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★What does socializing mean to you TODAY?

Over time socializing and how I socialize have changed. I would love to hear from others on this topic.

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For myself..anytime I’m around people (even at work), it’s a form of socializing. This is true even if these are people I don’t or wouldn’t go out with. Wherever I bring myself, I vow to be true to myself..it doesn’t mean I have to be an open book or have the same comfort I would with friends/or more intimate people where I’ve developed more involved relationships.

Since life doesn’t seem to allow the same time (more responsibilities) or the same anything (older now), I just don’t engage in as much “running around” as in the day.

Some think I’m missing out..

I don’t seem to feel that way..

Any views on the subject?

Don’t realy agree with: one is missing out, especially if one is content and happy.
Socializing definitly has changed over the years, what used to be the whole weekend starting on thursday in the discos, then meeting up regularly in the bars is now go for dinner once in a while with a small group of friends.

…what a wonderful world….

I think its good to change environments and get together with others..Though when I finally get a day off, I love to catch up with myself more than others. That probably sounds a little anti-social, but I don’t feel that way.

I agree with catching up with myself more than others because for me after a long hard week at work (I work two jobs) I like to relax and catch up with myself first, then I like to catch up with friends and others.

You know, life is hectic these days with increase in technology and the “leashes” they impose on us. With young children (TIME, homework, play, etc), work (at least 8 – 9 hours gone from home), and college classes (including time to study & homework). For me, I like a clean house – not an easy task with three children — wait, four if you count “you know who” — Like most moms, I feel like I’m living the life of three people all wrapped up in my one body!!

Socialization falls at the very bottom of my list… But, I get my people fix just talking on the telephone with my customers. Of course, my idea of play time is the two minutes here & there that I pop into bMindful… This is where technology is my friend. :)

When I have “real time” off, I usually just unwind, read, SLEEP (wow, that is fun to catch up on)…

For me, I turn off my cell phone when I want peace (for me, a cellphone is a nasty little leash that I don’t always appreciate). I like to tune out and turn off… Not very social, I guess… :)

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

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