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Temporary-thread/Sticky Notes (Red Tacks & More Highlighting -Many To Be Shown Here)

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 laughingthread currently being created/may view of course while it is being created(: 



Sharing, Loving the beauty of our community would take more than a thread. Though I will have fun trying(:


Bmindful Mission Statement FOR YOU:

Bmindful is a wonderful platform of expression, education, enlightenment and encouragement conducive to being totally Free to express and share all the love inside of all of us- especially You and Me 

Awesome Mission Statement written by Nancee53laughing



 Related image


What kinds of threads get highlighted?  Here at Bmindful we are a community which puts love first(: So 1 type of thread you will see highlighted is called: Bmindful- Family Focus

The Current threads now highlighted for your easy accessibility have been created in this category are for  Poppy and Flowergirl & Family.

You may enjoy stopping by these threads whether  you're familiar with these members or not. Beautiful feelings...  being & sending your loving energy ...  stuffmomnevertoldyou-86-2014-04-love-button-600x350.jpg







~ post 1 of 4-  Bmindful Mission Statement & Table of Contents for this thread








pinned thread


pinned thread 



pinned thread


 pinned thread

 Healing Thoughts


 Poppy and Flowergirl (both joined in 2009)  long time members who have added amazing things to this site! Thank you both!

~  post 2 of 4 Bmindful Lil' Fact You May Bmindful Lil'Fact You May Enjoy


~ post 3 of 4 Current Bmindful Series-Threads


 ~post 4 of 4 Happiness Mtg- Threads



Sticky Notes Post 1 (Red Tacks) thread in midst of creation(:


2017 Current Bmindful-Family Community Focus

 If you are looking for some of the threads that were tacked to the top-pinned thread

Some are here now, and eventually will be lessened by  listing them on this page .

Bmindful has a  wonderful activity bar to see recent posts. Be at ease to fill it with  inspired-posting - if you choose(:


The Highlighted Section (sometimes referred to as sticky notes/red tacks)  need a lil' Bmindful-home too when they begin to joyously multiply;  hence this Highlight Thread.









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Bmindful rocks!

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Did you know Bmindful got its start with people who just trusted they were in the right place at the right time with the right people every time?
Each time they landed on the site…something worked for them and others…


Quick Forum Tips

Your Own Bmindful Start Page

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Bmindful rocks!

 Sticky Notes Post 3 of 10 (Red Tacks)

This next post houses Bmindful Series-Threads

More on what a series is and its criteria soon.

Currently we have 2 members creating magnificent Series-threads for Bmindful. Eventually all of the series threads will have 1 area. For purposes of this post -only current ones listed.


pinned thread



Gifts of Love/SoulFood #13 of this series 

Nancee53 [current SoulFood thread-Series]

pinned threadThe Journey Ahead/YoUniversal-Paradise of Abundance  iZUHM THA iNFiNiTE i

iZ [current thread-Series YUPA series] 


A list of the threads from 2017 both series coming soonpinned thread

Nancee & iZ Wonderful Series AwardsImage result for thank you pic

Eventually every thread from the Series both Nancee and iZ created will be found by clicking on this link 2017 Series Threads & more by both Nancee and iZ




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 Sticky Notes Post 4 of(Red Tacks)


 pinned threadTransformed By Love-Happiness Meeting Kathi 2017 [current Happiness Meeting] 






pinned thread

Happiness Meetings happiness-meeting-sample2.jpg (1920×1280)

  • ~
    Happiness Thread Meetings (every 2 weeks, generally opens on a Wed)—

Your Official Invitation

o note to those who are new to Happiness thread-mtgs: Bmindful has been creating Happiness Meetings for more than a year, and the joy and growth for all who participate as they choose, have been priceless!

o Being a meeting- and not a typical thread… be sure and take notice, that edits and additions are often typical… to accommodate interaction and ones shift in experience.
o This is not saying that once we share we omit… after someone has responded…
o Please leave a thought expressing when you shift gears, if someone has responded to you. The goal is to create a real-time chat on a thread and be with what you are writing… (for yourself...and to remember others do read) (:  We share experience, what is happening in the moment, and allow support for ourselves and one another

- – - ★ ✉ Our Happiness Thread mtgs are created brand new twice a month . Any questions about these discussions and/or how to get involved with chairing a mtg. Participation and chairing both easy(: Participation -just show up because you’re already welcome!


Thank you Kathi for the wonderful meetings you've created and contributed toward!

And of course Poppy , your many meetings and contributions never go unnoticed!


Some Threads & Meetings  in process of being highlighted here(:


threads created by:

 KathiKathi in process:

Forgiveness: Living Well Kathi 2017


threads created by:

Poppy Poppy in process:

Classics by Poppy:

 Poetry Corner

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)

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 Sticky Notes Post 5 of 10 (Red Tacks)


Another member who has contributed to the energy of Bmindful being on a joyous roll is Monkey!images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ8Y6nT1rIf4Nq-pujh9cHh8e8f6uHSpXGMcFoAZUFeHPUt6-rylTjw3PY3Sparkle_01_1.jpg

The following current threads are being highlighted.in process-from daily gratitude/intentions/comedy/music/thoughts on living from THE VORTEX!

Most of these threads are all current, though had to include a couple from earlier times(:

and very recent thread Thoughts From The Vortex Monkey/2017





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Bmindful rocks!

