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★Health Books/Magazines/Sites

What are you currently reading regarding health, and give a little review on the source and or the subject matter for our community.

I am reading a book on Breast Health by the author of Fit For Life

While Fit for Life was controversial, I did quite well on it back in the day.
It uses food combining theory.

I never fully read the breast health book
by the same guy Harvey Diamond who wrote Fit For Life, though felt compelled to do so. I’ll keep you informed. It was given to me, and I filed it away..

I will say, I saw some great reviews on youtube by some who’ve tried ideas from his original book. While I’m not a follower of all that was suggested early on, my gut said this one, will have some great ideas. I’ll let you know..

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Hi Laurie, I’ve been enjoying LIVESTRONG.COM which you put out there on another thread. Thanks again, Jan

I have been pointed in the direction of http://relfe.com/ Their concept as is stated on the website is:

Valuable natural health, mind, spirit, financial and other information unifying the whole, rather than just educating a part of the whole.

Anyone can find book and product reviews; recipes; discussions of world topics relating to environment, science, health, wealth, politics, peace, and happiness.

Another favorite website I have been referring to for some time now is http://www.mercola.com/

Dr. Mercola promotes natral health news. He posts information, and reviews it. I love finding his newsletter in my inbox!

Here’s a little story explaining the way of the town of Allopath: http://www.mercola.com/townofallopath/index2.htm

Mercola talks about health and wellness topics including food and medicines. He also touches current events which I really enjoy since I have no television

And lastly, I would like to name several books. Though here is one for now. Manifesto for a New Medicine – Your Guide to Healing Partnerships and the Wise Use of Alternative Therapies written by James S. Gordon, M.D.

Here is an article about him and his book: http://www.healthy.net/scr/interview.aspx?Id=225

All is aware and awake with Love’n‘Light for ALL!!!!!!

Ps. Thanks for this topic!


I forgot this one….. and it is fantastic. There you will find a series of short videos that continuously play.

They talk about the kind of stuff I have been thinking about since I was a kid.

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