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Senior lady from Denver. Have been into a metaphysical way of thinking since 1974 when I ‘accidently’ came across the SETH SPEAKS book in Denver’s Mile High Church of Religious Science. I also agree with and respect many Buddhist precepts…and I see mostly agreement with it and new thought. Am retired from teaching (was a school music teacher) plus taught other subjects later, too. Became a CNA and have worked in hospitals, nursing homes, and have done home care work. I’ve gone through a really rough period lately and I apologize to those friends who were so kind in your messages and I didn’t respond because I was rarely on. THANK YOU for your goodness. Life can really throw you some curves sometimes… but maybe its because we need to learn how to CATCH and understand those curve balls! :)

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Well hello everyone! :) The storm clouds will pass. Even though I will undoubtedly never hear from our ‘monitor’…and did lose that money… you know what? All will be well.’Just please everyone, do not lose your password…you will not get a response… but you know what…its ALL OK! :) The money that I so called “lost” was not. I GOT SUCH WONDERFUL messages from friends that were absolutely PRICELESS… I will probably reinvest (when I can)the money to be a ‘premium’ member… Just have to wait a bit til I can do this. It will happen! We always come to a fork in the road and its a CHOICE as to which way we will go mentally and spiritually… and I CHOOSE to move on. Granted, having a monitor that doesn’t pay attention or care is not ‘fair’ … but that is only one way of looking at it… The pride and ego’s way…and I don’t want to go and ‘stay there.’ NOPE!! I will look at this as a reminder that I need to work on my Abundance beliefs and attitudes! :) Plus it gives me an opportunity to test my “Let it Go” belief and just see how much I REALLY can lay claim to that belief! :) So…anyhoodles… Peace to all! Betty/Bluesand (formerly Imagine)

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Mr Brightside
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It was WONDERFUL to see you on the forum today,i hope you are feeling better,LOVE mara.

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Back again, Hopefully I am learning to simply live in the NOW… let go of, not worry about ‘yesterday’… and simply Let Tomorrow Unfold. I have come to truly be able to SEE how ‘accepting myself as I am, right now,’ is the most important thought we can harbor. Always striving for some ‘idealized version’ of oneself is, I believe and in my opinion, one of the worst things we can do to ourselves. As much as we talk about and try to convince ourselves that we know that ‘now’ is all there is…we still tend to fend off the REAL truth of it. Anyway, its true of me… A friend, who is another senior, and I were talking yesterday and he brought up something that is so true: He said…”we become harder on ourselves because of our age and think that we should be all wise, all learned, chock full of wisdom by now…rather than act like we just got out “Learners permit” …” And this, to me, is so true. By now I ‘should not be making any more dumb mistakes…or…do any wrong thinking’ …well, folks, NOT true… we remain in the Classroom and even though we reap the joy and benefits of when we bask in that Source Connection … it doesn’t mean that we have suddenly become ‘bad or failures’ for totally g’g up again (not I used a G :) ) ha! Well, enough for now.

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hi morning !

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Most Benevolent Outcome
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A Wonderful New Year to you!!!

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