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★Momentum- Path Created By Love

thread from 2016-soon to be revised/edited/updated...->those thingstongue-out


Love is the energizing
elixir of the universe, the
cause and effect of all

    • ~

☼ ►• Most people are beaten before they start. They think they are going to encounter obstacles, and they look for them instead of for means to overcome them. The result is that they increase their obstacles instead of diminishing them. Have you ever undertaken something that you thought would be hard, but afterwards found it to be easy? That is the way a great many times.
The things that look difficult in advance turn out to be easy of conquest when once encountered. So start out on your journey
with the idea that the road is going to be clear for you, and that if it is not you will clear the way. All men that have amounted to
anything have cleared their way and they did not have the assistance that you will have today.from The Power of Concentration
by “Theron Q Dumont”

As never before, with every breath I take, I Am allowing beautiful feelings of freedom into my life.

I follow my heart and feel a sense of freedom, awe and release


short article what-is-momentum? alchemyofhealing.com  quote holding-a-thought-for-17-sec-gets-you-closer-to-its-vibration alchemyofhealing.comchange-your-thoughts-to-change-your-genes  short article ~alchemyofhealing.com My Routine Part-1    short article alchemyofhealing.com Today I Appreciate alchemyofhealing.com I Love This-List alchemyofhealing.com


  • came across a web site entitled alchemyofhealing.com. If you are into a bit of LOA – it won’t be new, though the owner of the site spells things out in short wonderful ways… with some added freebies (pdf’s in this post) quotes etc.
    I’ve selected what appeals to me, and added some thoughts. Feel free to add your own…(:

★“When your heart speaks, take good notes.” ― Andy Mellon

★The spirit
“By looking deeply within yourself you can discover what really matters to you —those things that are the source of why you create“ ― Robert Fritz

Take responsibility for the energy you bring – Dr Jill Bolte Taylor

Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight | Oprah’s Lifeclass | Oprah Winfrey Network 4 min 52 sec

68 Seconds of Pure Thought To use this tool, bring to mind a desire; something you are wanting to manifest in your life experience. Imagine that desire is contained in the indigo circle and just focus on it until it fades.

Every 17 seconds the dot will grow a little larger. This represents the increase in attraction power you are giving your desire by focusing on it for each 17 second increment.


    • If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy and frequency and vibration. Nicola Tesla
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