I love, why it pleases me and to build a life around things which really matter to me.


So loving myself continued to be important, so I could live the answer-What would someone who loved themselves do? I knew I did love me, though I wouldn't believe it anymore if I didn't care for me lovingly.

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And as time has gone by... I have focused (with it seems much repetition -lol) on what I love, and that has brought me  in close proximity of my spirit (more & more regularly)

Though... it is a journey, a delightful journey, one I choose not to complete(:

 Like you flowergirl, I enjoy being a free spirit(:

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I have a vacation beginning tomorrow, and I am so excited about it! People who know about it all are wondering where I am going, and I shared it wasn't really about that. So it was then  assumed it was a stay-cation...

It isn't necessarily going to be that either lol.

It is the enjoying of blocks of time unscheduled to flow into the routines that I prosper the most from. It is also about celebration. Life to me is about celebration... celebrating what truly matters to my soul, and not pointing out to me what isn't working... though creating a life around what 'feels right' . 

I am so glad you created a series out of this, because this is an area I want to explore like my life depended on it... though playfully and with ease... lol

Once again thank you thank thank you! 

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One huge thing for me are affirmations and quotes which resonate. This is so not a time waster for me. It is adding to my spirit in the most delightful ways. When my spirit finds peace and fulfillment life tags along (:


and speaking of time, I always love to include in my spirit something I am looking forward to.

Love, selfcare 




Oh just glorious, the gift of time from the present to cherished moments of the past how awesome to reflect on this amazing gift!!!!






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In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post:

thank you so much for sharing Self Care and for your lovely pictures

In response to Nancee1953's post:


I love your pictures Nancee and thank you for sharing here

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