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★Dream Journal

I sleep sporadically, usually in short bursts. It’s not polyphasic sleeping, I’m talking two or three hour stints on good days.

Probably because of this I rarely remember my dreams, but I have a friend that is very in to lucid dreaming and talking with him has made me much more aware of my sleep. Since he first brought it up I’ve had a few fairly vivid and sometimes even interactive dreams.

Last night I had a particularly vivid and interesting dream so I figured I’d use it to kick off the bmindful dream journal!

Use this thread to keep track of your dreams and get a better understanding of what they are trying to tell you. The bmindful community is here to offer you alternative perspectives that might help you unlock secrets and insights you mightn’t have otherwise discovered.

I’ll try to get my friend along too, he is fairly advanced at this stuff. We have promised to meet each other in the lucid world one day. I know he has waited for me on numerous occasions but as yet we’ve only shared one interaction in this fascinating realm.

Anyway, here’s the dream I had last night and underneath are my thoughts on it and an attempt to make sense of it all.

My dream started just before a meeting with a Don Juan style spiritual teacher. I knew I had met with him a few times before, but this time I was there with a few other people that I did not know.

It was raining but for some reason we stayed outside. There was some talk about rain coats which I took to be metaphorical, thankfully I had a full body poncho style rain coat on me which was coincidentally the same one the spiritual guide was wearing. Because of this rain coat I managed to stay quite dry.

Things went very well at first and had obviously gone well the previous times or I guess I wouldn’t have come back. After a while though I found I was asking questions he seemed to not know how to answer. In response to these difficult questions he would change the subject or talk about something blatantly unrelated.

Although slightly disappointed, I didn’t mind too much. I did feel that I was embarrassing him publicly and felt bad because of it, but he didn’t seem to mind in the least and I got the sense that he still gave an interesting talk and answered some interest questions from the other people there.

The meeting concluded and after the the others had left, I went and asked the few questions I had saved up, but didn’t ask when everyone else was there because they were related to the other questions that he didn’t seem to know much about.

He went to my bookshelf which just happened to be outside with us and he pulled a few books off, flicked through them somewhat absentmindedly and then instead of answering my questions, he simply commented on how much he liked my book collection.

At first I was thankful that he had recognized them, but after that initial moment of satisfaction, I realized that he had once again dodged my question and I was left wondering why.

I didn’t think any less of him but did wish that he would just openly admit to not knowing off hand how to answer my questions, instead of changing the subject or responding with something totally that seemed unrelated.

I’m fairly sure I was myself in the dream, but if that is the case am a little concerned about how big my ego is to think of itself/myself in this way – assuming the bookshelf metaphor is the obvious one.

It could also mean that I know the answers to my current questions but the thing is I’m positive that I’m heading in the right direction right now. I know where I want to be and am fairly certain I know how to get there. I am lucky in that I don’t have any major unanswered questions in my life right now.

If this is advice for the future then I’m a little concerned about the impact / significance of any changes that might lie ahead for me. I’m all for change but feel that I’ve got more direction and drive than I ever have before in my life and am enjoying getting from a to b even though b will be such a great place to be.

I can’t remember many of the questions I asked, but the ones he was stumped on were all related to dreams. This is ironic because a) I’ve had a few really interesting dreams recently and obviously b) this was in a dream.

I wonder how significant the fact that I can’t remember the answers to the questions he could answer is. The fact that I can’t remember the questions either makes me think they just existed to set the setting and make an interesting and believable story.

I’m more concerned that I don’t remember the questions that other people were asking, nor the answers they were getting. The dream was so selfish in this way, and I was more concerned about myself and my questions than the questions of those around me.

After saying that, I don’t remember the answers to their questions either which makes me lean towards the setting and narrative theory again.

Perhaps this is all telling me that I need to be more observant and that maybe I do have bigger questions than I think I do. I don’t think this is the case but I think it would be silly even naive to rule it out as an option.

