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Hello…My name is Rosey..I have 2 beautiful children…a daughter that is grown and a son that will turn 18 on 07/01…I’m not sure if I am currently in a relationship with my boyfriend at this moment…he refuses to speak to me over a stupid argument…I have been unemployed for over 6 months…I am waiting for a response from an interview I had last week…praying that I have received the position…My son is in a difficult situation that I know is dissolved now…I try to stay positive and having this site that I can talk to people like me will help me even more…

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Hi Rosey, Welcome to bmindful and thanks for the message on my profile.

Affirmations work well when they are specific to your situation, the more specific and personal the better. (Read more about forming affirmations in this thread

It looks like you’ve already found some existing and added some excellent new affirmations, so that’s great news! You’ve already got some lots of affirmations about love and your job, my only suggestions might be to check out some gratitude affirmations to help you realize that although things are hard now, there’s still so much to be thankful for.

Aside than that, talking might help. If you’d like to share your story on the forums, it might take a load off your chest and you’ll find some supportive and friendly folks that will likely have far better advice than I can offer :)

Best of luck with everything, and again, welcome to bmindful :)

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Rosey, I’ve been in this world a long time, and time has a way of solving every problem. I know you have a load now but it doesn’t seem like you are taking time to nuture yourself. Rosey you need a big hug because from what I can see, you seem like a beautiful person who doesn’t see how strong she is.

There nothing you can’t do if you believe in yourself. Love and take care of yourself and everything else will fall in line.

Don’t let anyone but you in a box without a mirror. Keep saying “I am woman, I’m invencible.” Helen Ready knew that so now its time for you to know it. When times come around, remember it will not last for ever.

If you have a man in your life who can’t support you in your times of need, move on baby because if you don’t he will make your life hell because he thinks he is your world and can’t do without him, but we both know that is not true, don’t we?

Sweetie, I raised 5 children most on my on and I know that if you just flow with it, it will get better. If you don’t get that job,it wasn’t for you to get, so get out and let world know who and what you can do.

Repeat after me, “I am Rosey, look out world here I come. I am a star and there are people out who are looking for what I have offer, and they are willing to pay me well.

Know that I send my love and I wish the best for you. You’d be surprise how many people in the world want to help you. See them in your mind and you will see them appear in your life. But when they come, hold your head up high and do your very best because there is a job out there with your name on it, a job that no one else but you can fill.

Take good care of yourself for yourself and know I send you energy, take it and use it until you are able to say, “I have my own personal energy, and though I may need help from time to time, it is me who makes things happen in my world.

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