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I was born, raised and still reside in North Carolina (USA). I am a single parent of a 6 yr old little boy. Over the past year I have been making major changes in my life. I left a 3 and a half year relationship that was going nowhere. I was really distraught b/c all of my heart was in the relationship but “he” wasn’t. I felt betrayed and wanted to seek revenge, but after viewing a movie by Tyler Perry called “The Family That Preys” I left the theater realizing that I didn’t need to seek revenge or to get even…I would just get even better. Thus came my motivation to “do better & be better”! As I began removing other stressors (LOL I thing I made a new word) from my life I began filling my life with positive thoughts, people and things! So here I am still on my journey…

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Welcome, there are a lot of great people on bmindful. Read through some of the threads, lots of good stuff.

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I LOVE your avatar. And also your affirmations, will still a few :-) Love, Afi

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Thanks for the kind words,Jerusha_s. I hope all is going wonderful and do hope to see you on the threads real soon(: Sending my best, Laurie

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