Perhaps the spiritual guide did know the answers to my questions, but considered them unimportant. This might mean that my current questions aren’t the right ones and that I need to come at things from a different angle or ask completely new questions.

Perhaps the totally unrelated answers he gave me on the first few questions weren’t unrelated at all. If this is the case then it adds weight to the ‘be more observant’ theory. I really don’t think this is right though because I don’t remember what the answers were, but I do remember thinking just how disconnected they were and definitely got the sense that he was evading the question and grasping at straws to make the connection between the question and his response.

I’m fairly positive I wasn’t the spiritual guide in the dream. It’s unlikely and seems egotistical to even consider it as an option. In a way I want to meet him again soon anyway, maybe after I’ve looked over my current priorities and thought some more about other recent dreams.

I know you can over analyze these things but I find this stuff fascinating and I’m more intrigued than concerned. I’m literally thinking out loud and wrote most of this last night right after it happened so that I didn’t forget it.

I also know that these things are rarely significant on their own and more is usually revealed when the dream is analyzed in the context of others around them, immediately so as well as those you have days, weeks, months and even sometimes years before and after.

That’s why this thread could be so interesting!

Post a recent dream below and update it whenever you remember a dream you’ve had. I know from experience that even the seemingly insignificant dreams can end up being monumental when looked at in this way.

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

So the other dream. This happened the morning BEFORE the previous post.

I wasn’t at all aware that I was dreaming, as it seemed like such a regular day. Mel and I went to bed that night and in my dream, I was dreaming.

In the dream, inside my dream, the same thing happened. A regular kind of day went buy with nothing out of the ordinary happening at all. But as we were getting ready for bed, I looked at Mel and she looked totally different.

Still obviously Mel with the same face, but with different hair (died and cut) wearing totally different clothes than she would normally and with slightly different mannerisms.

I immediately realized that I was dreaming, and woke up. BUT, I was dreaming in my dream, so I woke up in a dream rather than reality.

This scared me, and I felt like I was falling into my head. Kind of like you feel just before you flake out. (i.e, faint.)

I then woke up from my first dream, annoyed that I hadn’t kept my cool and gone with it, rather than resisting and missing an opportunity to lucid dream or otherwise experience another ‘space’.

My interpretation isn’t solid, but I do have some thoughts.

I needed something drastically different to alert me to the fact that I wasn’t awake and this didn’t happen until I was two ‘layers’ ‘in’. I wish I had been more observant when in my first dream.

The second thing I thought is how fascinating it would be if I had more control over the lucidity of my dreams. What if I could dream, whilst I’m dreaming in a dream. That’s three layers ‘in’.

These thoughts exist because of the ‘falling into my head’ feeling, kind of like how deep can you go with this stuff.

Most of my dreams are pretty much set in reality, but if dreams get progressively more weird as you get ‘deeper’ then maybe you can access ‘dimensions’ that don’t resemble ours at all?

I don’t know, I’m fascinated and grasping at straws.

I can’t wait to hear all of your experiences!

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

Another dream last night. Not nearly as vivid and doesn’t seem at all significant, but who knows.

I was at a school I used to work at, except I was a student there. This is strange because the school is an all girls school. I did not notice any one else in my class, but I wasn’t the only guy there.

My old boss (not the one I worked for at the school, a different one) rang me up and we met outside for a coffee. We talked about his newest business and he was doing quite well. The bell rang and I had to go back to class so I invited my old boss to come with me.

He did but after a few minutes the teacher came in and started reading out loud, which of course disrupted our conversation.

She didn’t notice my old boss as not being a student and even spoke to him. Luckily it was casual conversation and not about the school work.

I sat there for a while till I realized the coffee my boss had brought us wasn’t very tasty (I used to be a huge coffee snob, barista, roasted my own etc)

At that point I got fed up of class and when the teacher had finished her bit somehow excused myself and told my boss to meet me outside.

He did and we proceeded to wheel a huge computer chair from one side of the school to another, with another kid hanging on too.

