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Lee goddess Athena
raven_soul is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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lovely affirmations, I am new to this site, but not to affirmations, have recorded two sides of a 90 minute tape with them and play them to myself in my car and at home. Eventually it sinks in!!!!

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I love your affirmations..

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Thanks for your kind words on my profile :) I really appreciate your contributions to the bmindful community!

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I’m glad that my blurb could conjure positive feelings as well as ensure me that there are others who feel as i do! I love your user name as well. amor vincit omnia..

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Getting back in touch with my bmindful friends, have been away about a year. Due to moving house and losing my way spiritually. I intend now to stay connected to the people on this site as I find great comfort and friendship among like minded souls Angel Blessings

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