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angellove11 is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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angellove11 hasn't selected any affirmations yet!

angellove11 has not selected any affirmations yet!

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flowergirl Is Online Right Now! flowergirl
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hi angelove11 ,welcome and thanks for asking me to be your freind i can always listen and be here for you if you need a freind to talk to .

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Think we may be twins….we have a few things in common. It’s a good thing you’re here on Bmindful. Lots of love, support and good advice here.

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Hello Angel Love, Wishing you wonderful thoughts to create a better day every day. May this time in your life teach you great things enhance everything else that follows for the better.

I am not you, but like everyone I have experienced setbacks. And as much as I never look forward to them..I am grateful for the wisdom the setbacks provided for my life today. Have you ever used process affirmations? They work well for me. Much love is being sent to you. And a big caring hug(:

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