Sticky Notes Post 6 of 10

And what a wonderful sense of humor and sensitivity we receive from another long time valued member -Stillness...Stillness

Pics of Animals and Pets Chillin 2017

Stillness has been creating threads unique to whatever his heart desires & has opened the community up to much of the same (no matter what was around here-he has been a consistent 'just be yourself-energy!)  Thank you Stillness

Quotes or Points To Ponder 2012 laughing“Well Leslie,sometimes the road less traveled,is less traveled for a reason” Jerry Seinfeld

to be continued


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Sticky Notes Post 7 of 10

And of course there are so many more sharing around here in 2017

A relatively brand new member Daiszy

As she joined with her awesome self, she started creating like she had been with us forever! And now I'm knowing its just a sign of someone whose loving energy just matched perfectly ... as the being love: gift and the giver! Gift-giving.jpg


more coming


How about returning members creating their first threads  with us? Pretty awesome -ya think? (:welcome-back-desibucket-com-welcome-back-clip-art-1792_909.png

 Revisiting Guiltless Rituals seedubyu

and while mostly focusing on 2017... going to go way back to 2016 lol...

and add a long time member whit (from 2008) and the thread What Is God? 


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Bmindful rocks!

Sticky Notes Post 8 of 10

Another long time and not forgotten member who has been contributing in recent times is SmartRoutinesWithEnthusiam aka MadCookieMan aka Jeff. 



Due to a little glitch when we had some unique challenges on site  when we were without an active owner  (ie in between owners) ... Jeff kept on. Thank you Jeff, and we are so glad you are back.welcome-back-desibucket-com-welcome-back-clip-art-1792_909.png

Things you may not not about this member.  Jeff joined Bmindful in 2008, and has been consistent in adding variety and beautiful contribution, and yes structure... within the forum which  was known to operate quite well with its own beautiful energy...

His creative self began implementing Music Threads, Humor, Affirmation, Self Talk, Personal Stories which inspired and assisted others...

Well... name a topic & Jeff posted(: Self Development/Self Help,Health, Finance, Philosophy,  Poetry, Great Books, and more . And what also permeates most of us about Jeff is his love for music and opening the community to further enjoyment of it!

1 of my favorite things about Jeff is how he criticizes himself. Its a little like the person who goes in for the interview and the interviewer asks ...What is your weakest area? And the perspective employee says... I'm not sure where to start... Sometimes I get really enthusiastic and create things that make everything better than the way they were before. And sometimes I start doing things that were never asked of me to help someone else and then others stop what they are doing and want to incorporate more kindness, creativity and joy about living  in all of  their activities. 

Jeff showed many of us how to use this site...how to find and post music, and pictures...His threads (way before our current easy to use features were filled with articles, pics and music....and organized to be a wonderful tool.

 Speaking of that Jeff created this April 2009  Jeff's Powertools For Personal Growth 

He introduced the idea of PowerTools ...which inspired us to create a page of our favorites which helped ourselves...in the hope of helping those who passed by. You succeeded...

Well that's Jeff, and has been that way since he started in 2008. Many of the kinds of things Jeff has wanted for himself have come to fruition and he often is creating elsewhere... and making things happen in his world ... (that btw is a side effect of Bmindful... though it does take willingness and focus...) Anyway, glad you are continuing on with us, and visit when you do. And what you precede or conclude 1 of your posts with excuse my rants... I know its a contribution we're going to want to read, reread and save ... because sharing pearls are his forte' 



to be continued ...




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Bmindful rocks!

Sticky Notes Post 9 of 10Image result for hydrangeas windows 7


this will take awhile lol (:

We have a long list of awesome here(:


there is Nancee 





Gratitude 3rd Edition/Soul Food




"then came iZ" doorway.jpg

a long list of threads& thread-series  will be posted  contributed by both of these awesome members too here







MUCH more coming soon

thread in progress/feel free to view.

Please no posting yet. This will serve as part of a table of contents for Bmindful904100xomxxjh0gc.gif

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Bmindful rocks!

Sticky Notes Post 10 of 10

Yeah, I know I haven't mentioned any of my threads lol.

What some may not know is I have been with this community since its beginnings (2005), when it was geared to affirmations, then in 2007 moved here when the forum became the focus.

My alias is or should I say are laughing 

... AlwaysWonderfulPossibilitiesAlwaysWonderfulPossibilities, Self Caregoing w/self-care flow,SelfCare/AppreciationView˚ 

I knew Bmindful Community was the right place from the start. And while my threads were always many and felt something wonderful everything I share from the heart.. we did have other very active participants around here. ...When active members go against the grain of community... we not only lose them, though often all of their wonderful contributions go with them. This hasn't happened a lot.... Though it did, and it made it look like I was the only one contributing.tongue-outI am over the top for what has happened around here again, and the comfort to post, share and connect is back to stay. Thank YOU all!

I hesitate to say better than ever... Because that would be like measuring real love, joy, and the worth of contributions. The ongoing good that most of us experience from this community has been the message loud and clear for years! I will close this little thank you to all with another  thank you.

Thanking that lil' icon representing

a wonderfully supportive owner  Bunique buniqueimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcTZv-yltED7b9orE0PPGvEeKsB7zyQtHkn_Q5SGt-9qOtJDUqtZt92A9vcL

 whose desire is to make sure this community remains the happy, joyous and free place it was initially Created to be(:





Momentum threads, Thought Provoking threads .... &  MUCH more coming soon

thread in progress/feel free to view.

Please no posting yet. This will serve as part of a table of contents for Bmindful

A joyous project in the works is a table of contents to include threads/articles from 2005 to present.

will link to  it in a moment


MUCH more coming soon

thread in progress/feel free to view.

Please no posting yet. This will serve as part of a table of contents for Bmindful904100xomxxjh0gc.gif

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Bmindful rocks!

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