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I’m a freelance web developer

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Sanat is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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well-done many thanxxxxxxxxxx

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I like your affirmations but I’d like to see more in your profile. It’s fun to compare profiles to affirmations.

I have a positive quotes and affirmations blog you might enjoy, check out more profile for more info on it. Here’s a recent post to my blog:

BELIEF SYSTEM: Beliefs, Believe Quites and Positive Affirmations

Reality is the state of things as they actually exist and you have the power to manipulate your reality by the way you thing. We hold that thoughts precede actions and action change things.

Based on this supposition you are the creator of your reality if you have the desire to be proactive.

You create the events of your life through the beliefs your mind creates. Choose your beliefs consciously and carefully aimed at the reality you are seeking. Don’t get bogged down by the work involved becasue if your joyfully seeking to change your reality then work isn’t a burden but a stepping stone to the new reality.

You have the power to change and choose your beliefs.

Positive Affirmations I am replacing my limiting beliefs and replacing them with beliefs that will change my reality. My reality is for my choosing. I control my destiny and can change my reality. I have the power to change my future I will change my future by the choices I make today. I am in control of myself.

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You have phenomenal affirmations! I can’t wait to hear more about you!(:

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