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My name is Joseph and I am currently working on getting a few things like financial security. I am into dreams and hope to learn more and study the works of Carl G. Jung as i major in psychology. I interpret dreams with some success and I luv it, i get a kick out of it everytime a piece “falls into place”.

I’m big time into the Law of Attraction and I hope to use affirmations to get me in the mindset to master this law. I’ve read The Secret, seen suff about Abraham-Hicks and hope to attend one of their cruises soon :) I’ve read “Man and His Symbols” by Carl Jung. Other books I have read are ones from Robert Moss “Conscious Dreaming” William Bulhman “Journy beyond the body” Robert Monreo “Journy out of the body” and his other books, Stephan Labergs “Lucid Dreaming”, “The Abundance book” by whats his name and fictional stuffs :P

And I founded and lead a group of 15 people on dream interpretation for 6 months. 1 year techniqually but i moved after the six months to another city and people weren’t so interested there.

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DreamWalker has not selected any affirmations yet!

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Welcome aboard!

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Intersting that you’ve led groups on dreams. Love to hear more.

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