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The following might answer some questions you may have about bmindful. If your question is related to affirmations and their usage, be sure to check out the articles page in particular this article on creating effective affirmations. If your question is not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact me via the feedback form. This goes straight to my personal email. I personally respond to every email, but it sometimes takes me a little while.

Why are some users bold and underlined in red?

If a user is bold, this means they have upgraded their membership and become a premium member. You too can upgrade your account, and get access to the contributor-only features such as affirmation mp3s. Upgrade your account now.

Why can’t I edit an affirmation?

The reason you are unable to edit affirmations is that after an affirmation has been added, other bmindful users are able to use it themselves. If an affirmation is edited, even slightly, it might change the meaning or effectiveness of that affirmation to the other users. For this reason editing of affirmations hasn’t been implemented.

I made a mistake on my affirmation, what should I do?

If you made a mistake when adding an affirmation, that is no problem! Add the affirmation again correctly, remove the incorrect affirmation from your list of affirmations then shoot me an email with the affirmation number. You can find the affirmations number by visiting the affirmations profile. It is displayed in the title just above the affirmation.

How do I find bmindful friends?

Clicking on any affirmation will show you a page that includes a section on the other people that are currently using that particular affirmation. Clicking on any username will show you that users profile that lists their currently selected affirmations. In this way you can find people of similar interest to be friends with.

Another way to find friends is to use the search in the top right of the site to locate people in your area. People aren’t usually too specific, but if you type in your state or country you may find some positive people that are near to you to befriend.

Why should I make friends with other bmindful users?

Making friends with like-minded bmindful users shows support, and is a harmless way of showing some interest incase you ever want to get in touch with each other. You can comment on users profiles without adding them to your friends list, but if you do comment, it is a nice gesture. On top of this, you can restrict access to your profile to friends only. If your profile has this restriction then making friends is the only way to allow others to access your profile page.

One more reason to make bmindful friends is publicity, especially if you are trying to spread a message or attract visitors to your own web site. The more friends you have the more clicks your profile is likely to get, the more likely you will be on the ‘popular users’ list, which will in turn bring more visitors. Of course, a friend request is one sure fire way of getting a particular persons eyes on your profile. Please note that this isn’t encouraging spam, but it is encouraging positive people sharing positive messages!

How do I add affirmations to my list?

You add affirmations to your list by clicking the ‘Add To My Affirmations’ button on the affirmations profile page, or by clicking the green plus ( ) sign next to the affirmation. You remove the affirmation by clicking the ‘Remove From My Affirmations’ button on the affirmations profile page, or by clicking the red minus sign ( - ) next to the affirmation.

Why was my affirmation deleted?

To try and keep the content on bmindful relevant and high quality, I remove all improperly formed affirmations that I come across. If possible I reform the affirmation for you, but often times it just gets deleted. If this happens I usually leave you a note in your profile telling you what I have done and why. The affirmations I remove are usually quotes rather than affirmations.

What tags / categories should I use?

The best tags / categories to use are those that will best help people find the affirmation you are adding. You don’t need to add many tags, but if you are adding more than one, please ensure that they are all relevant.

How can I customize my profile?

The blurb section of your profile is formatted using Markdown. To customize your profile, head over to the official Markdown Syntax Guide and have a play!

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