When we got to the foyer / admin area of the school (which was exactly the school I used to work at) my actual high school vice? principle stopped me, concerned that we had wheeled the hair the wrong way around the school (counter clockwise?) and told me the only reason I should be here is if I had police permission or another reason, which I forget.

Luckily in my dream my old boss was a police officer (he is not in real life) and although the vice principle knew this was somehow dodgy he knew he couldn’t not let us go, so we left the school grounds.

There’s lots of things in here from my daily life. My old boss did ring me a few months ago about his newest business and he was doing quite well, we were supposed to meet up but we both got busy and haven’t yet arranged another time to meet.

I was also supposed to help another old boss out with some work a few weeks back, he was going to pick me up and and we were to head to the school where this dream took place but he was sick on the day and we haven’t rearranged another time.

I do have a police officer friend, and I’ve just found out that another friend of mine has applied to join too.

A pretty standard dream for me. A mixed up version of real life, the only interesting thing I can see in this dream is the role changes. I could read more into it but it doesn’t seem significant on its own so I wont.

At least it’s here for future referencing :)

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

my dreams are way too fucked up for me to be able to put them in words :p

last night i was riding around on a moon goat chasing after cars with a black leather whip in hand and a burlap sack stuck over my head that had a smiley face inscribed on the inside with one sinister smile like a carefully carved Halloween pumpkin that pouted and pursed its lips as it spoke to me in tongues and told me to do things that would not be considered legal in the realm of reality.

I had a flying dream again.

I want to be able to fly in the REAL world :) So I can take the most spectacular photographs. Yeah.


Last night had a dream i was running around half naked… I didn’t realise it, so when I looked down, I was surprised, but keeped running around half naked. It didn’t matter – everyone else was half naked too :)


freygan, that sounds like fun! :P

I’ve had a few naked dreams. Most of them were years ago, and for some reason (in my dreams) it was always during class at high school that I realized that I wasn’t wearing anything. Of course the moment I realized I was naked so did everyone else and I got laughed out of school and ran home freaking out lol.

I haven’t had a naked dream recently, but from memory the last one I did have was much more fun than the school ones I used to have :P

I haven’t slept all that well over the last couple of nights so I’ve no more exciting dreams to report. Hoping to get a good nights sleep tonight though!

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

I had a REALLY amazing dream last night. This morning I woke up crying. Which is REALLY unusual for me.

In the last few months I’ve been facing the same thing over and over. Now I’ve had the dream – it’s crystalised and my attention and focus (on all levels) is keenly trained on changing it.


The dream.

I’m in this house, it’s a share household, I’m living there with a group of people, one of whom is a great friend of mine.

I go into his room and I see an very old woman there, she looks like she’s going to murder him, she’s getting a pillow ready to smother him. He’s asleep in his bed.

When she sees me, she says gets out a box of broccoli. They are all different colours. She says, “Can you chop up some broccoli for me? I like to keep the colours separate, so take care to chop them separately.” I say ok and leave with the broccoli and go to the kitchen. I put the broccoli on the bench and start chopping. But then I think of my friend. I want to go back and check if he’s ok.

When I get back to the bedroom, the old woman has a pillow over his face and she’s sitting on the pillow. I run in and pull my friend out from under the old woman. I start to cry. He’s ok. I am so sad that I did not help him until it was nearly too late.


Right action vs Morality

When one is in the flow and aware of what is, right action is clear. It is intuited what is the right action and in the flow we follow through.

When one is not in the flow, all we have to fall back on is morality. It is a rule book that applies to all situations.

In my dream, the old lady is morality, tradition, not rocking the boat, my right action when seeing her prepare to murder my friend is to save my friend. But because I am not always so clear or aware, I choose morality (following the rules of broccoli!) over what is the right thing to do. When I save my friend, I am grieving for the loss of other “friends” I have let die. My dreams, my desires and my lovers… who knows, how many countless friends have died in all my incarnations?

I am waking up. Morality won’t blind me anymore.


Excellent learning from you dream Freya!

