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★Your Energy -Personal Satisfaction

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  • Flowing Energy Things just seem to flow forward naturally and with ease. We feel relaxed, confident and life seems easy. Tip #1: Move with the flow and enjoy. Life is sweet.Marlene Lockwood How to Manage Your Energy — or Living in the Flow
  • Blocked Energy Nothing seems to go right. You feel like you are knocking your head against the same old brick wall. It may be your ego getting in the way, that you’ve planned too many things to do in one day, or that perhaps you aren’t headed in the right direction. Tip #2: When your energy feels blocked, step back, breathe deeply a few times and make some space for reflection. Connect with your core center, refocus on your purpose and check how aligned things are with your personal values. Give yourself time to get clear and to let new insights emerge.
  • Expanding Energy This is living in the flow to the max! You are inspired and alive. Your mood and spirits are high. You are passionate about your work. You know you are making a difference. You are creative and insightful. Tip #3: Move forward with your senses wide open‚ you are creating something new.
  • Contracting Energy If your energy is contracting you may be doing something that is not serving you. You may be going against your values. Perhaps there is something in the environment that doesn’t honor or respect you. Your mood can grow darker by the day. You may even begin to feel small. Tip #4: Stop what you are doing. Look at the situation and ask yourself, “Is this where I belong?” “Does this work support my values?” “Do I need to make a request?” “Do I need to change directions sooner than later?” Don’t rush. Be patient and let go of any judgment of yourself or others. Just listen, and let your body‚ your deep sense of wisdom‚ inform you.
  • Bouncing Energy You are doing more than one thing at a time. You are going here, going there and going everywhere, trying to do it all. Or the energy is internal, showing up as busy mind talk. Either way, you find yourself forgetting important things and nothing seems to be getting done as you would like it. You feel irritated with yourself! Tip * #5: Stop what you are doing. Find good Mother Earth, take your shoes off and connect with the ground beneath you. Now raise your arms to the sky, feeling the energy from the heavens flow through your body, out through your toes, deep down into the earth and then back again in reverse. This is a body practice taken from Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Next, take a few deep breaths, let out a few sighs, and take a moment to ask yourself what needs to be done first.
  • Flat Energy It’s hard to even get out of bed. You have no motivation or drive. You feel like you do not have direction in your life. You may even feel a deep sadness or lethargy. Maybe you are in an in-between-space, where nothing new has revealed itself. Or perhaps you are inadvertently moving away from your passion. Tip #6: It is time to be patient and to focus on taking good care of yourself. Eat well, get enough rest and get outdoors where the power and energy of nature can gradually heal and empower you. Be open to what is new or trying to emerge. Give yourself time to gain clarity about what is next for you. You have the answers within. They will reveal themselves. Writing in your journal will help you get in touch with the wisdom you hold within.
  • Summary Living is the flow is about taking life as it comes. Too often we see it as wrong when our energy is not what we think it “should” be. Overreacting this way only creates resistance that further blocks our progress. Fighting this way may bring us success, but eventually only drains us. If we use the river as a metaphor for life, we know we will have smooth waters, flowing waters and a few rapids here and there. There are obstacles in the river, rocks, tree roots, or other people making their own way. Life is about embracing the river and all its challenges. Sometimes life requires you to take your boat out of the water for a time. Living in the flow is learning to appreciate what is and not to up our energy resisting. When we acknowledge unwanted behavior we consult our own wisdom, so we can continue to be kind to ourselves while gently moving forward with our new insights. My experience is that when I listen to and work with my energy, I know exactly what I need to do … cut hay while the sun shines, take the opportunity to learn something new about myself, or maybe just bask in the Sunlight. What is your energy telling you? ###Reference: Goddard, G. (2006). Gulp. The 7 Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge : New York, Bantam Dell, a division of Random House, Inc.Transition Coach Marlene Lockwood helps individuals and groups navigate through life change and transition with more ease, increased balance, enhanced inner peace and improved creativity
  •  Redirecting your thoughts, instead of trying to control them, empowers you to release all the energy being sucked up by stress and overwhelm and channel it into designing your life to fit, function and feel good about yourself every day. Ariane Benefit
  • Begin With Needs In Mind Versus Time. ArianeBenefit
  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ calming our minds peaceful [ binaural beats, isochronic tones affirmation ]

I am energetic & passionate and love creating my joyous reality.


Calming Affirmations-gentle joy˚

gentle joy Calming Affirmations
This is a video recording of “Positive Affirmations For Self-Transformation” which features soothing images of water while you listen to gentle phrases spoken very slowly so you can repeat along, accompanied by ocean waves and classical piano music that will help calm your mind and put you in a peaceful state of relaxation.

Performed by G. Barrett.




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