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MY PROFESSOR IS HAVING US BE ON THIS WEBSITE SO HERE I AM!!!!! right now i am in school to be a medical assistant and after that i will be studying to be a medical examiner….!!! whoo… i have lived in 4 places in the last year and im starting to notice things about me that are not so positive, so when my professor showed us this website i figured id check it out and im thinking it might help a little bit.

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hi sfranks, its great that you’re here and nice to meet you. in answer to your question about affirmations; they are simply a POSITIVE statement ( and hopefully a BELIEVEABLE one for you ) that you repeat to yourself(or out loud if you’re able to)NUMEROUS times throughout your day.

Like, for myself, I’ve got alot of negativity in my personal life with my wife, so I keep repeating this affirmation (usually to myself ):

“I love and accept my wife for the beautiful, uniquely wonderful and loving woman that she is.”

This keeps me FOCUSED on the good things about her that I first fell in love with, INSTEAD of all her “faults” of which we ALL have many.

If I wanted to focus on improving my business and profits, I might say something like, “I am open to all the possibilities that may come my way to increase my income and help me become financially secure”.

if you click on the link at the top menu tray, entitled AFFIRMATIONS,(under and to the right of the “bmindful” lettering ) you should be able to see some affirmations that some of us are using.

hope this has helped and feel free to ask me or anyone else here, any questions you might have about this site or in general. Enjoy your day!

P/S…You might want to thank your professor…. you’re in a very good place at the right time… I’ve got 52 yrs. of negative “programming” to overcome and delete.

I asume your in your 20s or a bit younger? Stick with it and you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll get in your life.

You also might want to pick up a copy of Napolean Hills, “Think and Grow Rich” and Dale Carneige’s ” How To Win Friends And Influence People”. Both are well over million seller classics.

I can direct you to a free downloaded copy of Think and Grow Rich. Let me know if you’d like that.

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Hi sfranks, good to know you and have you as a friend. I am Philip.

This my answer to your question. Affirmation is a positive sentence you formulated and repeat to yourself many times a day for days and more. Affirmation is a necessary tool to the demonstration of health, wealth, happiness, love, peace of mind, self-confidence. Affirmation is used to accomplish everything that makes life a joyful experience. When you do affirmation you are consciously and deliberately controlling your thought processes. The one fact is everything that is existing starts with thought before becoming a material object. Another fact is what you hold in thought can have transforming effect on what you see in your outward experience. That is to say, you can if you want to, change completely an experience that is fully established and on-going to something new and different. Take for example: a sick person might say somewhat like this ‘I am perfectly healthy in body, mind and spirit.’ Regardless of what appears to be going to the contrary in the sick person’s health condition presently, a perfect state of health shall manifest in his body, mind and spirit as he diligently continues this affirmation with understanding. On one hand, affirmation is a good tool used to confront and overcome negativities set up in your life by your past activities. On the other, it is a powerful tool used to nurture and further great good in your life. You can use affirmation to achieve any level of success you might set your mind upon. You have before an open door to great opportunities and abundance which no man can shut. Have I not already said that your professor has blessed you beyond what you can imagine by introducing you to this wonderful bmindful community at this early stage of your life? I envy you. bmindful web site is one great affirmation resource site. Remain blessed.

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Hi Sfranks, you’re welcome and sorry its taken so long to respond. I think this site…no wait…I KNOW this site can and will be a tremendous sorce of value to you if you stick with it AND BELIEVE in it. Without faith or belief in something, then its almost a certainty that that something will never show up in your life. Best of life to you and keep the faith!

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