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★Are you having an Eeyore Day?

 I hope you have all heard of Eeyore from the Winnie The Pooh stories,here is a little video

Are you feeling sad ,down ,lonely ,unmotivated ,negative,depressed.I have created this thread as a place to be able to say if you are feeling this and to have it acknowledged. I believe being mindful is being aware of all that goes in in our minds and while it is great to be positive and motivated sometimes in life we struggle with it.There are hundreds of positive threads here which are wonderful but when you are struggling sometimes you need a place where you can share it.

You are never alone ,and if you need a friend ,a listening ear ,a shoulder to cry on please reach out here

love and peace


your threads are lovely! its the best word I’ve got… for such a beautiful idea.

aw thanks SelfCare ,I am hoping our lovely community will post here and find it helpful

In response to flowergirl’s post:
I’m believing just having this thread will encourage others and have them know they aren’t alone.

much love

I am having an Eeyore day today, looking for motivation to do some jobs in our home and not finding it.I know the house gets me down and I would feel better when it is done but on days like today it can feel overwhelming

In response to flowergirl’s post:
Hi flowergirl, sending you some love, and a great big cyber-hug(:

a to-do list filled with love -wanted to share my to-do list with love(:

thinking of you(:

I am at a neutral place, and choose not to get overwhelmed with the things I’d like done today. By doing some things I need to do today, it will simplify my work week and my daily experiences. It will take some planning. It will take a big overview to do what I am desiring. I would actually like some support in this area. Something I don’t ask for a lot on Bmindful because I receive so much from giving it to myself via tools, threads etc and sharing where I am and what I desire. I would like to ask for support. I am surprised that … that was a little harder than I thought.

I feel pretty ready for what I want to take a look at and do…to do this today, though I desire a bit of support. thank you, selfcare

always here if I can help /support you Self care

In response to flowergirl’s post:
Thanks flowergirl… I utilized the site this morning, and always happily (somehow)amazed how it assists… with intentions and affirmations. For me creating threads is like the ol write it down write it down write it down(: And writing it down works!!!!

Though in answer to your kind response, every week I look forward to everything… especially my time off… And I use to be more ‘meticulous’ with my overview planning. I got away from it (as much) because I wanted to get more in touch with me/my heart my spirit.

well that’s been good… quite good.

Don’t get me wrong, I write, keep lists. Though this was different, I want a more detailed list utilizing my heart place… on paper …. kept in great order to review regularly.

Now, I want to see … on paper the things I think about with more clarity.

Ok here’s the issue.. these things flit so clearly and quick… that I just like to be still with them. If I don’t write them down… the specifics that would help me generate a plan… seem to diminish.

so… I need some help, capturing them more.

I thought of vision board…

Any other thoughts…

how about a coloured chart or use a planner /calendar purely for this

I would use lots of colour and probably pretty ribbon ,stickers and have flowers ,unicorns and so it feels a bit like play with your inner child

A vision board would be great

My ideas might be a bit too “fluffy” but you can see the idea

In response to flowergirl’s post:
Oh no, I love fluffy(: when I add pictures to things which agree with my feelings/thoughts I get in a good really good state of being.

I will see how I can apply that today’s list/planning overview!

thank you flowergirl! You’re the best! (if more comes to you in re:to this please post… It’s a meaningful area to me)

aw I’m glad that helped ,fluffy makes it fun and I feel helps us to notice and remember

will post if more comes to mind

Thanks flowergirl, it helped to get it out there… And being responded to with such a fun flare… really counteracted my feeling of stuckness… if that makes sense. Thank you(:


didn’t want your relatively new thread to get lost, and wanted to link to a related thread of yours healing thoughts

Both are fitting on many levels for a loving,supportive site as Bmindful, thank you for creating them Flowergirl!

and for some other wonderful peaceful loving threads I love you’ve contributed: flowerpower





In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚‘s post:
thank you so much for doing this SelfCare

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