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Welcome to bMindful! I enjoyed reading your affirmations. They are awesome. I look forward to seeing you around the site. MM

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Hi MM,

Thank you for your comments-altho I did not author the gratitute affirmations I chose, I considered them a good way to begin my day, as I am challenged by some low-grade depression at the moment and needed to do something tangible to start turning it around. Thus, this morning my search led me to the bmindful website and I will be returning to it frequently! Since I’m not familiar with this site, how did you happen to see the affirmations I chose for myself? As you can probably tell, I don’t even know how to navigate around Facebook; I can barely keep up with traditional emails :) Tomgirl

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267 posts

Oooooh, girl~ I have been through the depression thing!! It is not pleasant… but I find that stepping out of your comfort zone is great therapy. Sometimes the best thing to really snap you out of it is to help someone else… like bring a cake to an elderly shut-in… or volunteer at a food bank. I am incredibly shy in person, so these things really push me. I’m hoping you all the best!! Take Care and hope to see you around soon!!

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Tomgirl!! I know You’ll be fine dear..

Ahhhhh depression! those crazy days I remember them! Good news: You’ll be way wiser when it’s over and you’ll enjoy life like you never did before :-D You’ll see.. It’s a matter of time.. I like youuuu.. Look at youuuu nowwww all dressed up and starting to take control over your life awww love ittt! yay you, right! Keep taking yourself seriously because you matter BIG TIME.

No one can help you but yourself. When you decide to change your life and truly believe that this is enough and you start serious steps regarding that then God will show you the way.

Read “The Secret” and watch the movie alreadyyy..

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Welcome back Tomgirl!

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Wow Great to see you again Tomgirl. Enjoy! ~~~~~~ Happy affirming and posting what you love! AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities (aka selfcare)

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In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities’s comment: Thanks so much for your support! The year I spent meditating and saying a gratitude prayer was the calmest, most peaceful, and living in the present that I’ve ever felt. I need to get back to that again! Life is good, but even positive changes can create anxiety in the form of self-pressure and expectations to excel!

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Loving that you are here to help create more of what you desire for yourself…

That is great that you know what you love to experience… That’s a plus!

Would love to stay in touch if you like… when you like.

selfcare (aka AWP)

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Seasons Greetings… Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! May this be a truly awesome 2019 for you, Tomgirl! {sent you a PM-personal message}(:

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2400 posts

Welcome back to Bmindful! I see you have been on Bmindful for many years. I am sadden that I don’t know you better. I am a self appointed greeter on Bmindful.

We are so glad you’re here!! If you have any questions/comments at all about posting or start in a thread, adding a friend, …please feel free to ask. Wishing you all the best with your positive affirmations. I hope today finds you closer to your goals and dreams.

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