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Hi, I am 31 and I live in Florida. I am at an all time low right now and I know this is not my personality and it is not doing anyone else any good. So, I began to search for affirmations just to see if I could get some tips on starting to feel better. I came across this site. It is really amazing! I have a six year old little boy and I only want him to see the peaceful loving side of me. I work full time as a software programmer and recently signed up with a home party company that concentrates on intimacy and monogamy. Its all about opening communication within a marriage and helping to make the marriage more adventurous and romantic. Knowing that what my thoughts are and what I put out to the universe is what i get back, I want to get back to my old self. Happy, energetic, and peaceful. I know that I need to be all of this in order for my business to succeed. So thats a little about me. I hope to make some great friends on here and wish everyone a wonderful day!

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Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your affirmations. I even borrowed one from you. Hope your life turns into everything wonderful. Having a good attitude brings everything else into focus. Good Luck! Shauna

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