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★★Integrity and purpose!

Have you ever had a “to-do list”, and you just did not feel like doing your list??

Well, I definitely had a list, and it was really dragging me down. Like a ball and chain!!

Well, I will tell one on myself. I had a few unanswered questions regarding the renewal of my NP license. The longer it went unanswered, the heavier the burden was for me! It felt like an ape was on my back. So much incredible pressure… just bearing down on me. I had horrible fears and total dread about what they were going to make me do in order to renew. Nightmares about this!! Total resistance and total dread…

This morning I called, and finally got transferred to the correct person with whom I could direct my questions to, and VA-VA-VOOM! What a relief!! She reviewed my continuing educational units with me, and we discussed all of my questions regarding my renewal, and POOF! I was always in compliance, and there is no additional classes or training that in required in order for me to complete my renewal!

What a huge relief!! I was literally stopped, and it was so physically taxing.

The truth is, I let fear stop me. Then, I began to believe that things were going to be “hard”, “this is not going to work out” and, “this is impossible”. I was dreading making the phone call, to confirm my worst fears!!

I’m writing this, and I’m nearly giggling, at myself!

Why do I give so much power to my “worst case scenario” fears?? Why??? Why don’t I trust as easily as I allow fear to invade every nook and cranny??? And here is the whopper…. “WHATS WRONG WITH ME???”

This is great, because, I am not just asking myself questions. I am willing to change this dynamic. I am willing to release behaviors, and fears that definitely get in my way.

I am willing to own and restore confidence.

I am willing to take ownership of the space where I used to allow fear to run me.

Most importantly, when I restore my integrity, my joy is right there, and its as light as a feather!

Have you ever noticed how our integrity is constantly going out??

And, when our integrity is somewhat out, and we are aware of it, we really come up with the worst fears! Now, its no longer about what we fear, now it becomes about our being. “Whats wrong with me?” “Why did I let this happen?” “Now what???”

And, the solution to all of this is to just restore integrity.

Put it back. Manage your word.

Manage your relationship with your word.

Things turn around the instant we start being our word, and all of the emotions and fears vanish.

what becomes available to you when your integrity is restored? How does it feel?

I stop beating myself up, and I’m kind to myself!

I love what becomes available when I am confident! And I love being productive, getting stuff done so that I can start making new plans, to enjoy and just be happy and relaxed!

I love feeling the joy, the complete freedom, and the lightness, the full effect of being alive!!

awesome thread, Kathi!

Start a thread! Post something /you love!
Bmindful rocks!

I concurlaughing


I reread this thread & once again was inspired -thank you!gold-stars-copyREVISED.jpg05c6b49c03d1d95bc5525227628e75a4--joy-and-happiness-living.jpg


Start a thread! Post something /you love!
Bmindful rocks!

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