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Affirmation Profile: Positive Affirmation #1540

“I love being alive.”

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I love reaching for the ecstasy of the very love of being alive. Whenever I think these simple words, “I love being alive.” and I think about all the wonderful things simply being alive means to me, I feel lifted up into another dimension. It is the very dimension of ‘sacred space,’ and I have learned that through using powerful positive thoughts, words, images and contemplations I can instantly access this wonderful dimension of ‘sacred space’ where ever I may be. Which just makes it even more wonderful to be alive! A high like this is called a ‘peak experience.’ These ‘peak expereinces’ protect my health, reduce stress, improve my memory, regenerate my sense of self, and can and do even save my life! I wouldn’t give them up for anything in the world! God bless My affirmation process, and God bless Me! And may the Infinite Holy ONE bless Your affirmation process and whatever you consider to be divine bless You also!

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