I’ve not been remembering my dreams for the last few days for some reason. I have fleeting memories of them, but not enough to construct a story and certainly not enough to get anything from it. They obviously weren’t very vivid, except for the night before last.

I was on a beach, but it was the city. I know that doesn’t make sense, but even though it looked like a beach, I was very aware of the fact that it was the city.

After a while, huge waves started coming in. These waves were huge waves though, not the regular lapping waves, even surf beaches have nothing on these waves.

I’m talking waves with huge faces that towered above us. We were all petrified when they started coming in, but we couldn’t get out of the way.

As the wave hit, we kind of melted into the face of the wave and everything took on a blue hue, but for some reason it was pure bliss! Intense happy / positive / fulfilling emotions, everything was perfect.

The problem was that eventually the ocean would suck the wave back out again and no matter how much we fought it, we were inevitably left exposed again.

This happened a few times and I was always frightened of the initial impact but I always landed in ‘nirvana’ but then was always left ‘exposed’ again when the wave went out.

I had no control over what was happened, despite running from almost every wave and fighting desperately to stay inside it when it ‘took me in’.

What does this mean?

Well, I’ve taken a few hits over the last couple of days. Major or minor, that depends on the outcome. I seem to have very little control over these things right now, no say in what’s going to happen despite the potential significance of could happen because of them.

That’s how I’ve been feeling these last few days and that was very much reflected in my dream.

I guess my dream is telling me to just ‘go with the flow’ – take the good with the bad, relinquish control and stop fighting.

Generally speaking I’m happy with going with the flow, but these set backs seem to me to be the kind of situations where I need to put my foot down and take control.

Who knows, only time will tell. I just have to sit it out at the moment anyway.

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

Lee, I don’t know what your dream means, I have enough trouble analysing my own!!! However, I do know that everything that happens to us happens as a result of the choices we have made in the past, so these “hits” you have taken are a result of some of your past choices. So you DO have control over these things right now, by making new choices to achieve the outcome you want.

“Life is the sum of all your choices”. (Albert Camus)

“When you have the courage to step outside your comfort zone, life will never be the same again!”

Lee, you have wonderful dreams :) Love reading about them.

In your last dream about the “blue hue” – perhaps it’s about a change of perspective (like putting on different coloured lenses). Stepping back from attachment and detachment to allow you to make your choices that work for you. Instead of making choices because you do or don’t “feel like it”.

I encourage you wholeheartedly to go ahead and put your foot down! With every “no”, your “yeses” will become so much more beautiful and meaningful.

I’m not sure about control of others, but putting your foot down gives you control of your future and what you want or not want in your life. Surely a plus :)

I feel like a rainbow kid today :) happy.



I feel that dream are a picture of what we are capable of doing in the near future but we have do the action in the physical world to make it a reality.

I know nothing about dream analysis and would love some input on this recurring dream.

I dream that I am laying in bed. I get up and walk to the bedroom door and through it (although it is closed). My body very easily goes through the wood. I float to the balcony that overlooks my living room and glide easily through the air and out the front door.

That is the common part of my dreams. The part that is different is where I go and what I do. Then, before I wake up, it is like I am forced back to this body that is laying in bed (me, sleeping).

When I wake up, I always feel as though something has pressed down very hard on my chest, kind of like if a real body had fallen or sat on it.

Any words of wisdom to offer?

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

Meditatingmama – My mum grew up in China, she often spoke about a “sitting ghost” that sat on her chest as a child. Her family got an amulet for her and it disappeared. Your dream reminded me of it.


Hi Fregan, I just got back to this thread. Thank you for the idea. What kind of amulet do you recommend?

You reminded me of another dream. Right after my sisters Mother in Law passed away, I dreamed she sat on my legs to wake me up. She told me that my sisters daughter (my adult niece) was drinking too much and spending money in unhealthy ways. I woke up because my legs hurt (she was a BIG woman in life). My bed showed an indentation of someone sitting (I have a temperpedic bed that isn’t supposed to do that). I’m not saying there was anything there, because I have a great imagination, but…

Your sitting ghost story reminded me of that dream. By the way, after I spoke to my niece, who gave me a bitter response to the dream… months later she confided in me that it was very true about what was going on in her life at the time. So, who knows!!

