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- -★★Time For Spiritual Check Up|6thEdition-Soul Food Series

The condition of ones spiritual plays a significant part in your over all well being. Sounds rather strange doesn’t it? We are often concerned about getting regular physical check-ups, healthy diet and exercise, however we tend to neglect our spirit, the very essence of who we are.

The spiritual connection leads to an amazing path of self-awareness. You can discover your true purpose and mission on this amazing journey. Enabling you to connect with the divine Source, unlocking the door to strength, harmony, comfort, hope and inner peace. In the absence of distractions and sound, the very essence of who we are, our Soul can then speak to us.

In the state of peace you can tune into the frequency in which your inner voice can communicate with you. You are able to learn what makes you feel vibrant and filled with life. It is as if you are learning the very things you love. You can feel the warm energy flow of love, the comfort of reassurance fill your very being.

We have discussed numerous ways to cultivate your spiritual connection (Meditation, Gratitude, Communing with Nature along with Being Mindful). Think of it as if you are a beautiful plant that requires specific nutrients to grow and thrive.

In as much as our physical bodies require exposure to sunlight and hydration, our spirit must be lovingly nurtured as well to ensure optimum health, enhancing the connection of body, mind and spirit.

It is mandatory to nourish your spirit on a daily basis. Neglecting ones spiritual health can have devastating effects. The consequences can be far reaching from experiencing depression, resulting in your mental health being impacted. The manifestation can also take on a physical form resulting in illness or a form of dependency by choosing the wrong things to fill a spiritual void.

We often run to a doctor’s office or even an Emergency Room when physical conditions manifest such as pain, headaches, fainting, heart palpitations or breathing problems. There are similar indicators of our Spiritual Health that should be paid attention to. How you feel is a primary indicator. You should feel absolutely wonderful. It is alright to feel a bit fatigued when you have worked long hours on the job, experienced a stressful circumstance or work out at the gym. However it is not a good indicator to have “mood swings”, temper tantrums, lash out at others,
or isolate ones self.

What is your perception of yourself?

Do you value yourself and treat yourself with respect and dignity?

What is your passion?

Are you confused or uncertain regarding your purpose/mission in life?

Are your relationships enjoyable?

When you are in optimum spiritual health, you fully integrate your spiritual life into your total well being. There is a feeling of going with the flow, living in the present moment and overall contentment with your life’s circumstances.

You will free to be an agent of LOVE. It is Love from which we came and Love to which we will return. We are free to Love ourselves, to share Love with everyone unleashing that great gift unto the Universe. In doing so, you are energized, invigorated, rewarded and totally filled with the ultimate spirit of Gratitude.

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I look forward to your weekly series Nancee! Thank you for another awesome one!

reflecting on your beautiful questions(:

What is your perception of yourself?

Do you value yourself and treat yourself with respect and dignity?

What is your passion?

Are you confused or uncertain regarding your purpose/mission in life?

Are your relationships enjoyable? My relationships are most definitely enjoyable. From my hubby to most all connections….

from…individuals I meet with a passing smile/glance to those I get to share values, creative ideas, & experiences. I love bringing my heart with me wherever I go. I love not using the world as my competition. I compete w/me. I just continue to do my best to be a better version of myself…by learning from myself (wherever the info comes from)… and I allow my Higher Self (Spark of God)(to act as filter.



Much of all I'm involved with spiritually, physically, emotionally ... people, places and things can all be bettered after awesome rest. I love to do what I love to do. Though love can turn into not so much....love if I haven't paced myself... taken uninterrupted time for myself good nights sleep & magnificent power naps.


The applications of gratitude and blessing are virtually unlimited, can be used by anyone, require no waiting periods or large capital investments, transcend ideological differences, and are wonderfully contagious.

What is your perception of yourself?

I think I am just simply “Mahevulz Dahlink”. That is my Zsa Zsa Gabor impersonation. I love everything about Me. If I was a cartoon character, I would best be described as “Superman”. “I fight for truth, justice and the American way”. My integrity and convictions are paramount to me. I am respectful of others, kind, sensitive, compassionate, nurturing, forgiving, loving, creative, accepting and kinda quirky. I find joy in being of service to others, sharing a smile, kind word or anything to help uplift someone. In my book, I am just plain Fabulous.

In response to Nancee1953’s post: no wonder I like you so much(:

So very true!

This reminds of what Neville Goddard often said about nothing visible (physical) ever has a visible cause but actually everything visible has an invisible cause. That the effect, which iz the physical, has a spiritual (invisible) cause.

They have known that cancer iz a metabolic dis-ease, yet they try to treat it with physical remedies when it ultimately needs to be treated with spiritual holistic remedies getting to the root of the cause which creates the effect, the cancer.

There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.

Do you value yourself and treat yourself with respect and dignity?

Affirmative! I am my very best friend. I honor myself, all that I am. I bask in my quirkiness, all of the things that attribute to my uniqueness. I treat myself lovingly for it nurtures my spirit and sets me totally free. Free to share love, respect and generosity with others. My relationship with others is merely an extension of the relationship that I have with myself, which is utterly beautiful.








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