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★-How Do You Reward Yourself?

I came across an affirmation I liked:

  • I reward myself regularly with moments of undisciplined freedom and spontaneity.

This can be very stimulating for those (of us) who are desiring to be more creative with busy schedules

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For me, I am always at play. I find it difficult to put my finger on something that I long to do when I’ve finished working. My line of work, healing, is so fulfilling that I’m at my creative best when I’m interacting with someone’s energy field, playing with the energy, attempting to bring balance and harmony to my client.

What I would do if time and money were limitless would be to travel the world to study different cultures.

  • I am happiest when I play with energy

When I am with a client who is suffering, I love being able to find a creative way to bring harmony to their energetic field. It brings tremendous personal satisfaction.

  • I often think outside the box when it comes to healing

Each Day Is A New Gift From God!

Bruce you are one special man and your clients are lucky to have you in their lives ,love flowergirl

I love to make quilts so in my free time you can find me working on a quilt top….

the work is the reward :)

I’m crafty creative , I enjoy learning new things, often taking a class , such as knitting for example. I dabble in genealogy , LOVE SCRAPBOOKING , enjoy reading, crossword puzzles and such. I work on my home , painting , re decorating etc. I love the outdoors and enjoy walking , swimming and would like to ride my bike more than I do. I often walk around the property and look at or work in the yard and flower beds. I am always up for a spontaneous game of driveway basket ball or back yard volley ball. I will sit and talk and have a beer or two with a friend. Indulge in some t.v. or movie :) Let loose with some music. And am always looking for a challenge when it comes to chess, parcheesi or manacala. I enjoy cards also especially euchre.

One reward I leave work with at the end of the day is knowing I did my best , worked hard and if it doesn’t matter to anyone else but me , working hard makes me feel good.

I always make time for prayer and remember to be thankful.

Most of all I love the reward of my husband and daughter as we talk about our day and share and come together , leaving it all behind us for a few hours and just be.


loved rereading this thread!

will love to return!

Emotions, Sensations ,
& Feelings

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