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- -★★Let’s Play…Days of Ideas: The Innovation Game/YoUniversal-Paradise of Abundance

Let's Play...Days of Ideas, the Innovation Game!!

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I am a magnet for creative ideas.

This game iz pretty much the same as Days of Gratitude but instead of creating a list of things that you are grateful for you would be creating a list of ideas that come to your mind that hopefully you will act on the best ones and bring a lot of prosperity into your life and very possibly make life easier for many people on the planet.

This game was inspired by what was shared in the following video as well as my having already created Days of Gratitude & Eye See Abundance (I will share this latter one in the near future). 

 Creative ideas pour out from me!

Just look at the abundance of technology we have in the world today. All these started as people's ideas. Many being inspired by others and adding their own touch to the idea of another that today the whole world enjoys. Can you imagine who came up with the chair? Look at all the types of chairs we have today and enjoy making life more comfortable for us all. It all started with someone's imagination. 

Miracles become technology. Just take that in for a moment, be with that thought, and feel it. Isn't life great? Miracles happening around us all day long everyday throughout eternity. Will you allow a miracle to flow through you? 

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Ideas come to me easily and effortlessly

I have the ability to come up with great ideas and innovative concepts

We all have an imagination. Anyone of us can think of ideas that would help us personally but could very well be an idea that would bless many others if not the whole world. Everything around us began in the mind of a being. Everyone has the capability to dream so we all have the ability to come up with ideas. 

Not all the ideas we may come up with will be good ones but if we play this game everyday we are bound to come up with some pretty amazing ideas but it takes action to develop them. Just allow yourself to be inspired. When a great idea comes to you passion will drive you into action and the universe will conspire with you to make your invisible idea into a visible reality. 

Like the video I shared above points out that coming up with new ideas everyday adds up to a whole lot of ideas within a years time alone. In the video, it's suggested to shoot for up to 20 ideas a day. If one was to practice the suggested mental exercise for 1 hour a day just 5 days a week writing down ideas to improve their daily activities they would come up with 100 ideas a week also increasing your thought processes and expanding your mind which will also have your mind feeding you ideas at other times throughout your day.

While this iz a game with many benefits and it should always be fun, don't make it into a task as there are not very many rewards in beating ourselves up and forcing ourselves into doing something that I don't enjoy doing. We must also act on good ideas first putting them to the test and if they prove to be of value to us and others then we may want to develop the idea and share it with the world whether we choose to give away freely or make a well deserved profit from our developing it. 

Divine Intelligence gives me all the ideas I can use

Once we know within that we are not going to take action on the idea, we are making a decision to release it back into the Quantum Field of the YOUniverse. It may come to another person who will act upon it. I'm sure some of you had this experience yourselves, I know I have, where a great idea came to me and I didn't act on it and then I seen someone else develop the very same idea I had. They became very wealthy because of their taking action while I did not. This has happened to me more than a few times before I learned to start acting on my ideas.

I have many new ideas and am inspired to take action

Fresh, new creative ideas come to me daily, which I use!

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Another lesson I had to learn was keep my mouth shut until I developed a prototype and get a patent, trademark, or copyright. I don't suggest keeping a lid on it solely in regard to protecting your idea but in our blabbing about it to others we are releasing vital energy that we were putting into our idea that in one careless act of bravado that can happen within a few seconds will undo several weeks or months of work.

Let the fulfillment of the idea speak for itself. Don't let your ego take ownership of it because it will only kill the idea. 

Think it, Do it, Possess it!!!
I get things done, I do it now.
My ego is aligned with divine will

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Don't worry about how you will create the prototype, get the patent, or copyright. When you get to these stages in the development of your idea it will all come to you effortlessly if you allow it to. Worrying does the exact opposite of allowing it to unfold effortlessly. It's forming resistance. Just keep taking action and seeing your idea as already being fulfilled in your mind and the YOUniverse will move mountains for you in the form of synchronicity.

I stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey instead!
I let go of all worry about what I should or should not do, and simply let myself know what is righ for me to do moment by moment.
My entire day is flowing easily and smoothly, i am in total synchronicity.

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Just keep faithfully taking the steps you can take NOW. Don't worry about the future steps, only work on what you can NOW and enjoy the journey itself as it unfolds for you. All that we ever experience in receiving rewards are always received now, not after accomplishing the long term goal which there are more rewards to come when that time comes into your presence.

I am fully present in honor of this moment. I am deeply engaged in this adventure which I am living right now.

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Before I share how to play the game I want to encourage you to use the game, if you feel so impelled, to use it as a catalyst to forming a more productive habit for yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and you will see amazing things happen in your life. But if you feel the game still challenges you then by all means play it for as long as you feel it iz challenging and helping you to step out of your comfort zone. 

I expand my comfort zone by getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.
I am willing to step outside of my comfort zone to accomplish the goals I set for myself.
I love a good thrill, I thrive outside my comfort zone.
"I am willing to move out of my comfort zone and experience life in a new way."

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First thing in the morning soon after getting up preferably where you will not be bothered or distracted create a list of ideas that come to your mind that would make your activities that day easier for you. 

The number of ideas that you list match the day of the month. Today being the March 1st you would come up with just 1 idea. The purpose of the game iz not only to create ideas but to create a new habit which if you do this everyday for a month you will have certainly formed a new habit. Do it for 90 days and you will have created a new lifestyle. So use the days of the month to help you increase your momentum. Soon you will come up with ideas effortlessly and with great ease. 

Write down or type any ideas that come to mind. Some will be good and some will be terrible, it really doesn't matter as that iz not the objective of the game to create only good ideas. You are also actively forming new neurological pathways in your brain and expanding your mind and consciousness. You are also forming and building a stronger connection to the Quantum Field of the YOUniverse where all of our ideas come from. You are building a stronger connection to your Source. Just jot down all ideas that come to mind. 

Test those ideas that really seem like great ideas to you. Put them to work in your own life and take notes on the results you receive. 

Record any new ideas that will come to you later in the day as they WILL come to you when you least expect them the more you exercise your mind in the morning. It gets the juices flowing first thing and the rest of the day your mind will be moving with ease so expect it to happen. Use your voice memo on your phone, the notepad, keep a pen and paper always nearby, or whatever works for you but just keep something close by to quickly record the ideas. Don't rely on your memory to bring the idea back to you later.

So for example you can create a list that looks like this:

March 3, 2017
Days of Ideas

  1. Get a small notepad that will fit in my pocket with a leak proof pen.
  2. Set alarm on my phone with affirmations to remind me who I am being.

  3. Set aside 15 minutes in the afternoon for visualization meditation time to increase my                     momentum to manifesting my desires.

Well simply put how can you lose playing such a game? You win on several fronts. You are exercising your brain first thing in the morning which will your brain will reward all day long with sharper reflexes and continue to give you more ideas throughout your day unexpectedly. You will be creating new neurological pathways which will increase your intelligence and expand your consciousness tremendously. You may very well find many solutions to make your life a whole lot easier for you and you could very well spark the one idea that could revolutionize something for the world at large and make you very wealthy or at least make you an asset to the world that will forever be grateful for your sharing your wonderful contribution with all. Think Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein...these are people who had a similar practice of exercising their minds and were often thinking of new ideas. 

I am persistent, I persevere and I win!
The entire Universe Loves me, serves me, nurtures me, and wants me to win.
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I create ideas that are innovative, helpful, inspiring and valuable.

My outstanding ideas, energy, and passion are now creating new wealth for me and others around me.


There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.




This is exactly what I needed/desired right now! Thank you!

ENJOY Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke WANTED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU(:

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post:

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There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.


reminder to self -very inspiring thread!


Divine spark ignites the spiritual fire within me for creativity and learning.

ENJOY Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke WANTED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU(:

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