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Location:Alberta, Canada
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What took me so long to get here?

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sunshinesunnybaby is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Hey Sunshine,

Welcome to Bmindful, I have found it to be a great community of people!

If you ever need encouragement and positive energy, then just stop by and pick up some affirmations.


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Great affirmations! I’ve added you as a friend. Looking forward to hearing more about you.

Best of everything always(:

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Hi, I love your name :-)

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181 posts

And your avatar

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Great affirmations and lovely name - and yes, why DID it take you so long to find us!!! Welcome! I look forward to hearing your posts on the threads. Blessings, Anoushka

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Hello =)

Sharing the love, passion and power of affirmations, we invite you to get an early look at an application to be released later this month.

The application mixes positive affirmations into your favorite music, anytime, anywhere. Truly making affirmations a practice that is easy & fun to use everyday.

When released, our bmindful friends that have registered early will receive a free year subscription.

Check it out, if ya like what ya see, sign up early, it’s free


Live well!

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