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★How powerful are your affirmations?

What can you do with your affirmations? Have you developed affirmations that are powerful enough to alter your body, the way you feel, the way you perceive the world, the way you react to the world, the world its self? All at the command of your affirmation?.

This is the thread to freely share your achievements.

Shamanism is a spiritual gift that can be developed with affirmations.
All plants have been proven to sense intention through scientific study.
Plant intelligence’s can be programed to do incredibly difficult healing’s to the mind with little effort. Its necessary to build the ability to connect properly with them through affirmations first.

In progress: A special keyword to search on bmindful.com to program your own plant and build a shamans gift to connect with it.

“I AM A SHAMAN” – Special Keyword

In response to alexburkee’s post:
Alex, sounds interesting what you’re describing…about plant-study and intentions!

feature the Affirmation Quick Search.
your tag: “I AM A SHAMAN” – Special Keyword here’s a link to find tags, (will check out)

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    Looking forward to returning to your thread and focusing on achievements with affirming.

my response was kind of long, and not sure it pertained to your thread as much ..so I added it to the heart thread, though your thread helped to inspire my even responding And it was awesome expressing this experience!

The law of attraction is whatever is focused on and given attention to we attract. The brain loves one pointed attention and focus. Its made for it. We all strive and become optimized with it. We are most productive when we are utilizing it. We can even invent seemingly impossible ideas while under enough of its influence. The concept of flow or being in the NOW is becoming increasingly popular due to this very nature. Its the way the brains made to work.

Do you want to optimize yourself and your life? Turn everything into the NOW and make it your only focus. Let the creative subconscious mind take over work and fulfill the task.


I am shifting into more of this present now moment awareness.

I am focusing and concentrating all my attention onto experiencing only this present now moment.

I am starting to enter more into the awareness of the present now moment.

I am beginning to enter more now into the awareness of this present now moment.

these in the moment affirmations are excellent! Thanks alexburkee!

-Mind Power Affirmation Technique Enjoy :) .

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