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I am a mother of a two year old daughter and married to a wonderful man.I am new to this so anyone who has knowledge of applying affirmations, please share.

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Hi, I used some of your affirmations. I like them and they are inspiring.It is great.

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Hello! I lived in Memphis for 22 years a lifetime ago. I recall that spring was gorgeous, all green and blooming. I now live in Wisconsin and am still needing a jacket outside! We took a walk today though and saw many little buds and sprouts popping out. YEAH! I enjoyed reading your affirmations and feel that while you may be “new” to this you’re certainly “getting” it. I think it helps to go over them at least once a day changing and adding as your heart tells you. If you are earnest you will have better and better results. Bmindful helps. Welcome, Jan

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