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

I’ve had a few dreams about water the last couple of days. Here’s one from last night which I don’t want to forget!

Last night I was a long way inland somewhere and there was a magnificent river that ran all the way out to the sea. I was on a journey to the sea, and on my way I came across a sick Orca (Killer Whale)

It looked like he’d been in a serious fight and large parts of his face had been ripped off and on parts of it you could see the bone underneath which looked like it had dried up and had little holes in it.

There was someone else there with me at this stage, but not physically. After spending some time with the whale, we decided that we needed to get him (I assume it was a him for some reason) out to sea as well.

We spent some time ensuring he was going the right way. There was times when he would go the wrong way but it was as if he was just playing with us and he always ended up on track before we got frustrated. (Once again I say we, but physically I was the only one there, maybe the other person was the whale?)

Eventually we came across a split in the river. The thing is that they both ended up in the same place, where the water continued to flow nicely, but where it had split it became shallow and therefor dangerous for the whale.

I inspected one path and found that it was no good, so I took a look at the other way and found a load of kids playing. I decided this was a good sign and that they could help me move the whale if he got stuck. I spoke to the kids and they expressed some enthusiasm which filled me with hope, we were going to get this whale out to sea!

I went back to the split in the river and found the whale. I ‘told’ him this was going to be difficult but that we would make it OK. He was reluctant to go, but followed me anyway.

We got as far as the kids again and I was disgusted and utterly disappointed to find that they’d filled the river with rocks and were fishing amongst them!

Not only did this make it impossible for the whale to get past, but they were catching beautiful tropical fish that were way too small to eat, killing them in the process and didn’t seem to think they were doing or had done anything wrong.

My next thought was that I’d been here before. This sounds daft, because of course I had been there before, the previous day to ensure the whale could get through. However this feeling was more like I’d been there before and not recognized it the first time.

After this thought, I turned back to the whale and I saw him swimming hard. He then jumped over a sand barrier and disappeared. Not as in I couldn’t find him, as in he literally disappeared.

That’s when I woke up.

I’ve not had a chance to interpret this dream yet, I just wanted to get it down before I forgot about it!

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

OK, so this is a dream I had the night before last. So this happened BEFORE the Orca dream.

The details are a little hazy on this one, but the gist is still accurate.

I was pushing around a ‘shrunken’ boat in a river. Unlike the beautiful lush rain forest style environment of my Orca dream (previous post, but the night after) I was in a city which I took to be London or something.

I was using my shrunken boat as like a kick board and I was looking for the place that had shrunk the boat so I could get instructions on how to make it full size again.

Some way down the river I broke off a piece of my boat. It was the ‘tail’ end of the boat, the bit I was using to hold onto.

I took a detour and found some friends who helped me fix it. These are friends in real life. I’d seen them last weekend so it makes sense that they’d be in a dream. What’s weird is that they were in London (or wherever my dream took place) and that they were boat mechanics.

Anyway we fixed my boat and I went on my way looking for these people who miniaturized my boat so I could get instructions on how to ‘un-shrink’ it again.

After a long search and several detours I finally came across the place which shrunk my boat. It was a a platform just off the river just off a dirty sandy beach.

I left my miniaturized boat on the sand and went up to the platform to ask for instructions on how to reverse the process, and they told me that I just had to say a special command. I can’t remember exactly what it was but it was something obvious like ‘open up’ or something equally as ‘obvious’.

I went back to the dirty beach and said the command to the boat, and stepped back. After a few moments, I was looking at the full sized version of my boat.

It was much larger than I had expected, and would have been beautiful in it’s hay day. The problem was that it was all rusted and would never float. As it was on the beach it toppled over as it reached full size, and I could see the hull was rusted all the way through in some spots.

