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I’ve been working hard to unload childhood baggage. I credit many people and positive tools for helping me on my journey, and credit myself, too, for seeking to grow and change and not stay a victim to my own destructive thought patterns. I continually seek out new sources for affirmations, new possibilities to give me the strength and encouragement to keep me focused on my goal: To have strong self-esteem and to love myself enough to work towards the future that I want and deserve.

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The cat whisperer Imagine
anewlife is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Hi Anewlife! You really have a great list of affirmations! I hope you are having a really good day! Namaste’ with love, Imagine / Betty

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I just want to say THANK YOU for the nice comments you left for me on my profile! I hope you have a good day/night. Take care! A week from this evening is Christmas Eve! Take care and toodeloo! Imagine / Betty

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