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Location:Essexville, Michigan
Last Seen:on 30/12/2012
mindful Since:July 2009



Astrological Sign:Pisces

Date of Birth:March 20,1974


Hair:Dark brown(shoulder length)



Marital Status:Single

Music:80’s/90’s rock,country,soft rock(love songs)

Occupations:Clerical Office Volunteer at Hospice Advantage on Mondays and Fri days at 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.I volunteer at United Way of Bay County on Tues- days if they need me)

Weight:120 lbs.

Favorite flowers:Carnations,roses and tulips

Favorite radio stations:94.5,97.3,98.1 and 104.1

Favorite restaurants:Applebees,Big Boy,Fazoli’s,McDonalds,Ponderosa and Taco Bell

I like to:Cuddle,go boating,go for walks,go to the casino,go to the library, go shopping,listen to music,read books,rent movies from Netflix,spend time wi th my Chore Provider Kathryn on Wednesdays,spend time with my 2nd Chore Prov ider on Thursdays,spend time with my mom/friends/family,surf the internet/chat on yahoo,talk on the phone,watch tv.

I’m a good listener,caring,faithful,friendly,forgiving,don’t drink,have a beau tiful singing voice,have a great sense of humor,have my own place,honest,I lo ve horses and unicorns,keep my promises,loving,open-minded,no kids,no tattoos/ piercings,non-smoker,respectful,romantic,supportive and understanding.

I’m working on being a positive person and getting the negativity out of my life.I’m learning to not be so hard on myself.I’m learning to be a happy per son.

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flowergirl DoingRemarkablyWell˚ syzygy Lee
angelicspirit is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Hello Angelic Spirit~ Welcome to bMindful (a little late). I enjoyed reading your affirmations and am very confident that you are ready to bring all of these wonderful things into your life. Keep your positive energy up, your mind free of all the junk from the past, and focus on the good and your journey will be blessed! MM

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Hi Angelicspirit.

Reading your profile you remind me very much of a friend of mine in terms of age and interests and relationships. I hope you find your soulmate, I know my friend is still searching for hers.

Best wishes Sharon

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Welcome to bmindful! I’ve just added you as a friend! I hope you find the daily positive energy here, that all of us bmindfulers tap into. I am certain you will.

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I emailed you on this site(:

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Hi, I like your profile :-) Good to meet you here.

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hi ,i like your profile angelic spirit and love your first affirmation .I have health challenges and am determined to heal depression through a mix of healthy food,daily walks ,being positive and taking steps to live my life authentically ,im a peaceloving countrygirl hippy at heart and live in a rough town at the moment but as i grow stronger i will make positive changes .I would love to be your freind but havent worked out how you ask people yet .Take care of yourself

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