I was left wondering how it ever floated, even in it’s miniaturized form.


“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

In response to Lee Nutter’s post:
I just read your dream about the “shrunken boat” . It sounded very very interesting. What did you make of it. It seems to have a lot of symbolism.

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  I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completen

Here’s an interesting site about lucid dreaming: http://www.dreamviews.com/whatislucid.php

An article from Time: Why Dreams Mean Less Than We Think

Doesn’t sound as scientific as it claims to be, still interesting to hear about the other side of the coin.

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
Simon And Garfunkel

Last night I had the strangest dream
I ever dreamed before
I dreamed the world had all agreed
To put an end to war
I dreamed I saw a mighty room
The room was filled with men
And the paper they were signing said
They’d never fight again

And when the papers all were signed
And a million copies made
They all joined hands and bowed their heads
And grateful prayers were prayed
And the people in the streets below
Were dancing round and round
And guns and swords and uniforms
Were scattered on the ground

Last night I had the strangest dream
I ever dreamed before
I dreamed the world had all agreed
To put an end to war

Each Day Is A New Gift From God!

Wow! What a beautiful song… if only….

Thanks for sharing, Bruce!!

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

In response to Lee Nutter’s post:

I’m not so convinced. I think there is meaning to our dreams much more profound than we may be able to conceive.

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

In response to ThisIsBruce’s post:
YES. Thank you for the song. Wish everyone would dream that. Then it would come true.

In response to bbirishbug’s post:
Hi Jules, thanks for the link also.

I sometimes have abstract dreams and am always curious what they meant.
The non-abstract ones are very often about things going on in my life at the time.

…what a wonderful world….

Last night I had a powerful dream. I’m sure it was stimulated by a a good friend who lives in another state,who was reporting to me various things about family (specifically hers) that she had realized. Her points were from something she had been reading, were specifically for her.. generalized theories but I felt as though she was making those points for everyone regarding characteristics of family members. So I began to speak up, about my family of origin. And there was the backdrop for my powerful dream.

While I won’t get into the specifics here, I will say the intense symbols brought together my past, present and dreams of future that I’ve been trying to piece together. I was also then able to write a letter to a family member that I couldn’t adequately communicate my feelings to ( re: the almost no-one remaining in our family of origin) and a desire to write the other that is left.

Great experience!

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  I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completen

In response to meditatingmama’s post:

Hi MM the dream where you went through wood was an OBE (Out of Body Experience)That pressing on your chest is when you came back to your Earth Body. Some people have mentioned they felt as though someone threw a heavy object on top of their bed or feeling paralyzed. Here is an interesting website.


I have always been a firm believer in the power of dreams. As a child I would talk about my dreams in the playground and my friends didnt get me!

Every morning I have something to reflect on. I have many dream interpretation books, but dont read them now as I just try to put into context what I know about the subconscious mind and figure out why these issues feature in my dreams – sometimes its as simple as not fully putting to rest the days events!

Last night I dreamt of various things but the one that stands out the most (particularly as I woke up after it – which doesnt happen often, I usually sleep like a log) , was an image of me delving into undergrowth, dust, dirt and debris and lifting myself out, covered in it. It was a struggle to get out and I had things tangled in my teeth. I was in no way distressed during the dream, although faces of people from my past were present, which may have caused distress/anxiety in reality.

This may sound more horrific than it was. I believe it was me getting to the root of all past traumas and surviving them, facing them and bringing them back to the surface…..

A full and thankful heart..

In response to godscreation’s post:

Thanks, Mary! I’m going to do a little more research on this…very interesting!!

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

I keep on having dreams where I have no sense of speed. Can you guys figure this one out?
Here’s a site on Lucide dreaming: http://www.dreamviews.com/whatislucid.php

That one is new for me BBirishBug… I never even thought of speed in my dreams.

I had a very weird dream a few days ago. I woke up and immediately wrote all the details down. Here is the synopsis.

