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Hi :-) I’m fairly free-spirited, mildly adventurous, always curious and eager to push my own personal boundaries…

Currently working in adult education but looking for something a bit more challenging. Not 100% sure what else I could be doing and that’s my mission this year: to figure that out and make the change.

Have been struggling with certain patterns and consciously looking for new, better ways of doing things so I can make a more positive contribution to all around me :-)

Love meeting and communicating with positive, open-minded, pro-active people and can see that this is a good place to do that. I’m from South Africa and lived in New Zealand for a year when I was a child. We moved back to SA but I’ve always felt drawn to that part of the world. Also lived in the UK for 7 years but decided to return to SA. Now living in Johannesburg…

Looking forward to a good year, meeting and communicating with interesting people and lots of positive experiences :-)

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inspired-selfcare♡˚ Lee Raylene
Renee is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Welcome :)

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Thanks :-)

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You’re welcome, Renee. Thanks for adding me as a friend…everything is going to be okay. Hugs.

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I’m glad you benefited from the boundaries-thread(: Hope to see you on the threads even more.

I’ve added you as a friend..Now we can keep in touch through our profile pages.. I will email you so you are able to email back(:

Much love..And Great everything you need and want(:


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