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★What Do You Visualise

I have just been talking with a very inspiring friend on here about our visualisations and she suggested a thread .

My simplest one for times when I feel like mentally escaping or switching off are to picture myself on a lovely fluffy cloud .There is a rainbow above it and as I lie there looking at it my thoughts just slow right down .

Another one is to picture a tree in autumn with the beautiful coloured leaves drifting down to the ground .

My daughter visualises a bubble around herself where she can retreat to

My friend pictures herself in a box .

I have lots more to add that are longer .

Would anyone like to share any of your visualisations

great thread(:

  • love your fluffy cloud rainbow & slowing down thoughts as you watch them…I will try that one also

  • This 1 is my favorites …I visualize myself being myself with all the love and authority I can conjure ….assisting the part of me that isn’t in the mood to do something I need to do. I hear myself…and can feel the love and compassion. That larger bigger than life version of me…walks me through the process with everything I lovingly have learned to do…to make something creative, more than palatable… motivating and on target.

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In response to SelfcareEnthusiast’s post:
Oh I love this Selfcare ,thank you so much

This just arrived in my emails and seems perfect to share here

“I utilize the treasures within me—joy, peace, love, and wisdom—and I find only good before me.

As I choose to change my thinking, my whole life changes for the better.

I live in the paradise of my own creation”
Louise Hay

I picture myself in a large atrium with a large swimming pool. At the back of the room is a hot house where tropical fruits are growing. All around the room is a balcony where people can enjoy the view of the pool and fruit trees. Also, there is a two story waterfall with a slide. I love visualizing this scene. I feel so peaceful. Kathy

I often wonder if anyone visualises the same as myself, I have yet to come across anyone that does?

I dont visualise a place, as such. More of a feeling – Its hard to explain – I suppose the closest I can get to an explanation is perhaps what a baby may feel inside their mothers womb.

A place of protection, warmth, love and abundance – but never a place, never any colours, never any faces, names etc… Just a feeling?

Does anyone else experience this?

Love The Law Of Attraction

LOASecret I think what you are feeling is someone sending you loving energy that you recieve because you are open to it .

I get something similar when I’m not expecting it ,it feels like being enveloped in pure love , my Mum passed 4 years ago and it feels like it is her love surrounding me .It isn’t physical ,but is like air that is unconditional love and energy ,a beautiful feeling
love flowergirl

I visualize myself as a girl, a child of the Universe surrounded by a glow of wonderful yellow light being bathed in the warmth of love with a shower of Blessings pouring down on me scented with the sweet smell of grace.

aw Nancee that is beautiful ,thanks for sharing it

this is an awesome thread, love to see this thread grow(:

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What do I visualize… my visualizations are felt first…(maybe its that way for others too) I start with connecting with my solar plexus, and feel if my emotions are feeling free or blocked… I then go to my heart place, and see my heart in my minds eye, as me… I then feel love enveloping my being…I then see/feel life as a sparkling universe…. literally(:

I Am living a Divine plan


Emotions, Sensations ,
& Feelings

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