I had an important message to deliver to the masses of people; I was told it was a “meme”. It was about being whole, complete and perfect just the way you are. The “Grand Teacher” told me that I needed to implant this “meme” into the tires of my car. In my dream, wherever I drove, the meme would then embed itself into the pavement and whoever passed over the pavement would absorb it and know they were whole, complete, and perfect just the way they were.

When I woke up, I actually thought I was going to implant something into my car tires to spread this message… I was groggy when I woke up, though… :)

So, I went to google and typed in definition of “meme” and it says this…
(n) meme (a cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means (as by imitation))

I thought that was pretty cool… :)

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

Yeah that is cool MM!:) Guys keep her away from the paint truck!

I had a dream this early morning that my hubby had to wake me up from, because he heard me uttering something in distress.

I won’t go into the detail right now, but it was something ..

The drift I caught from it was, in my dream, I believed by sharing love with unloving-type people, it would motivate more loving behavior/spirit.

It didn’t (in my dream). Actually it was almost scary what happened (zombies etc). I’ll just say, it proved impossible, and they got worse. Maybe it would’ve turned around if my hubby didn’t wake me up..or maybe I am just a dreamer(: I don’t usually have scary dreams..though maybe I’m judging it too harshly, and my dream is just teaching me the cruel facts, about some people just are not very nice or loving.. And that’s that(:

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  I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completen

I think on this I have to disagree with you. Everyone has the potential to be good, just like everyone has the potential to be bad. Zombies are not people, they have no soul!

I think what your dream was trying to tell you is to not go out of your way to change anyone. If they are ready they will seek you out.

Everyone has been brought up with a different belief system and that will have a lot to do with how they behave. In order to help others see that maybe they might want to change, is to show them that they can do it.

I hope you have no more scary dreams, but if you do try and see the lesson within the dream and the positive that can come out of the situation. Usually dreams are developed because we need to take care of something we have been avoiding to do. Or on the other hand they are recreations of things that have already happened or are going to happen. Kind of a forewarning of things to come.

I don’t think you will have a problem with this one coming to reality LOL

Have a Merry Christmas Laurie

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In response to rockswealth’s post:

I do believe in potential. And always believe people can change when they become ready. and while I don’t believe zombies will come to visit me lol, I truly found it humorous, when I saw what my subconscious did with my thoughts in dream-land. Because the persons I believe were symbolized in my dream, often persist in terrible behaviors often give the impression of being soul-less. I know better though(:

Oh yes..I remain loving..and say what’s on my mind when I am surrounded by actions/words that are “verging evil” ..(negativity and malicious perpetual gossip)..I have learned in life (basically..lol) to live and let live, though sometimes we can’t always be in settings that are kind and good. I keep people in my prayers for their greatest good and try not to orchestrate what is good for them. I know negativity and gossip, is often learned..and there is some “reward” for those who practice it..Just such a shame for those who engage in this behavior to never have the opportunity to practice a more loving mental attitude, because the reward is far more rewarding(:

I just get a little selfish sometimes, and want better settings for me(:

And speaking of better settings Happiest of holidays to you Roxy, and to everyone at Bmindful..(:

And an afterthought to you Roxy, thanks for the loving post and your thought provoking wisdom. I do believe lessons are everywhere..

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In response to abraham’s post:

You are right in a way but yes dreams do bring information too. One has to learn what the symbols mean in your dreams and you can find that out on your own. For me people have tried to give me their take on things but I found only some things they told me were right others were not. I believe when something is meant for you to know one way or another you will find out.

When I was a younger I use to have a dream that a dreamed a lot. I lived in a very dangerous place and dreamed that someone came up to me and shot me in the head. I kept on dreaming it. Then a few years ago I was working for a lady when I felt very strange I heard a loud “pop” in my head and drove home in terror. Thank God I barely made it home and then an ambulance came for me. A month later I realized that the aneurysm in my brain had burst. So you see the dream had warned me for years. It was the same sound like the one I had in the dream when the gang shot me in the head.


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